'''Original air date''': July 18, 2001

Picking up where "The Thin Blue Line" left off (after a series of parodies of cliffhanger scenes from action shows, legal dramas, and soap operas), Brian settles into Hollywood, living with his CampGay cousin Jasper and taking on odd jobs in order to support himself while networking with Hollywood's many movie stars and producers -- until he gets a chance to direct X-rated movies. Meanwhile, Lois signs Stewie up for auditions for the show, ''Kids Say The Darndest Things'', and Stewie uses this opportunity to brainwash the masses with his latest invention.

!!This episode contains examples of:
* BigStupidDooDooHead: TropeNamer. Bill Cosby is seen interviewing a little girl on ''Kids Say'', who cries to him about a man who did something terrible to her. She describes him has having a scar on his left arm and "a big, stupid doo-doo head."
* {{Bowdlerize}}: In the Channel 4 UK and the American free-TV version, Stewie's line, "God, look at me, having sex with a pig. I've become my father!" is removed.
* {{Pixellation}}: The Woody is censored by mosaics. Sadly, the DVD version doesn't have an uncensored version of that scene.
* PreviouslyOn: Parodied; none of the scenes in said montage were from "The Thin White Line".
* SoundtrackDissonance: At the Woodys, there's an award for Best Music in a porn film. The first two nominees play very typical porn music on synthesizer keyboards by sleazy men, but the third nominee is Music/JohnWilliams, whose full orchestra plays music from ''Indiana Jones''.
* TakeThat: According to Brian, it's less embarrassing to admit you're invited to a screening of the new Val Kilmer picture than the new Kevin Costner picture.
** To Creator/BillCosby: "I'm gonna sit here and enjoy it. And I like pudding. And ''Film/GhostDad'' was the best movie I've seen since ''Film/LeonardPart6''."