So the gang and Maddie are almost out of Miami. As Mike and Fi burn all Maddie's ID documents, Jesse and Sam go visit Vanek to pick up some chips for their new passports. Unfortunately Schmidt and Vanek are enemies and when Sam, Fi, Mike and Schmidt go to meet with Dixon to check the passports won't raise flags they are followed by Vanek.

Vanek and his men chase Sam, Fi, Mike and Schmidt to an abandoned factory. Schmidt neglected to mention that he tried to get Vanek arrested by the F.B.I. Vanek offers to let the gang go in exchange for Schmidt. Mike and Sam refuse at first because Jesse and Madeline are waiting outside with a purloined truck but then they get backed into a corner with armed men both inside and outside the factory.

Things get tenser when Vanek rings Schmidt and informs Mike that he tracks all the chips that he sells so he would have leverage if he ever did get caught and Schmidt knew this. Mike tricks Sam and Fi into leaving him alone with Schmidt and then marches him out.

Mike manages to get Vanek and his gang to walk back behind a gate next to a transformer. Mike shoots the transformer and this enables the gang to escape with Schmidt alive. Back at Schmidt's place Schmidt points out Mike had no way to know there would be a transformer to shoot. With a very steely look Michael points out Schmidt is still alive.

This conversation is interrupted by the news Maddie has taken one of the cars and disappeared. Jesse knows from earlier she will be at Nate's grave. Michael is relieved when they appear to be alone but then he notices a bouquet on the grave that neither of them sent. He asks Madeline for a minute and then finds a card with a number on, purporting to be from a friend.