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!The ''Series/ArrestedDevelopment'' episode "In God We Trust" provides examples of:
* ChristmasEpisode: The plot revolves around a Christmas pageant (although, ironically, "My Mother, The Car" aired closer to Christmas, with this episode airing December 14, 2003, and "My Mother, The Car" airing a week later).
* OutOfOrder: Although this episode comes ''before'' "My Mother, the Car" in both Broadcast and Production order, it appears ''after'' it on the Season One DVD, as makes sense, as Buster and Lucille Austero start their relationship in that one, and go on their first date in this one.
* StealthInsult:
--> '''Barry Zuckercorn:''' (to Lucille) What are you doing, pilates? Because no 40-year-old woman should look like that.
--> '''Michael:''' Well, no 40-year-old woman ''does'' look like that.