The following is a list of episode titles and summaries for the Cartoon Cartoon ''Ed, Edd, and Eddy''. Created by Danny Antonucci (who also did ''WesternAnimation/TheBrothersGrunt'' and the MTV station identification bumpers featuring Lupo the Butcher), this series centers on three Suburban kids -- a dim-witted comic book geek with a bratty little sister, an obsessive-compulsive nerd, and a loud, obnoxious schemer -- who live in a neighborhood cul-de-sac and have somewhat bizarre adventures.

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[[folder: Season 1]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E1TheEdTouchables "The Ed-Touchables"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E2NaggedToEd "Nagged to Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E3PopGoesTheEd "Pop Goes the Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E4OverYourEd "Over Your Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E5APinchToGrowAnEd "A Pinch to Grow an Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNeddyS1E6EdSirEdALot "Sir Ed-A-Lot"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E7QuickShotEd "Quick Shot Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E8ReadAllAboutEd "Read All About Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E9AnEdTooMany "An Ed Too Many"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E10EdAndSeek "Ed And Seek"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E11LookIntoMyEds "Look Into My Eds"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyTagYerEd "Tag Yer Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E13DawnOfTheEds "Dawn Of The Eds"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E14VertEdGo "Vert-Ed-Go"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E15KeepingUpWithTheEds "Keeping Up With The Eds"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E16WhoWhatWhereEd "Who, What, Where, Ed!"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E17FoolOnTheEd "Fool On The Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E18ABoyAndHisEd "A Boy And His Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E19LaughEdLaugh "Laugh Ed Laugh"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E20ItsWayEd "It's Way Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E21EdsAggerate "Eds-Aggerate"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E22OathToAnEd "Oath To An Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E23AGlassOfWarmEd "A Glass Of Warm Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E24FleaBittenEd "Flea-Bitten Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E25ButtonYerEd "Button Yer Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS1E26AvastYeEds "Avast Ye Eds"]]

[[folder:Season 2]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E1EenyMeenyMineyEd "Eeny, Meany, Miney, Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E2ReadySetEd "Ready, Set...Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E3KnockKnockWhosEd "Knock Knock, Who's Ed?"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E4OnePlusOneEqualsEd "One + One = Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E5KnowItAllEd "Know It All Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E6DearEd "Dear Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E7HandsAcrossEd "Hands Across Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E8FlossYourEd "Floss Your Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E9InLikeEd "In Like Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E10WhoLetTheEdIn "Who Let the Ed In?"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E11RamblingEd "Rambling Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E12HomeCookedEds "Home Cooked Eds"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E13ToSirWithEd "To Sir with Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E14KeyToMyEd "Key to My Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E15HonorThyEd "Honor Thy Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E16ScrambledEd "Scrambled Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E17UrbanEd "Urban Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E18StopLookAndEd "Stop, Look and Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E19RentAEd "Rent-A-Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E20ShooEd "Shoo Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E21EdInAHalfShell "Ed in a Half Shell"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E22MirrorMirrorOnTheEd "Mirror Mirror on the Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E23HotButteredEd "Hot Buttered Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E24HighHeeledEd "High Heeled Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E25FaLaLaLaEd "Fa-La-La-La-Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS2E26CryEd "Cry Ed"]]

[[folder: Season 3]]

* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E1WishYouWereEd "Wish You Were Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E2MommasLittleEd "Momma's Little Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E3OnceUponAnEd "Once Upon an Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E4ForYourEdOnly "For Your Ed Only"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E5ItCameFromOuterEd "It Came from Outer Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E6ThreeSquaresAndAnEd "3 Squares and an Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E7DuelingEds "Dueling Eds"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E8DimLitEd "Dim Lit Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E9WillWorkForEd "Will Work for Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E10EdEdAndAway "Ed, Ed and Away"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E11XMarksTheEd "X Marks the Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E12FromHereToEd "From Here to Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E13BoysWillBeEds "Boys Will Be Eds"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E14EdOrTails "Ed or Tails"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E15GimmeGimmeNeverEd "Gimme, Gimme Never Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E16MyFairEd "My Fair Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E17RockAByeEd "Rock-a-Bye-Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E18OEdEleven "O-Ed-Eleven"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E19TheLuckOfTheEd "The Luck of the Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E20EdPassItOn "Ed... Pass It On..."]]
* [[Recap/BrotherCanYouSpareAnEd "Brother Can You Spare an Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E22TheDayTheEdStoodStill "The Day the Ed Stood Still"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E23AnEdInTheBush "An Ed in the Bush"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E24SeeNoEd "See No Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS3E25IsThereAnEdInTheHouse "Is There an Ed in the House?"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddnEddyS3E26AnEdIsBorn "An Ed is Born"]]

[[folder:Season 4]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E1IfItSmellsLikeAnEd "If It Smells Like an Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E2DontRainOnMyEd "Don't Rain on My Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E3OnceBittenTwiceEd "Once Bitten, Twice Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E4OneSizeFitsEd "One Size Fits Ed "]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E5PainInTheEd "Pain in the Ed "]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E6EdOverboard "Ed Overboard"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E7OneOfThoseEds "One of Those Eds"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E8TheyCallHimMrEd "They Call Him Mr. Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E9ForTheEdByTheEd "For the Ed, by the Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E8LittleEdBlue "Little Ed Blue"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E11ATwistOfEd "A Twist of Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E12YourEdHere "Your Ed Here"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E13TheGoodOlEd "The Good Ol' Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E14ThickAsAnEd "Thick as an Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E15SorryWrongEd "Sorry, Wrong Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E16RobbinEd "Robbin' Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E18ACaseOfEd "A Case of Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E19RunForYourEd "Run for Your Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E20HandMeDownEd "Hand Me Down Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E21StiffUpperEd "Stiff Upper Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E22HeresMudInYourEd "Here's Mud in Your Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E23PostcardsFromTheEd "Postcards from the Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS4E24TakeThisEdAndShoveIt "Take This Ed and Shove It"]]

[[folder:Season 5]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E1MissionEdPossible "Mission Ed-Possible"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E2EveryWhichWayButEd "Every Which Way but Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E3BoomBoomOutGoesTheEd "Boom Boom Out Goes the Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E4CleanlinessIsNextToEdness "Cleanliness is Next to Edness"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E5OutWithTheOldInWithTheEd "Out with the Old... in with the Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E6IAmCuriousEd "I Am Curious Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E7NoSpeakDaEd "No Speak Da Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E8CoolHandEd "Cool Hand Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E9TooSmartForHisOwnEd "Too Smart for His Own Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E10WhosMindingTheEd "Who's Minding the Ed?"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E11PickAnEd "Pick an Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E12TruthOrEd "Truth or Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E13ThisWontHurtAnEd "This Won't Hurt an Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E14TinkerEd "Tinker Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E15TheGoodTheBadAndTheEd "The Good, the Bad and the Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E16TightEndEd "Tight End Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E17TweenARockAndAnEdPlace "'Tween a Rock and an Ed Place"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E18AllEdsAreOff "All Eds Are Off"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E19SmileForTheEd "Smile for the Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E20RunEdRun "Run Ed Run"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E21ATownCalledEd "A Town Called Ed"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS5E22AFistfulOfEd A Fistful of Ed]]"

[[folder:Season 6]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS6E1MayIHaveThisEd "May I Have This Ed?"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyS6E2LookBeforeYouEd "Look Before You Ed"]]

* [[Recap/EdEddNEddysJingleJingleJangle "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Jingle Jingle Jangle"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddysHankyPankyHullabaloo "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Hanky Panky Hullabaloo"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddysBooHawHaw "Ed, Edd n Eddy's Boo Haw Haw"]]
* [[Recap/EdEddNEddyTheEdsAreComing The Eds Are Coming]]

[[folder:The Movie]]
* ''[[WesternAnimation/EdEddNEddysBigPictureShow Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show]]''