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''Radar/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' got plenty of crap past the radar itself - let's see how its successor holds up.
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[[folder:Book 1: Air]]


[[folder: "The Voice In The Night" ]]

* Amon's entire speech to Korra just screams [[MemeticMolester "I'm a sexual predator"]].


[[folder: "The Spirit of Competition" ]]

* Tahno lacks subtlety in this department:
-->'''Tahno:''' (in an extremely suggestive voice) Y'know, if you'd like to learn how a [[DoubleEntendre real pro bends]]... I could give you some ''private lessons''.
* Korra isn't too heavy on the subtlety herself:
-->'''Korra:''' Yeah, but when you're with her you're thinking about me, aren't you?
* After Bolin catches Mako and Korra kissing, Mako finds him drunk at a bar. [[DrunkOnMilk On noodles, not actual liquor]], but the viewer can put two and two together here.
** The next day he acts hung over, and "loses his noodles."
** It's also worth noting that sake (Japanese rice wine) is sometimes served in a bowl.


[[folder: "And the Winner is..." ]]

* This exchange
--> '''Tenzin:''' Lin, with so much on the line, it would be nice if we could help each other out, ''at least for one night.'' (emphasis added)\\
'''Lin:''' Like old times? (Now she's behaving all {{Tsundere}})\\
'''Tenzin:''' Like old times. (Look at his face)\\
'''Lin:''' Ok, I'll try to be less ''abrasive than usual''. (Emphasis is in the dialogue)
* Oh, and speaking of Amon's MemeticMolester behavior...If that scene where Amon removes Tahno's bending doesn't count as that, then I don't know what does.]]
** In general, ''all'' of Amon's scenes where he removes someone's bending either contribute to his MemeticMolester status ''or'' look like some kind of public execution.


[[folder: "Skeletons in the Closet" ]]

* Tarrlok's and Noatak's backstory plays up much like a tale of child sexual abuse, with their abusive father bringing them along with him on "hunting trips" away from their mother and making them perform acts that Tarrlok sees as degrading and viscerally wrong. Noatak ends up chillingly stoic and seemingly depressed, being the father's favoured plaything, and ends up committing said acts with less resistance... until he violently retaliates against the father and tries to run away.

[[folder:Book 2: Spirits]]


[[folder: "Rebel Spirit" ]]

* Ginger's demonstration of what the new invention of movies (or movers, as Varrick calls them) can do. We get the distinct impression that Varrick is looking to go into stag films.
** In real life, when "moving pictures" were first getting popular, they were often used as ways for people to view "mature" material. TheRuleOfFirstAdopters, and all that.


[[folder: "Civil Wars: Part 1" ]]

* Just what exactly is Varrick doing that is getting him an [[AnythingThatMoves "itchy rash that won't go away"?]]
--> '''Varrick:''' "Troubling? Troubling is when I get that itchy rash that won't go away, and [[ButtMonkey Zhu Li's]] [[CrossesTheLineTwice not around to scratch it!"]]


[[folder: "Civil Wars: Part 2" ]]

* Eska ordering Bolin to bow to her, and then forcing him into a "betrothal necklace" that is actually a collar, evokes BDSM imagery.
** As Korra points out, it's normally the ''man'' who gives the ''woman'' the necklace, evoking [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feminization_%28activity%29 feminization]].


[[folder: "Peacekeepers" ]]

* Lin's "What the flameo?" is GoshDangItToHeck like Aang's "Monkey feathers!" line in [[WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender the original series]].
** Also a Shout Out to Aang's use of it when they first visit the Fire Nation in season three.


[[folder: "The Sting" ]]

* Bolin shouting "My instrument!" after Mako heats up the hot tub water to the max.
** Doubles as a Shout out to Toph's "delicate instrument" line in the original series.
* Ping questioning Mako on dating Korra. His tone of voice and Mako's reluctance to speak on the matter make it sound a lot like he's asking him how the sex is.
--> '''Ping:''' Come on, if I was dating the Avatar, I'd be telling ''everyone'' about it!


[[folder: "A New Spiritual Age" ]]

* As one can see from the page picture, it's shocking on how they got away with showing a genuine human corpse in a more realistic stage of decay ([[FridgeLogic likely naturally mummified by the dry desert air]]) instead of using the typical bare-boned skeleton. Good thing the shot itself was quick...


[[folder: "Night of a Thousand Stars" ]]

* In the "Nuktuk" movers, Naga's character Roh-Tan had a dubbed voice with the VerbalTic of adding "Nuk" to the beginning of or in front of some words, such as "Nuktastrope" instead of "catastrophe". A sneaky UnusualEuphamism version of this trope is arguably used during Pabu's character Juji's death scene in the final mover: Roh-Tan's reaction is "Nuk No!"
* Varrick and Zhu Li go to prison together, and both share a cell -- [[ThereIsOnlyOneBed with only one bed]].


[[folder:Book 3: Change]]

[[folder: "A Breath of Fresh Air" ]]

* Watch carefully when Korra and Asami's car stops in the middle of the road during Korra's driving lesson. The frustrated driver behind them passes them, and very subtly moves as if to flip them off [[CurseCutShort right before he moves out of the shot]].
* Korra's talk to the new airbender in the bridge sounds suspiciously like she's talking him out of committing suicide.


[[folder: "Rebirth" ]]

* Ming-Hua and Ghazan are rather liberal with their mutual battle tactic of ''throwing their opponents into molten lava''.


[[folder: "The Earth Queen" ]]

* P'Li is said to have been in a relationship with Zaheer. When Zuko shows up to check on her, she figures Zaheer must have escaped and, in the most treacly voice she can muster, quips "[[DoubleEntendre I'm feeling warmer already.]]"
* When Korra asks Tenzin about how the Earth Queen's like, his answer seems like a LastSecondWordSwap from the "b" word:
-->'''Tenzin:''' I hear that she can be quite ''[{{beat}}, with a suspicious "a" sound]'' demanding.


[[folder: "The Metal Clan" ]]

* Lin and Suyin are half-sisters, which is unusual for a cartoon but not unheard of. Less common is the fact that neither met their fathers, which raises some [[ReallyGetsAround interesting implications]] about Toph's love life.
** [[MemeticMutation So Toph didn't stay with Azula?]]


[[folder: "The Stakeout" ]]

* A BadGuyBar is seen in the opening, with one guy [[DrowningTheirSorrows clutching a mug with his head on the table]].


[[folder: "Long Live The Queen" ]]

* After seeing Zuko's dragon, the airship captain heads off to get a drink.
** P'li is shown lounging around with what looks like a martini.

%% Zaheer's murder of the queen has determined to not be an example because it is out in the open, not hidden and snuck in. It is not an example.


[[folder: "Enter The Void/Venom of the Red Lotus" ]]

* The number of deaths and near deaths in these two episodes was quite a lot for a Y7-FV show. Doesn't help that two actual deaths are on screen. Though apparently head exploding is still off limits for ''Avatar''.
** It's also notable for the heroes intentionally killing their foes. For once in the ''Avatar'' series, BadGuysDoTheDirtyWork has been averted.
** WordOfGod has confirmed that Ming-Hua is dead. What ''hasn't'' been confirmed is whether she died in the cave-in or when Mako electrocuted her. If the normal rules of electricity apply here (HarmlessElectrocution has happened before in the Avatarverse, but it's been averted more often than not), it's almost certainly the latter.
* The "metallic poison" the Red Lotus used on Korra is mercury, and [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercury_poisoning mercury poisoning]] is, suffice to say, a ''very nasty'' way to go.

[[folder:Book 4: Balance]]

[[folder: "Korra Alone" ]]

* The way the seafood-seller describes Avatar Kyoshi, coupled with the dreamy expression he has on his face, makes one wonder [[AmazonChaser what he means by "getting to know" her.]]


[[folder: "The Coronation" ]]

* Eska states that ordering a suite with only one bed for her and her brother was ''not'' a mistake. Apparently the show no longer shies away even from blatant IncestSubtext. Then they pull a bait-and-switch by revealing "Desna sleeps in the tub."
* Prince Wu responds to a question with the idiom [[HoldYourHippogriffs "Does a platypus-bear poop in the woods?"]], though he [[CurseCutShort interrupts himself]] before finishing it.
** He also thrusts his pelvis in a rather peculiar way during his dancing.
%% The murder-suicide has been determined to not be an example because it is out in the open, not hidden and snuck in. It is not an example.
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