After the devastating failure of the invasion, the gang and their remaining allies need a place to shelter, so Aang takes them to the only safe haven he can think of; [[TitleDrop The Western Air Temple]]. They know they have to re-group and think up a new plan for defeating the Fire Nation, but Aang doesn't seem to want to talk strategies: after another failure, he finds himself trying to escape his responsibilities. The fact that he still needs to practise Earthbending and ''begin'' Firebending also hits him full in the face, especially considering that there's no one to teach him.

Good thing that Zuko's changed sides and willing to help him, right? Wrong--the Gaang are none too eager to trust him, and the runaway prince must convince them otherwise.

* {{Adorkable}}: Zuko gets some major cuteness points here.
* AnswerCut: When Sokka muses that there has to be someone who can teach Aang firebending, it [[CutApart cuts to]] Zuko practicing his speech to the gang.
* AwesomenessByAnalysis: Sokka gets this more often than anyone in the series by virtue of being a BadassNormal and TheSmartGuy, but he gets a ''really'' good one here by calculating the exact angle he needs to throw his boomerang and hit Combustion Man right in the third eye.
* {{Bizarrchitecture}}: The Western Air Temple is hanging ''upside down'' from a cliff.
** In the commentary, Mike and Bryan note that this could prove quite a problem to M. Night Shyamalan's live action adaptation. Of course, this was before the first film of that adaptation flopped so badly that the other two were scrapped.
* CallBack: Part of the reason why Aang accepted Zuko as his Firebending teacher is because he realizes Zuko feels genuinely sorry for accidentally burning Toph. Aang himself did the same thing [[Recap/AvatarTheLastAirbenderTheDeserter much earlier]] to Katara. Both Aang and Zuko know that fire is a wild element, and how it feels to accidentally burn someone you love.
* ChirpingCrickets: Done with a badgerfrog.
* DeclarativeFinger: While Zuko is doing an Uncle Iroh impression.
* DiggingYourselfDeeper: Yeah, Zuko, mentioning the assassin you sent after them was ''not a good idea''.
* {{Flashback}}
* FlashbackWithTheOtherDarrin: There are two flashbacks of Season One Zuko and Iroh, but Iroh is voiced by Greg Baldwin, since {{Mako}} had died.
* HeelFaceDoorSlam: And Zuko discovers that the door can hit you in the face, hard.
* HeelFaceTurn: Technically it happened in the last two episodes, but it's nice to see it sticking.
* HeroWithAnFInGood: Zuko has shades of this.
-->'''Zuko''': Why am I so bad at being good!?!
* IceCreamKoan: Zuko fails at mimicking his Uncle's proverbs. (Although what he comes up with actually makes some sense, given what he's gone through.)
-->'''Zuko''': Even when I'm impersonating him I have no idea what he's saying!
* IfYouEverDoAnythingToHurtHer: Non-romantically - Katara uses this on Zuko regarding Aang at the end of the episode.
* IronicEcho. From the flashback.
-->'''Zuko''': The only way to regain my honor is to find the Avatar.
* KubrickStare: Katara also uses one of these.
* [[LickedByTheDog Licked By The Sky Bison]]: Appa licks a reformed Zuko to show he likes him.
* NeverSayDie: If Zuko goes for another spin on the HeelFaceRevolvingDoor, Katara will "make sure his destiny ends". Though that was more about her using Zuko's meaningful words against him, since he'd been going on about that. It's not like they've ever beat around the bush about the other stuff.
* ReformedButRejected: Zuko gets this treatment until the end of the episode, at which point people begin to relent. Except Katara, who keeps it up for four more episodes.
* SpellMyNameWithAThe: The Duke
* WhatWouldXDo: Zuko asks himself what his uncle (and, for the sake of argument, his sister) would do. (Complete with impersonations of both. He does a dead-on Iroh.)