--> ''"[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2415565/13/Calvin_Hobbes_The_Series_SEASON_ONE Calvin and Hobbes]] [[PortalBook go into a]] Franchise/{{Batman}} comic and [[HeroicWannabe fight crime]] as Batboy and Battiger."''
--> '''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2415565/14/Calvin_Hobbes_The_Series_SEASON_ONE Part 2]]'''
--> '''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2415565/15/Calvin_Hobbes_The_Series_SEASON_ONE Part 3]]'''
--> '''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2415565/16/Calvin_Hobbes_The_Series_SEASON_ONE Part 4]]'''
--> '''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2415565/17/Calvin_Hobbes_The_Series_SEASON_ONE Part 5]]'''

Calvin forces Hobbes into the Book Transporter, an invention that allows one to [[PortalBook travel into literature.]] He travels into a 1992 Franchise/{{Batman}} comic (he refuses to go into a newer one, believing [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks it stopped being good when they changed Robin]]) and dresses himself and Hobbes up in Batman's uniform. They have a run-in with some thugs, which they end up defeating. The duo then find out, via a newspaper, that Gotham's crime is rising, and many of you-know-who's enemies are behind it. Calvin then briefly sights Batman, and the duo rush to find him... only to find Two-Face and his thugs.

Hobbes rushes off, so Calvin attempts to take him on when Franchise/{{Batman}} and Robin themselves burst in! Robin attacks the thugs with ease, much to Calvin's ire. Afterwards, Two-Face escapes, and the dynamic duo rip off the comical duo's cowls, exposing them. Calvin manages to get their attention by revealing his knowledge of their {{secret identit|y}}ies. This leads to the dynamic duo eventually relenting and training them.

Unsurprisingly, Calvin screws up magnificently, but the ''real'' test comes when Killer Croc arrives and KO's the dynamic duo. Calvin is left to fend for himself, Hobbes having run off again, and his [[TimeForPlanB Plan B]] is running away. Fortunately, Hobbes drops down from nowhere and stalls him long enough for Calvin to spray him with "Lizard-Be-Gone".

After being shown the Batcave, Calvin decides to prove his worth to Batman and stop ''every'' criminal on the lose one by one, starting with ComicBook/TheJoker. He finds out the bad guys' location from Two-Face via time travel, and he decides to confront The Riddler first... at the mini-golf course.

He leads them into a trap, which Calvin simply rushes through with the Time Pauser. When he finally confronts him, Calvin stalls before eventually using the Transmogrifier Gun to [[BodyHorror fuse his hands and feet together]] and turning him to the police.

Next, he faces ComicBook/TheJoker, whose minions are easily transmogrified, and he's easily beaten. Next, the two face Clock King, who falls prey to Hobbes. He appears to perform a HeroicSacrifice, and Calvin dramatically monologues over his body... before he shows up again with ice cream, revealing the sacrificed one to be Socrates.

After a montage of getting some other villains, Calvin and Hobbes finally leave the comic. Then Calvin gets out a ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'' [[BookEnds comic...]]
* AccidentalMisnaming[=/=]MaliciousMisnaming: Calvin calls Alfred "Horus". What significance this has, or whether or not it was intentional on Calvin's part, is unknown.
* AlwaysSomeoneBetter: Robin to Calvin, while the former confronts Two-Face's goons.
* BadassBoast:
--> "I am Batboy! Defeater of all evil and evil like things. The new form of bat super hero mutant things! The new form of humans who have bat DNA! And you can not possibly..."
* BatmanColdOpen: Shortly after getting in their costumes, the duo (fittingly) find themselves in this situation.
* BeardnessProtectionProgram: Mentioned:
--> '''Calvin:''' Do you know what [being exposed] means, Hobbes? [[{{Wangst}} We'll have to change our names, move to another state, grow a beard and shave it off, then start all over again! From now on, we're no longer Calvin and Hobbes!]]
* BodyHorror: Calvin uses the Transmogrifier Gun to ''fuse The Riddler's hands and feet together.''
* BookEnds[=/=]HereWeGoAgain: The ending.
* BuffySpeak: The Book Transporter eventually gains a paint job and the words "bat-thingy" written on it.
* {{Cliffhanger}}: Part 1 ends with Batman himself bursting in.
* CloseCallHaircut: PlayedWith: Calvin's cape gets shredded by Joker's metal card, and the former lampshades it:
--> "HEY! Now I have to sew that back [[MediumAwareness before the next scene!]]"
* ContinuityNod[=/=]MythologyGag: Hobbes mentions the transmogrifier and the duplicates.
* CrazyPrepared and KitchenSinkIncluded:
--> '''Hobbes:''' He has everything in there except for the Kitchen sink.\\
'''Calvin:''' Actually I have the kitchen sink in the third pocket to the left of the right glove by spike number two in category five in subcategory ten in subsubcategory thirteen in compartment six.\\
'''Hobbes:''' Where's the bathroom sink?\\
'''Calvin:''' I stuffed it in bat ear number one.
* {{Crossover}}: With Franchise/{{Batman}}.
* ExplainExplainOhCrap:
--> '''Calvin:''' Well, Laughing Moron, it's just you, me, and that weirdo over there dressed in red and black.\\
''(Calvin spins around)''\\
'''Calvin:''' Oh good grief, I forgot about her!
** Then there's this long exchange:
--> "You ''did'' miss!" Batboy insisted.\\
"Well, maybe it was off by three centimeters, but I still hit the area that I wanted, and [[BreadEggsMilkSquick Joker's about to strangle you.]]"\\
"That's no excuse, and don't argue with me! The point is that you missed! And furthermore, what did you just say?"\\
"I said, Joker's about to choke you to death." Battiger said.\\
Batboy sighed, with Joker only three feet away.\\
"First off, Hobbes. He's called Laughing Moron, not Joker. Joker is an extremely stupid name, and doesn't compare to... well, my name for him."\\
Just then a light came on in his eyes.\\
"Oh. You said he's going to... OHHHHHHHHH!"
** Something similar happens later with Bane.
* DropTheHammer: Joker briefly attempts to kill Calvin with one.
* FelonyMisdemeanor:
--> Calvin had arrested three old ladies for "illegal poodle ownership", bagged four bull dogs saying that they broke the fire hydrant law of America, and turned in ten shocked people who had [[CrowningMomentOfFunny "illegally thrown candy wrappers into a trash can".]]
* FoodAsBribe: Hobbes only comes in the transporter at the mention of snacks.
* GrapplingHookPistol: True to form, Calvin and Hobbes have them.
* HammerSpace: Calvin's pockets serve this purpose, which is lampshaded:
--> Calvin whipped a fan out of his pocket, don't ask me how he fit it in there, and started blowing the gas away.
* HeroicWannabe: Calvin and Hobbes, moreso the former.
* HeyThatsMyLine: Calvin says this when Robin says "Watch and learn, junior!" to him.
* InnocentBystander: Invoked somewhat:
--> '''Hobbes:''' Hey, I'm just an innocent bystander [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment innocently standing by!]]
* LetsMockTheMonsters: Calvin does this a lot.
* MediumAwareness: See CloseCallHaircut above.
* TheNicknamer: Calvin has an absolutely ''insane'' amount of nicknames for Batman, Robin, and their RoguesGallery. He calls the heroes "Batsy/Bat-brain/[[ToiletHumour Guano]]-man/Bat-guy" and "The Birdly Wonder/Bird Brain", and as for the villains... just see the quote below.
--> "It's listing off all of Batman's arch enemies! Look! ComicBook/TheJoker, Harley Quinn, Two Face, Mad Hatter, Penguin, Poison Ivy, Clayface, Killer Croc, Mr Freeze, Ras' Al Gaul, Scarecrow, Bane, Baby Doll, and the Riddler! Or as I like to call them, Laughing Moron, [[HilariousInHindsight Hardly Quinn]], Ugly Face, Toothy, Sardine Breath, Plant Lady, Mud Brain, Alligator Man, Dr. Refrigerator, Mr Magic, Corncob Man, [[PunnyName Inbane]], Toy Moron, and Question Mark Man." [[note]][[OverlyLongGag He later calls the very last one "Puzzlement Dude" and "Mr. Question".]][[/note]]
** And then there's Bane, who gets his name confused way too often. Calvin's nickname for him changes every single sentence, eventually evolving into "1-800-2345-6666".
** SomethingPerson: Many of the above nicknames.
* NoodleIncident and ShoutOut: Apparently this isn't the first time the Book Transporter's been used - Hobbes mentions going into ''Literature/ASeriesOfUnfortunateEvents'' and a [[ComicStrip/TheFarSide Far Side]] book.
* OnlySaneMan: The ''villains'' play this role to Calvin, Clock King and the Mad Hatter in particular.
* ParrotExpoWhat: "Itwasawhat?"
* PortalBook: The Book Transporter [[InvokedTrope invokes]] this.
* RoguesGallery: Lampshaded:
--> '''Hobbes:''' Gosh, Batman certainty has quite a collection of unrealistic villains.\\
'''Calvin:''' Yeah I know! Did that Bob Kane guy come up with a great idea, or what?
* RoofHopping: Lampshaded by Calvin:
--> "Come! Let us [[RuleOfDrama dramatically]] jump from building to building!"
** Further lampshaded by Hobbes:
--> "Your mom's not going to like the idea of you jumping across buildings like this."
* RummageFail: Calvin attempts to save Hobbes from Killer Croc, but he ends up in this situation with his utility belt.
* ScrewThisImOuttaHere: In addition to Hobbes, Calvin's Plan B is simply running away.
* ShoutOut: "And let that be a lesson to you, Mr. [[Film/MaryPoppins Supercalafragilisticexpealedoses!]]"
** RougeAnglesOfSatin: Justified, since said word is pretty hard to spell anyway.
** "[[Theatre/ByeByeBirdie Bye, bye, birdy.]] [[WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants I'll remember you all in therapy."]]
* StableTimeLoop: Calvin defies this when Hobbes tries to do something that'll start one, telling him the consequences:
--> "If you do that, then you'll have to relive everything that happened after that. Then when we go back in time, you'll rope ugly again, [[AndIMustScream and we might make time stuck on that one event forever!]]"
* TheyChangedItNowItSucks: InUniverse - Calvin thinks Batman stopped being good when Robin's identity was changed.
* TimeForPlanB: Calvin's is simply running.
** His later Plan B is calling for Batman and Robin.
* ToiletHumour: One of Calvin's nicknames for Batman is "Guano-man".
* VillainExitStageLeft: Two-Face escapes with the help of some device, and Calvin lampshades it:
--> "[[GoshDarnItToHeck Oh darn it!]] I hate it when that happens!"
* YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe: Hobbes says this when Calvin decides to use the Time Pauser.
** Calvin also says this when Bane easily escapes his trap.
* YourMom: "And I bet your mother tells time through a ''sundial!''"
** "And I'll bet your mother wears '''''A RED''''' outfit with '''''A YELLOW HAT!''''' So there!"
** "And I bet your mother did STOP MOTION ANIMATION!"