->'''RCMP Officer:''' "I talked to the Super at your last job. He suggested transferring you further north."
->'''Fraser:''' "Well, that would put me in Russia, sir."

Sgt. Bob Fraser, a veteran Mountie, is on assignment in the isolated reaches of northern Canada when he is shot and killed. It is initially ruled a hunting accident--until Sgt. Fraser's son, Constable Benton Fraser, arrives and takes charge of the investigation.

Fraser traces the gunmen to Chicago, and contacts the local law enforcement for help. Sgt. Fraser's case has been assigned to Detective Ray Vecchio, who feels he has more important cases in his workload.

* Main/ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: "That's the last time ''he'll'' fish over the limit!"
** Main/UpToEleven: The crook was fishing ''[[StuffBlowingUp using dynamite]]''
* Main/CanadaEh
* CloudCuckooLander: The desk sergeant at the police station, sharing his concerns about the loyalty of the pigeons. It's not clear if he was just trying to mess with Fraser or if he was really just mildly unhinged.
* DeadManWriting: Benton Fraser inherits his father's journals, and reads from them in search of insight in how to solve his problems. Benton and his father hadn't spoken much for years due to their jobs, and now this is the only way Benton can spend any time with him.
* Main/{{Eagleland}}
* FacingTheBulletsOneLiner: Bob Fraser. Especially BadAss considering that ''he can't even see his killer''. He knows he is about to be shot when he hears [[ClickHello a hunting rifle's bolt cycling.]]
--> ''You're going to shoot a Mountie? They'll hunt you to the ends of the Earth.''
* Main/FingertipDrugAnalysis
* NeverHeardThatOneBefore: Francis Drake, "like the explorer".
* Main/PilotMovie
* Main/ReassignedToAntarctica: by the end of the PilotMovie, Fraser is not well-liked by his chain of command, and is permanently assigned to Chicago.
** The alternative was to send him to ''Russia'', but his old boss, who rather liked him, decided to just leave him in Chicago where he had at least made one friend.
* TurnInYourBadge: Fraser turns in his RCMP badge when he is told he can't go to the United States to follow up on the investigation of his father's killer. In order to keep him from leaving, the RCMP decides to give him his transfer to the Canadian Consulate in Chicago.