Manero and Bailey turn up to send Fi on a mission for the CIA, pointing out that her prison release deal means she has to work for them or go back. It turns out the first CIA asset they sent turned up dead on the beach.

She is sent to help Angela whose boyfriend Victor Durov has suddenly started selling weapons to terrorists. Fi gains access to the safe where key information about the deal is held by posing as Angela's old friend Phoebe. Fi manages to smuggle weapons in to help her crack the safe but then Angela appears at the key moment and cuffs Fi to the safe. Durov didn't start selling weapons to terrorists, it was Angela who was planning to and she had tricked the CIA into helping her. Angela grabs the information and leaves Fi locked in the room with a bomb.

Michael realises something has gone wrong and creates a firetrap forcing Angela back into the building. Durov initially believes Angela over Fi and orders her to tell him how to disarm the bomb. Fi gives him faulty instructions, forcing Angela to blow her cover and disarm it herself. Fi persuades Durov not to kill Angela as it is the only way for him to prove she was the real threat.

Meanwhile Sam and Jesse go undercover at Pryon to try and unmask which of the private miltary killed Nate. They trace the type of gun used back to a mysterious soldier named T.G. The head Vale sees through their play and meets Michael and Sam for drinks. He reveals T G stands for Tyler Gray but is shot before he can tell them anything else.