Fraser goes undercover in a mental hospital to investigate a suspicious murder.

!! Contains Examples of:

* CrazyPrepared: Fraser keeps the buckle of his hat strap sharpened in case he ever needs to breakout of a sealed padded room.
** To be fair, he was going into a nuthouse, which might very well have included a visit to the padded party room; having a sharp object would be a good idea, and the hat buckle's just the most convenient option available.
* DynamicEntry: Fraser's pulls off one of these to stop the corrupt Doctor jumping off a ledge.
* HaveYouToldAnyoneElse: Ray really should have told someone what he was up to, and not admitted he hadn't.
** When he [[OhCrap realizes this trope is in play]], he does a VerbalBackspace and declares that he told ''everyone'', including his mother. The bad guys don't buy it.