'''Airdate:''' January 31, 2002

Peter and Lois work out their jealousy issues with a trial separation--during which their marriage counselor advises them to date other people. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian are stuck together after Brian tries to stop Stewie from eating industrial-strength glue.
!!"Stuck Together, Torn Apart" contrains examples of:
* AdamWesting: Jennifer Love Hewitt (who's revealed to be the niece of Mort and Muriel Goldman).
* ArtisticLicenseGeography: Stewie [[LampshadedTrope lampshades]] that a 17th century well is an out-of-place convenient plot device; on most shows, it would be, yes, but Family Guy happens to be located in one of the few American states where you ''can'' possibly come across a 17th century well!
* AscendedExtra: This is Mort's first major role other than just being Neil's dad.
* BeeAfraid: Lois is briefly the victim of this.
* BerserkButton / CrazyJealousGuy: In the case of Peter, stay away from Lois (and vice versa) if you know what's good for you. He even punched out his own reflection because Lois thought it was another man (though that's also a sign of Peter's stupidity).
* ButtMonkey: Cleveland.
* ChainedHeat: The Brian and Stewie plot is a variation, with glue instead of handcuffs or some kind of chain
* GeekyTurnOn: Jennifer Love Hewitt is attracted to Peter's disgusting ways.
* NotSoDifferent: Lois can finally understand how Peter can get so jealous at times when Lois drives away Jennifer Love Hewitt in her jealous rage after Lois sees her trying to make out with Peter.
* OhCrap: Stewie and Brian when they find out that the glue doesn't come unstuck[[spoiler:, at least until they realize that there's a solvent for said glue, which takes two weeks to deliver and an hour to actually take effect]].
* {{Understatement}}: Brian says to Lois, "Peter isn't exactly the most 'understanding guy' when it comes to you and other men"--see BerserkButton / CrazyJealousGuy for what happens.