'''Airdate:''' April 25, 1999


Stewie is in terrible pain from teething and cannot find comfort anywhere. When Lois tells him that his pain will ultimately pass, it gives him the idea to build a machine that will move time forward to the point where his teething will have already stopped.

Meanwhile, Peter drives Chris to his soccer game, where he gets into a fight with another parent who insulted Chris for his playing ability. He punches the parent, who Peter then realizes is not a man, as he had assumed, but rather a masculine-looking pregnant woman.

Peter is put under house arrest for assault and soon finds that he misses his friends. He decides to build a bar in his basement so that his friends can come to visit and hang out with him. It isn’t long before the basement bar becomes a local hot spot. When Lois discovers this, she’s upset, but then she gets a chance to sing on stage before an adoring crowd. As she enjoys the spotlight, Peter becomes increasingly uncomfortable with all the attention she's getting, especially from the male patrons. In addition, after the wives of the male patrons express their anger to Peter, he suggests they come down and confront Lois. But the wives later have a change of heart after she tells them about her feelings, as well as how poorly Peter treats her, something Peter didn't bother to tell the women before.

Meanwhile, Stewie's time machine plans are discovered, causing him to panic about the breach of security. In a clear move to protect the plans, he uses the machine to go back in time before his plans were actually found. Meanwhile in the basement, a burning cigarette, which had earlier been carelessly discarded in a trash bin, ignites some trash. As flames quickly spread in the basement, Peter -- oblivious to the danger to him and Lois -- has an epiphany about how poorly he treats Lois. Just as the two are making up, they finally realize (too late) that they are trapped. Just as the fire has started to reach the top of the basement staircase, Stewie knocks the time machine into reverse, saving his life and (unwittingly to him) his parents' lives as well.

Time is backed time up to before Chris's soccer game, successfully avoiding the whole altercation between Peter and the pregnant soccer mom; unfortunately, his teething pain is still with him. It seems Peter – as he is complaining about having to take Chris to the soccer game – bumps into the time machine, destroying it.

!!"Mind Over Murder" contains example of ([[YMMV/FamilyGuyS1E4MindOverMurder YMMV goes here]]):

* BackhandedApology: The heckling fan gives a particularly callous one after Peter demands (s)he apologize for jeering Chris.
* TheChanteuse: Invoked. Peter decides to make Lois this for his bar to keep her from shutting it down, only to have her become the star attraction.
* HouseFire: A carelessly discarded cigarette ignites a fire that traps Peter and Lois in the basement. Fortunately, Stewie accidentally reverses time via his time machine to (unwittingly) save his parents' lives. It is also instrumental in expunging Peter's assault conviction, as in the "new present" he injures himself before having to take Chris to the soccer game, thus avoiding the confrontation in the first place.
* LadyLooksLikeADude: The pregnant woman that Peter punches.
* MamaBear: Lois was already in a bad mood with Peter over the bar, she is livid when she finds out he's got him drunk.
* MsFanservice: Lois, to Peter's dismay.
* PapaWolf: Zigzagged. Peter demands an apology from the audience member jeering Chris, but slapping the beer out of his hands is what seems to really tip him off the edge.
* ResetButton: How the episode ends.
* UnsettlingGenderReveal: The loud-mouthed, sarcastic fat man Peter punched in the face is actually a woman who is nine months pregnant.