'''Airdate:''' January 31, 2002

Peter and Lois work out their jealousy issues with a trial separation. Meanwhile, Stewie and Brian are stuck together after Brian tries to stop Stewie from eating industrial-strength glue.
!!"Stuck Together, Torn Apart" contrains examples of:
* AdamWesting: Jennifer Love Hewitt
* AscendedExtra: This is Mort's first major role other than just being Neil's dad.
* BerserkButton: In the case of Peter, stay away from Lois (and vice versa) if you know what's good for you. He even punched out his own reflection because Lois thought it was another man (though that's also a sign that Peter is an idiot).
* ButtMonkey: Cleveland.
* ChainedHeat: The Brian and Stewie plot is a variation, with glue instead of handcuffs or some kind of chain
* EverythingsWorseWithBees: Lois is briefly the victim of this.
* GeekyTurnOn: Jennifer Love Hewitt is attracted to Peter's disgusting ways.
* NotSoDifferent: Lois admits that she can sometimes be as jealous as Peter.
* OhCrap: Stewie and Brian when they find out that the glue doesn't come unstuck.