Richie is enjoying a quite night in when Eddie comes home drunk. Richie had given him 1.75 for two fish suppers which he spent at the chemist's. Eddie goes to cupboard and swigs a bottle of bleach. Richie drags him upstairs and into bed when he hears noises downstairs, the house is being robbed.

Eddie and Richie catch one of them and discover his stash of gold and silver items. The two plan to sell it all and leave to the Bahamas, but they can't leave the burgular. Eddie suggests killing him and goes to the roof to get some pigeon poison.

The come to investigate a burglary call and decide to call it off thinking it was a party. To stop the police finding him Eddie sellotaped the burgular to the cieling, but they can't get him down. Another burgular arrives and knock the two out. They wake up to find everything gone including thier clothes.