Professor Duncan is celebrating exam day by drinking with the class and giving everybody "A"s, Dean Pelton stops by with a reporter for an unscheduled class observation. These plans are also upset when Shirley goes into labor. No ambulances are available due to a "race kerfuffle" happening in the parking lot. Abed guides Shirley through delivery, working from his [[Recap/CommunityS2E03ThePsychologyofLettingGo earlier experience in childbirth]]. Shirley, however, is uncomfortable with him looking at her "nethers", so Britta must step up.

!! The ''Series/{{Community}}'' episode "Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts" provides examples of:

* AllIssuesArePoliticalIssues:
--> '''Dean''': (''on the World Food Festival'') There are lunch trucks with 18 ''different'' nationalities of food. You know what? [[PoliticalCorrectnessGoneMad Not different, equal]]. Equal to whites. You know what? Better than whites.
* AlliterativeName: Ben Bennett, Shirley's newborn child.
* [[ApatheticCitizens Apathetic Students]]: While Shirley's giving birth at the front of the room, most of the non-study group students just to seem to hang around watching.
* BabiesMakeEverythingBetter: After selling out their handshake to Pierce & realising they've ruined it by doing so, Troy & Abed get past their guilt over it after they do the handshake following Ben's birth, realising it's cool (To them) again after they did for something meaningful.
* BlatantLies:
-->'''Dean:''' Not to worry, this happens all the time.\\
'''Reporter:''' Are a lot of babies born in classrooms?\\
'''Dean:''' Well, a lot more are conceived. No, Paul, that's OffTheRecord. And not true. Sort of.
* BottleEpisode / RealTime: Set entirely in the anthropology classroom, likely because of the super-expensive episodes on either side of it.
* CaptainObvious: In "Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts", when Shirley's water breaks and she goes into labor:
--> '''Dean Pelton''': Okay, give me your attention. This student is having a baby. What am I talking about? You already know.
* CollectiveGroan: The whole class when the journalist insists to stay with them.
* ContinuityNod:
** To Abed delivering a child in [[Recap/CommunityS2E03ThePsychologyofLettingGo "The Psychology of Letting Go"]]. When Troy asks where he was during all this, Abed tells him he was off in the background somewhere - referencing the fact that Abed's side-adventure happened entirely in the background of the earlier episode.
** As well as [[Recap/CommunityS2E21ParadigmsOfHumanMemory "Paradigms of Human Memory"]], with Neil mentioning the Saint Patrick's day boating trip, which was shown sporadically in that episode.
** Britta saying 'No problo, Rob Lowe' is a call back to [[Recap/CommunityS2E08CooperativeCalligraphy "Cooperative Calligraphy"]] where she was the only one who couldn't keep up with the rhyming of sentence and name.
** Jeff happily declares Anthropology the ultimate blow-off class, in reference to his quest in season 1 to find the class which would give him the most reward for the least work.
* CrashCourseLanding: Abed has to walk Britta through delivering Shirley's baby owing to a "conflict of genitals".
* CurtainCamouflage: Duncan tries to hide behind the flag but is found out by the Dean immediately.
* DealWithTheDevil: Abed and Troy sell their special celebratory handshake to Pierce for a thousand dollars and find it no longer feels the same afterward because they were forced to do it after things that weren't really awesome. There was also the fact that they were trying to slap together hands that were busy holding cash.
* DeliveryGuy: Abed and Britta working together.
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: Troy giving Pierce the handshake plays out like the act of SexualExtortion.
-->'''Pierce:''' Make your money, ''whore!''
* ForTheEvulz: Pierce buys into Troy and Abed's special handshake and ruins it for them basically because [[{{Jerkass}} he doesn't like it.]]
-->'''Troy:''' But you don't even ''like'' our handshake!\\
'''Pierce:''' No. In fact, I ''hate'' it. And now it's gone.
* GranolaGirl: Shirley is less-than-impressed by Britta's enthusiastic promotion of holistic medicine and natural childbirth -- particularly since, [[JerkassHasAPoint as Jeff points out,]] Shirley's already had two kids and Britta hasn't had any.
* HardWorkHardlyWorks
-->'''Abed:''' Don't tell any doctors I said this, but at this point the bus pretty much drives itself.
* HeroOfAnotherStory: Vicky, Neil and Starburns point out that all but one class had some focus on the study group.
* IAmAHumanitarian: Chang talks about how Chang babies are premature because they eat on their mother to gain the nutrients they need.
* IRegretNothing: Said by Jeff to Britta regarding "decid[ing] to grow a wang."
* IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy: Chang tries to invoke it by saying he's "conceding" the baby to Andre, despite having already stated that it's clearly not his.
* InspirationallyDisadvantaged: Discussed for laughs; together, Britta's one-eyed cats can do ''anything''.
* InstantBirthJustAddWater: Shirley gives birth minutes after her water breaks. Perhaps justified in that it's her third child and she's been having contractions all day.
* LampshadeHanging: Vicki says to Fat Neil - "We came so close to having one class that wasn't all about them". The entire program is about them.
* LastMinuteBabyNaming: After Chang helps Shirley through her child delivery, she decides to name her baby after him. Then she realizes how unfortunate "Ben Bennett" sounds, but sticks with it anyways.
* TheMagazineRule: Parodied with "Dean Magazine" - we later [[SpinningNewspaper see a copy]] of "Magazine Monthly" that announces that Dean Magazine has been shut down after two issues.
* NoodleImplements: In the commentary, Gillian Jacobs and Donald Glover keep barging into the sound booth and asking for things like cement and scissors. It has ''something'' to do with Gillian and Donald having sex.
* NoodleIncident: "Nothing stops Chang babies from being born. Not the Communists, not the Feds, not the Girl Scouts"...
* NotSoAboveItAll: After Shirley's baby is born, Jeff and Britta spend several moments happily cooing and sighing over how amazing the miracle of childbirth is... before remembering that they're ''supposed'' to be aloof and ironically dismissive of how amazing the miracle of childbirth is.
* OneDrinkWillKillTheBaby: Shirley believes so, but Chang tries to convince her otherwise.
* PairTheSpares: Vicki and Neil.
* PopculturalOsmosisFailure
--> '''Troy:''' (''about the secret handshake'') We just kind of do it when one of us says something awesome.\\
'''Pierce''': Alright. Creator/BettyGrable.\\
... \\
'''Troy:''' (''sobbing'') Who's Creator/BettyGrable?
* RefugeInAudacity: Duncan smashing his glass to the ground in order when he thinks that his drinking on duty has been found out.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: After Duncan runs to "get the exam", we don't see him again until Season 5.
* SeriousBusiness: Lampshaded. Troy & Abed run to Jeff distraught over their sullying their handshake by selling it to Pierce, and he turns around & asks if they're really coming to him upset over their ''handshake'' whilst Shirley's in the middle of giving birth in the classroom.
* ShippingGoggles: InUniverse example. Pierce interpretation of Neil and Vicki interacting.
-->'''Pierce:''' You two gonna fall in love or what?
* SidetrackedByTheAnalogy: When Abed says that the bus pretty much drives itself, Shirley is concerned about ''who'' is the bus in this metaphor; implying that she thought Abed meant her.
* ShoutOut:
** When Pierce offers to buy Abed and Troy's celebratory hand gesture, they immediately say "''Film/IndecentProposal''!"
** The Dean tells the visiting magazine reporter he's [[AFatherToHisMen a father to his students]] "like in [[Film/DeadPoetsSociety that film]]... ''[[Film/ChildrenOfTheCorn1984 Children of the Corn]]''".
** Chang's statement that "Chang babies are always born with a tail" recalls the ''[[Series/TheXFiles X-Files]]'' episode "Small Potatoes".
** Britta experiences something a lot like the stargate sequence from ''Film/TwoThousandOneASpaceOdyssey'' while looking up Shirley's skirt.
* SoapboxSadie: Despite having no experience whatsoever with birthing children, Britta is quick to lecture mother-of-two Shirley on the benefits of holistic medical practices for pregnancy over western practices.
* SpotlightStealingSquad: Lampshaded by {{Recurring Extra}}s, Starburns, Neil and Vicki who snark about almost making it through one class without it all being about the study group.
* SpinningNewspaper: At the very end, immediately after the Dean celebrates being told he's going to get a cover story for the magazine ''Dean Magazine'' ("I am a good Dean!"), ''Magazine Monthly'' spins into view. Announcing that ''Dean Magazine'' has been shut down.
-->'''Worst idea for a magazine ever.'''
** [[FreezeFrameBonus Other cover stories]] question [[OldMediaAreEvil why magazine sales are dropping and whether this "internet" thing is just a fad]].
* StrawFeminist: Britta, among things, says that 'women have a connection to their bodies men can't understand' (and quickly proves herself wrong) and says that Jeff can't enter a discussion on pregnancy because he forsook the right to do so the day he 'decided to grow a wang'. Which makes it all the more satisfying when she keeps on making a total fool of herself with Shirley.
* StressVomit: Britta after seeing the baby.
* ThreeMonthOldNewborn: The baby looks quite oversized for a newborn.
* TooMuchInformation: When Britta wants to explore on the topic of natural childbirth, Shirley tells her to stop.
* TruthInTelevision: Shirley's labour probably went as quickly as it did [[JustifiedTrope because it's her third child]]. Realism in the birthing field was, however, undermined by Shirley's ThreeMonthOldNewborn.
* UnusualEuphemism[=/=]LastSecondWordSwap: "Race kerfuffle."
* YeahShot: The last scene freezes when the Dean jumps in the air.
* YouCanSeeThatRight: Troy's "Did that just happen?" after the baby is born.