Greendale is hosting an [=STD=] Awareness Fair ("Catch knowledge!") which Annie is organising. This comes back to bite her when the Dean announces that Annie will be responsible for a demonstration of how to correctly apply a condom, using an anatomically correct penis model as the demonstration; unfortunately, Annie has never actually seen one before, requiring Britta and Shirley's help to correct this oversight.

Pierce has managed to land a date for the Awareness Fair, prompting insecurity on Jeff's part as he comes to term with the dry-patch his recent dating life has been; as the evening progresses, however, both men's interaction with their eventual dates will prompt some long looks at themselves. Abed, meanwhile, is demonstrating unexpected proficiency at sports, prompting insecurity on Troy's part.

!!The ''Series/{{Community}}'' episode "The Politics of Human Sexuality" provides examples of:
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Abed turns out to be this for Troy. Parodied, in that Abed is clearly not interested in athletics where Troy is immediately driven into a fit of paranoid insecurity by the fact that Abed manages to throw a piece of trash into a garbage can when Troy misses, and it just gets worse from there:
-->'''Troy:''' You think you're better than me?\\
'''Abed:''' No.\\
'''Troy:''' ''You'' stick to quoting movie lines. ''I'll'' stick to sports.\\
'''Abed:''' I'm trying to reduce my pop cultural referencing.\\
'''Troy:''' Well, you're not moving into sports! You and I? Are playing real basketball. ''Right now''.\\
'''Abed:''' Sounds fun.\\
'''Troy:''' ''No it doesn't''! And it ''won't be''!
* BlatantLies: After Troy 'wins' his race with Abed:
-->'''Troy:''' ''[Breathless and exhausted]'' How'd you like... ''those'' apples?\\
'''Abed:''' ''[Clearly ''not'' breathless or exhausted]'' I don't like those apples. I'm so upset. It was clearly a fluke that I won those other games.
* BlackIsBiggerInBed: Implied when Britta and Shirley disagree on the penis size at the office being standard size.
* BuffySpeak: The dean's assistant Sabrina, who objects to the term secretary - she helps the Dean do 'office-y things.' Later, when told Jeff is a student, not a professor, she responds 'Yikers!'
* ButLiquorIsQuicker: Dean Pelton is apparently unaware that alcohol loosens inhibitions, hence his ill-advised decision to serve it at an [=STD=] fair.
-->'''Dean Pelton:''' I had no idea alcohol would make people horny. It makes me sleepy!
* CodeEmergency: Parodied; when the security officer informs Dean Pelton that there's a 'five-nine-seven' currently occurring in his office:
-->'''Dean Pelton:''' There's a ''dog-fighting ring'' in my office?!
* ComfortingComforter: Abed to Troy in TheTag
* CompletelyMissingThePoint: When it's revealed that the free condoms provided by the sex fair are faulty, Dean Pelton panics at the thought of a [[IncrediblyLamePun rash]] of [=STD=]s and pregnancies resulting from this, and orders Abed to run to his office and make an announcement to prevent this. The announcement Abed chooses to make:
-->'''Abed:''' Everyone, don't use the condoms! If you're going to have sex tonight, ''don't use condoms!''
* CondescendingCompassion: The school counsellor, on learning of Annie's issues around sexuality, treats her with smarmy condescension and thinly-veiled superiority in the guise of trying to help her overcome them, which eventually results in her basically trying to passive-aggressively bully Annie into saying the word 'penis'.
* DeadpanSnarker: Britta is on point this episode.
* DumbassHasAPoint: Pierce demonstrates unexpected maturity, wisdom and humility in both discussing Jeff's and his own experiences with women at the end.
-->'''Jeff:''' Oh, I'm sorry. I was waiting for that to become inappropriate or racist.
* HighClassCallGirl: Pierce's girlfriend Doreen is an escort. Curiously (considering this is Pierce we're discussing), he ''doesn't'' have to pay for a date with her. [[spoiler: At least initially.]]
* HookerWithAHeartOfGold: Doreen seems to be a very pleasant, likable and wise woman who offers Jeff some valuable advice. [[spoiler: She does dump Pierce and then make him pay to continue the date they'd arranged, but considering this is Pierce we're talking about that's hardly unjustifiable. Even then she gives him a fairly good discount.]]
* KidHasAPoint: When the Greendale counsellor reacts about Annie's obvious hang-ups concerning sex and sexuality in a rather condescending fashion and practically tries to passive-aggressively bully her into saying the word 'penis' in front of everyone, Annie angrily makes the point that if a few more people in modern society were a bit more repressed and wary of embracing their sexuality like her, they might not need to have an STD fair in the first place. Annie is a bit older than the standard 'kid' of the trope, but she is notably girlish, naive and sheltered.
* LampshadedDoubleEntendre: Pierce when talking about his date.
-->'''Pierce''': She is super-smart, if you know what I mean.
-->'''Jeff''': Unfortunately, I always know what you mean.
* OfCourseImNotAVirgin: In the run-up to the safe sex fair, Annie panics because she's never seen a penis before. Britta and Shirley, naturally assumes this means she's a virgin. We're treated to a brief lull in the action as Annie explains that her first boyfriend would only ever have sex in the dark. [[spoiler:He turned out to be gay.]]
** Later in that episode, [[spoiler:Shirley, Britta, & Annie attempt to sneak into Dean Pelton's office to see the mannequin's anatomically correct penis.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Annie:''' Now that I got a good look at one, I don't see what all the fuss is about. It's a giant thumb in a turtleneck. Whoop-dee-doo!]]
** This takes on a whole other dimension when you find out that the actress who plays Annie, Alison Brie, [[ actually had this experience]], albeit in a very different context.
** Warning: DO NOT read this unless [[RunningGag you feel comfortable sexualizing Annie. She is pretty young, after all]].
* PlatonicProstitution:
** Inverted; Pierce is in a non-business relationship with Doreen. [[spoiler: Initially.]]
** Doreen also describes how, contrary to opinion, this sort of thing is actually what she spends most of her 'dates' doing, her clientele generally being of an age where they want to be with a woman they can converse with as well as find sexually attractive.
* ShoutOut: The arm wrestling scene is a reenactment of the climax from ''Film/OverTheTop''.
* SpoofAesop: Being sexually repressed is A-ok!
-->'''Annie:''' You know what? I don't ''want'' to express myself! I don't want to sit in a room full of people and say... [[BluenoseBowdleriser the p-word]]. I like being repressed! I am totally comfortable being uncomfortable with my sexuality! And maybe -- just maybe -- if everyone were a little bit ''more'' like me, we wouldn't have to ''have'' an [=STD=] fair!\\
'''Britta:''' You ''go'', girl!\\
'''Shirley:''' That's my pumpkin!
** On the other hand, this could be interpreted genuinely by asexuals and people who abstain from sex for religious reasons. It's nice to see a sitcom [[DiscussedTrope discuss]] the ever-present EverybodyHasLotsOfSex. [[ YMMV.]]
*** Or just anybody who's like Annie because that's just their personality.
* StrangeMindsThinkAlike: Both Dean Pelton and the security officer characterise Annie, Shirley and Britta's plan as a "reverse-''Porky's''".
* TalkingIsAFreeAction: Troy takes his time admitting that Abed is the better athlete of them both while the dean is impatiently waiting for one of them to run to his office and make an announcement about the broken condoms.