In the 1950s the old time {{Radio Drama}}s gradually died out, with {{UsefulNotes/Television}} taking over. The era (in the USA) is generally considered to have ended with the last network radio dramas ''Suspense'' and ''Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar'' on September 30, 1962.

However, this didn't prevent there from being nostalgia years later... which eventually led to a brief revival of radio drama in TheSeventies. The longest-lasting series of this revival was the ''CBS Radio Mystery Theater'', which lasted from 1974 through 1982. It was created by Himan Brown, radio veteran from shows like ''InnerSanctum'', and narrated by E. G. Marshall for most of its run, with Tammy Grimes in the last year. Himan Brown narrated a brief rebroadcast in 1998. Of course there is now nostalgia ''for'' the series.

The series was a one hour program, with commercials between three acts. It had a variety of genres, though it leaned towards suspense and horror. A total of 1,399 episodes were produced. The series hasn't been released officially in any form, but it was widely recorded by fans and there are no {{Missing Episode}}s. Needless to say, it remains a popular choice for unofficial distribution in digital format. You can listen to most episodes online [[http://www.cbsrmt.com here]].

This series is an example of:
* DramaticHourLong
* GenreAnthology
* RadioDrama

Tropes include:
* DoorClosesEnding: Ended with the creaking door slamming shut.
* PublicDomainCharacter (necessary because the show was very low budget)
* TwoDecadesBehind (in this case for TheFifties)
* SigningOffCatchPhrase: "''Pleasant dreams!''" [SFX: CREAKING MAUSOLEUM DOOR SLOWLY CLOSING]