'''Airdate:''' April 18, 1999


Lois has booked Cheesie Charlie's, for Stewie's upcoming first birthday party and sends Peter along with Chris to drop off the deposit check at the restaurant. However, once they arrive, Peter sports an attitude that causes the manager to give their reservation to someone else - a move Peter later realizes will infuriate Lois. Meanwhile, Stewie misinterprets the meaning of his birthday and assumes that the same mysterious "Man in White" who delivered him as an infant will be returning to force Stewie back into Lois' womb from which he escaped just one year ago. Meg cries all the way home to Peter from cheerleading practice, and has been having trouble fitting in at school. Later, she discovers a new friend named Jennifer.

Peter covers his mistake up by telling Lois that they don't need to have Stewie's party at Cheesie Charlie's because they are Nazis who torture, kill and kidnap people. He pretends that he's already planned an extravagant party at home. Meanwhile, Stewie makes it all the way to the airport before deciding that he should face "The Man in White" after all. Peter tries desperately, but ultimately unsuccessfully, to put together a party in time for Stewie's birthday. He finally reroutes a circus into the Griffins' backyard, saving the day - that is, until he reveals to Lois that he gave Meg permission to go to a party at her friend's house. Lois, who wanted the whole family together for Stewie's party, is upset with Peter for letting Meg go. What Peter and Lois don't realize is that Meg's "party" is actually a cult meeting where all the members are about to commit group suicide.

Peter goes to retrieve Meg from her "party", oblivious to the fact that he is sparing her life in the process. The Cult Leader chases after them while wearing his ceremonial white robe and is mistaken by Stewie as "The Man in White". Stewie does away with him and, feeling victorious, joins the others to enjoy his party.

!!"Chitty Chitty Death Bang" contains example of ([[YMMV/FamilyGuyS1E3ChittyChittyDeathBang YMMV goes here]]):

* KeepCirculatingTheTapes and EditedForSyndication: The original airing of this episode had a part where Stewie (after being asked to make a wish before blowing out his birthday cake candles) imagines sounds of war and devastation before deciding to wish for a 1970s roller disco party. The reruns (including the DVD version) have a different soundtrack where it doesn't include audio of one of Hitler's speeches. Ironically, this doesn’t apply to the German voice track.
* SuckECheeses: Cheesy Charlie's. Exaggerated in Peter's fantasy, where he compares it to a dungeon led by the Devil; averted in reality, as it looks fairly normal for an arcade-cum-pizza restaurant where families take their kids for their birthdays (though Chris does mistake a condom machine in the men's room for one of the games).