Welcome to the recap page for the {{manga}} / {{anime}} series, ''Manga/FairyTail.''

As ''Fairy Tail'' is a very long series with many chapters and episodes, this recap will cover the story arcs of the series.

The only thing we ask of contributors is not to be overly-detailed in the summary (listing word for word conversations, play by play of the fights, etc). Otherwise please contribute.

Oh and of course there will be '''SPOILERS'''.


!! Story Arcs


[[folder: Main Arcs]]

* 1. [[Recap/FairyTailIntroductionArc Introduction Arc]]
* 2. [[Recap/FairyTailDaybreakArc Daybreak Arc]]
* 3. [[Recap/FairyTailLullabyArc Lullaby Arc]]
* 4. [[Recap/FairyTailGalunaIslandArc Galuna Island Arc]]
* 5. [[Recap/FairyTailPhantomLordArc Phantom Lord Arc]]
* 6. [[Recap/FairyTailLokeArc Loke Arc]]
* 7. [[Recap/FairyTailTowerOfHeavenArc Tower of Heaven Arc]]
* 8. [[Recap/FairyTailFightingFestivalArc Fighting Festival Arc]]
* 9. [[Recap/FairyTailOracionSeisArc Oración Seis Arc]]
* 10. [[Recap/FairyTailEdolasArc Edolas Arc]]
* 11. [[Recap/FairyTailTenrouIslandArc Tenrou Island Arc]]
* 12. [[Recap/FairyTailSevenYearsArc Seven Years Arc]] (a.k.a X791 Arc)
* 13. [[Recap/FairyTailGrandMagicGamesArc Grand Magic Games Arc]]
* 14. [[Recap/TaiyouVillageArc Taiyou Village Arc]]
* 15. [[Recap/FairyTailTartarosArc Tartaros Arc]]

[[folder: Filler Arcs]]

* 1. [[Recap/FairyTailDaphneArc Daphne Arc]]
* 2. [[Recap/FairyTailKeyOfTheStarrySkyArc Key of the Starry Sky Arc]]