The episode begins with Peter announcing that they've been cancelled to make room for other FOX shows, like ''DarkAngel'', ''{{Titus}}''[[note]]which actually got canceled the same year as ''Family Guy'' under different circumstances -- i.e., Christopher Titus fought with the executives over having his character and Erin break up[[/note]], ''{{Undeclared}}'', ''Action'', ''That 80s Show'', ''Wonderfalls'', ''Fastlane'', ''Andy Ricther Controls the Universe'', ''Skin'', ''Girls' Club'', ''Cracking Up'', ''The Pitts'', ''{{Firefly}}'', ''Get Real'', ''[=FreakyLinks=]'', ''Wanda at Large'', ''Costello'', ''The Lone Gunmen'', ''A Minute With Stan Hooper'', ''Normal, Ohio'', ''Pasadena'', ''Harsh Realm'', ''Keen Eddie'', ''The $treet'', ''American Embassy'', ''Cedric the Entertainer Presents'', ''The Tick''[[note]]The live-action sitcom, not the 1990s cartoon, though both got ScrewedByTheNetwork after a short run on FOX[[/note]], ''Luis'', and ''Greg the Bunny''[[note]]which, coincidentally, had Seth Green on it[[/note]]. Peter then reassures Lois that if all those shows got canned, then ''maybe'', they'd get a second [[note]](or, third, if you count the brief 2000 cancellation)[[/note]] chance.

...And they do.

We then get the story, where it kicks off with Peter and Lois going to get a second honeymoon, but Peter screws it up because he reads an Archie comic while driving. They end up at the Park Barrington Hotel, where Peter masquerades as Creator/MelGibson so that he and Lois can get into the hotel, where they find that Mel Gibson is going to make ''Film/ThePassionOfTheChrist II'', and take the film reel so that they can destroy it.

!!"North By North Quahog" contains examples of:
* DisneyVillainDeath: Mel Gibson.
* EpicFail: Peter ''forgetting how to sit down''.
* TakeThat: When Meg asks Chris to turn the channel to ''TheGeorgeLopezShow'', Chris says the show perpetuates the stereotype that George Lopez is funny.
* {{Uncanceled}}: Peter takes this the wrong way.
* WasTooHardOnHim: Stewie asks Brian this when he spanks Chris after catching him with vodka, despite that Chris was framed by a student.
-->'''Stewie''': Do you think we were too hard on Chris tonight?\\
'''Brian''': What? Oh, God. No, no. I don't...I don't think so. Do you?\\
'''Stewie''': Oh, no, I just always feel badly when we have to be strict.