-->'''''Good morning, Americans, I'm Paul Harvey!'''''

Paul Harvey Aurandt, or simply Paul Harvey, was an iconic American news radio personality most active from immediately after UsefulNotes/WorldWarII all the way to near his death in 2009. With his distinctive, fatherly voice and presentation, he was mostly known for his 10-minute syndicated news segments and his rather eccentric openings ("I'm Paul Harvey...stand by for ''NEWS!''") as well as for his ''Rest of the Story'' segment ("You know what the news is. In a minute, you're going to hear the ''rest'' of the story!"). His news segments, especially during TheNineties and onward, tended to have a retro '30s feel, like they would fit in right after one of FDR's fireside radiocasts. He would often read aloud script instructions ("onto page ''TWO!''") and he would even read out most of the advertisements himself, which often led to strong personal endorsements, as he disliked advertising for products he didn't use. His ''Rest of the Story'' segments were usually about little known factoids of history, usually focusing on an ironic twist of character or outcome, or otherwise a little-known but interesting fact.

Upon Harvey's death, ABC radio personnel Gil Gross and Doug Limerick carried on with similar formats, as did Mike Huckabee. These were very short-lived.

!!And now, page ''two''!
* CelebrityEndorsement: The man really loved his [=EdenPure=] heaters, Select Comfort beds, Bose radios, and of course...[[PunctuatedForEmphasis Cit-ra-cal!]] He wouldn't dare advertise a product he didn't enjoy personally.
* GrandfatherClause: Even as his show became surrounded by political talk like Radio/RushLimbaugh and Radio/NealBoortz or other local hosts, stations continued to carry his three daily shows reliably at 8:30am, noon and in evening drive ("The Rest of the Story"). Stations that dropped him before his death saw longtime listeners flee because of how the show became a regular habit.
* GuestHost: Several, most notably his son, Paul Harvey Jr. A long spell of guest hosts occurred when Paul came down with pneumonia; among them were the aforementioned Limerick and Gross, other ABC personnel, Mike Huckabee, and even former Tennessee senator Fred Thompson.
* LastOfHisKind: It held out to be the final syndicated radio program that lasted fifteen minutes; others are longer than that.
* LongRunners: ''News and Comment'' lasted from 1944 to 2009. That's right, ''65'' years.
* ProductPlacement: Sometimes it would take a minute to realize that Harvey's live-read of an ad had begun. That's how persuasive his voice could be.
* SigningOffCatchPhrase: "Paul Harvey... good ''day''!" and "And ''now'' you know... [[TitleDrop the]] ''[[TitleDrop rest]]'' [[TitleDrop of the story]]!"
* VocalEvolution: Surprisingly averted; his delivery barely changed even into the 1990s and 2000s, barring some episodes during his bout with pneumonia when he sounded very rough.
* WorkingThroughTheCold: Zig-zagged with the aforementioned pneumonia: sometimes he would host as usual with his voice sounding really rough; other times, he would let someone fill in for him.
* YouKnowWhoSaidThat: Former TropeNamer (Now You Know The Rest Of The Story), and, of course, The Rest of the Story lived by it.

Paul Harvey... good ''day!''