'''Airdate:''' January 31, 2002

While at the mall, Brian stops Stewie from eating paste and wind up getting stuck together. They then find out to their horror that the glue does not come unstuck. Brian calls the glue manufacturer and orders a special solvent that can undo the glue, but it takes two weeks to be delivered, meaning the two have to go to each others' activities despite the pain and embarrassment. The solvent eventually does come, but it takes an hour for it to take effect. As they pass the time, they see a crowd gathered around a well, as a little girl has fallen down and no one's arms are long enough (except one guy, but he's busy tickling a midget in a tree). Brian lowers Stewie in the well to save the girl as the glue is beginning to wear off. Stewie reaches her and Brian pulls the two out and he and Brian are finally free. The mother of the girl then sees that it's not her child and throws her back in, and the girl turns out to be the midget's wife.

Meanwhile, Lois accepts a date with Ross Fishman, her old date from the past. She is reluctant go out because she knows that Peter would go berserk if she is merely seen with another man. She goes out on the date, but Peter discovers the secret date with Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland in Joe's new police van. Peter angrily confronts Lois and she finally calls him out on his extreme jealousy. The two go to a marriage counselor and he suggests they tape the family's activities and homelife. After seeing the outrageous dysfunction in the Griffin house, the counselor suggests that Peter and Lois undergo a trial separation. Peter briefly moves out to find other women, eventually going on a date with Mort's niece, who turns out to be JenniferLoveHewitt, while Lois goes on a date with Quagmire. The two couples date at the same restaurant and when Lois sees Hewitt attracted to Peter's slobbish personality, Lois gets angry and gets into a catfight with Hewitt. Lois then admits that she's not that different than Peter in terms of jealousy and the two come to the conclusion that they both need to work out their issues together.

!!"Stuck Together, Torn Apart" contrains examples of:
* AdamWesting: Jennifer Love Hewitt
* AscendedExtra: This is Mort's first major role other than just being Neil's dad.
* BerserkButton: In the case of Peter, stay away from Lois (and vice versa) if you know what's good for you. He even punched out his own reflection because Lois thought it was another man (though that's also a sign that Peter is an idiot).
* ButtMonkey: Cleveland.
* ChainedHeat: the Brian and Stewie plot is a variation, with glue instead of handcuffs.
* EverythingsWorseWithBees: Lois is briefly the victim of this.
* GeekyTurnOn: Jennifer Love Hewitt is attracted to Peter's disgusting ways.
* NotSoDifferent: Lois admits that she can sometimes be as jealous as Peter.
* OhCrap: Stewie and Brian when they find out that the glue doesn't come unstuck.