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->''This is dizzy stuff, folks.''

''Get This'' was an Australian radio show that aired on the Triple M network from 2006 to 2007. It was hosted by Tony Martin and Ed Kavalee, with Richard Marsland on the buttons, Katie Dimond and later Cecelia Ramsdale on the phones, Matt Dower on the pots and pans, and Nikki Hamilton producing; additionally, each episode featured a guest host. It ran for an hour in its first year and two hours in the second year, at various weekday timeslots, until being cancelled at the end of 2007 despite a steady increase in ratings and popularity.

The show was known for the strong chemistry between the regulars, the nerdy tangents on cult films and Australian comedy, and the sketches that ranged from Tony's well-produced bits about politics and BritComs to Ed's shambolic productions such as "Donkey Courtroom" and "Man With a Box of Killer Bees". Many of the clips and sketches spawned {{CatchPhrase}}s and {{MemeticMutation}}s that were referenced frequently, both in the show and by the fanbase.

''GetThis'' also put out a regular {{podcast}} containing sketches (at least the ones that didn't contain copyrighted material) or discussed topics from previous shows. Tony would often put in over time to get the podcasts coming out on a semi regular basis along with ringtones created from popular sound bites and individual sketches for download from the website.

The end of each show Tony would sign off with a phrase or soundbite from the show that tickled his asbestos plum hammock.
!!This program provides examples of:

* TheAhnold: Tony's Arnold Schwarzenegger impression would sometimes get a run.
* AnyoneRememberPogs: Tony regularly invoked this trope, but Ed actually [[ILoveTheExties broached the subject of Pogs]] once.
* AmusingInjuries: Ooh Me Plums!
* AssShove: Richard's alleged [[UnusualEuphemism flag-waving antics]] are documented in an interview with then-Prime Minister John Howard in Podcast 51.
-->Richard: Well, I'm patriotic on the inside and the outside...If you could all be upstanding when I enter the room, as well...
* AsYouKnow: "Hi, I'm Richard..."
* AwfulBritishSexComedy: a favourite topic, especially when Ross Noble would pop by.
* BaitAndSwitch
* BestedAtBowling: or at table tennis, as the case turned out to be.
* BitingTheHandHumor: Tony, Ed, and Richard would often make fun of Triple M's music library, particularly the heavy repetition of songs.
** In 2006 it was anything by Nickleback, and James Blunt's Wiseman; in 2007 Hinder and Mika were the the targets of much vitriol.
* BottomOfTheBarrelJoke: Towards the end of the show's tenure, Fridays were taglined "all jokes must go!", with Tony insisting that all the really bad jokes should be saved for Friday, after the week was over and they had run out of all other material.
* BreathlessNonSequitur: Tony's very, very good at these.
* BrickJoke: After watching the finale of ''Series/TheSopranos'', Tony, Ed and Richard vowed that the final episode of ''Get This'' would end the exact same way. Sure enough, later that year...
* BrokenRecord
* CannotTellAJoke: Ed can tell jokes, but many of his own sketches were ruined by his own lack of organisation and planning, and turned out being funnier in 'ruined' form than if they had gone according to plan.
* CatchPhrase: Oh, so many.
** The show takes it's name from Tony's habit of linking anecdotes with the phrase "But get this!"
** [[PunctuatedForEmphasis "Have. A listen. To this."]] Ed and Richard often [[BorrowedCatchPhrase borrowed]] this one.
* CarMeetsHouse: Get This would always be on the lookout for stories about cars being driven into houses, so long as no-one was injured.
* ChainOfCorrections
* ComebackTomorrow
* ConvenienceStoreGiftShopping: Some of the earliest Talkback Mountain prizes were purchased from what Ed called a 'variety gift emporium' (in reality, a two-dollar store).
* {{Defictionalization}}: ''[[http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/tv-radio/stars-prepare-to-be-buried-alive/story-e6frf9ho-1226080932695 Shaft of Hope]]''.
* DiggingYourselfDeeper
* DisorganizedOutlineSpeech: most things that fell out of Ed's mouth (that weren't half-eaten sandwiches).
* DistractedByTheSexy
* DodgyToupee: At the end of Podcast 96, a whole segment is dedicated to ranking the dodgiest hairpieces in the movie business.
-->'''Tony''': Travolta, most suspicious hair. Cage, second most suspcious.
-->'''Ed''': But Cage's is pretty funny. You know, it's getting to the point where it's "hehehe..."
-->'''Tony''': And he'll often just wear a [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tony_Mokbel Mokbel]] for a whole movie. ''National Treasure'', what was going on there?
* DontExplainTheJoke
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: When the show started, it had a different panel operator who never spoke, and there wasn't the huge database of funny memes that Tony and Ed would call on.
* EditedForSyndication: When the show expanded into a two-hour format in 2007, Triple M Adelaide continued to broadcast only the first hour, with all mentions of upcoming guests in the second hour edited out.
* ExecutiveMeddling: The hosts often discussed, on-air, notes and "suggestions" the higher-ups tried to give them.
** An example in Podcast 107 was when the higher-ups at Triple M criticized them for not generating enough "watercooler talk", this only resulted in several sketches involving two blokes standing around discussing an actual water cooler.
* EverybodyOwnsAFord: ...or a Mercedes Benz Vito. Or a Nissan Navara.
* FakeBrit: One of the funniest parts of Ooh Me Plums (Besides the whole Groin injuries in polite society thing).
** Ed often points out that Tony always sings in a fake British accent.
* FailureIsTheOnlyOption
* FanNickname: Ricky M, Armitage Shanks, Dick Bar, Marslando Calrissian... the amount was insane (and encouraged by Ed) for Richard, here's a [[http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/Richard_Marsland#The_Many_Nicknames_of_Richard_Marsland list]] (that only starts scraping the surface)
* FollowUpFailure
* GrandFinale: In which many of the previous co-hosts returned, Matty D finally made an appearance, and producer Nikki Hamilton called in from the maternity ward after giving birth twenty minutes ago.
** DeadlyDIstantFinale: A tragically true example. The podcast was rereleased in 2008 with a new final episode: the Richard Marsland Lives Podcast, in which Tony and Ed replayed some of recently-deceased Richard's greatest jokes and sketches and gave a very heartfelt tribute to the late Ricky M.
* HehHehYouSaidX
* InAWorld: The Districts Swiftest Indian parodies this.
* InsaneProprietor: A semi-regular topic of discussion on the show. And Track 2 of ''Illegal Download'' discusses the inherent problems in dealing with someone insane enough to deliver such brain snapping bargains.
-->'''Salesman''': See this lovely Mitsubishi?\\
'''Customer''': Er, that's a pony.\\
'''Salesman''': You knew what you were getting into when you saw the ad.
* IWasYoungAndNeededTheMoney: Ed's exact excuse when confronted with the skeleton in his closet, [[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0443757/ ''Meat Pie'']].
* MelodramaticPause
* NeverSayThatAgain: That first Rex Hunt clip in 2006. The Triple M monkey, Barry. Upskirting and downblousing. And anything that would conjur up the opening bars of Toto's 'Africa'.
* OldShame: ''Meat Pie'', for Ed.
** Tony often refers to ''Bad Eggs'', the film he directed, in this manner.
* OneOfUs: Tony, Ed and Richard, most definitely. Listen to their nerd-outs when RichardEGrant and WillArnett are the guest hosts.
* TheOtherWiki: When Tony and Ed learned of the rampant Wiki vandalisation that was happening on the ''Get This'' page, they were delighted and encouraged all their listeners to get in on the act. It even spread to other, vaguely related pages, such as people editing Karl Stefanovic's page to say he's a robot, replace his picture with that of [[StarWars C-3PO]] or suggest that he has been subject to a product recall. As of December 2014, ''said article remains locked explicitly to prevent this type of vandalism.''
* PerfectlyCromulentWord: Ed's 'elephantile'.
* ThePromise
* QuoteMine
* Ratings
* RecapEpisode: Often the episode after a time slot change will be filled with explanations of why people are suddenly yelling "Assault! Assault!" on air.
* SayingSoundEffectsOutLoud: Pfffft! Splunk! Flumph! Or most memorably, [[AccidentalInnuendo WANK!]]
* ScrewedByTheNetwork
* SpiritualSuccessor: ''Get This'' has one in the form of Nova FM's ''Summer Lovin' Podcast'', which started in mid-December 2010 and is hosted by Tony and Ed, with Matt Dower producing.
** And in 2011, Tony and Ed hosted ''TheJoyOfSets'', with can best be described as ''GetThis'' [[XMeetsY meets]] ''TheSoup''.
* StationIdent
* ThatCameOutWrong: Richard Marsland accidentally called a Heinz brand's of baked beans [[AccidentalInnuendo Indian Muncher]] instead of Indian Snatcher.
* ThatWasNotADream: Usually Ed and often Tony, reflecting on another sketch-gone-horribly-wrong.
* TheTeaser
* UnusualEuphemism
* WildMassGuessing: The trio constantly floated their theory that breakfast TV presenter Karl Stefanovic was a robot.
->''Brought to you by those thugs in the scallop industry.''