The American dub version of ''Sailor Moon'' is notoriously toned-down for content, mostly [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking violence, death, and anything concerning Japanese culture]]. Sex and nudity are cut/toned down too, but it's blink-and-you'll-miss-it (unless you count the "Let's turn two unrelated lesbians into ambiguously incestuous same-sex cousins" editing job they did for Amara and Michelle on ''Sailor Moon S'' or you know so much about the original version that you can tell what the dubbed version changed).

Fortunately, the censors didn't catch everything...
* The Creator/DiC English dub of ''Anime/SailorMoon'' accidentally created innuendo out of a toned-down line on the season two episode "Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall". The girls are arguing about who should be cast as Literature/SnowWhite in a play. Each girl gives various reasons why she should be the lead. In the original Japanese, Makoto (Sailor Jupiter) says that she should be Snow White because she has the biggest breasts. In the English version, she says she should get the part because she has "the most acting experience and talent." The English line ends at the same point the original Japanese line ends, with a ''sting'' at the visual, suggesting to the audience that when Lita means "talent," it doesn't refer to her acting. Naturally, as one might expect, the fandom gave this the expected MemeticMutation.
** In the German dub, she says, that she should be Snow White, because she's the oldest and therefore [[DoubleEntendre a real woman]]. Close enough.
* The [[HideYourLesbians hidden lesbians]] (Haruka/Amara and Michiru/Michelle) that were rewritten as cousins -- that apparently have an incestuous, homosexual attraction to each other. Though, [[DubText that was an accident (or not)]] as the localization crew only managed to get rid of the obvious signs that Amara and Michelle are lesbian lovers (i.e., dialogue that makes it clear that they're more than just friends). All others were left to open interpretation by the more eagle-eyed and perverted fans of the show.
** Eagle-eyed? Watch Episode 110 in the dub. No matter how close they are, cousins do not look at each other like that. Unless they are, of course, KissingCousins. But that only makes it worse, Cloverway.
** Even the Japanese anime tried not to be ''too'' overt about the nature of Haruka and Michiru's relationship. However, in the first episode of ''Sailor Stars'' when Neptune is holding on to Uranus over the edge of a roof top, we get this exchange:
--->'''Neptune''': You seem to be putting on some weight.
--->'''Uranus''': I refuse to listen to that kind of talk outside of a bed.
* There's the obligatory transformation scenes: although BarbieDollAnatomy is very much in play (at least in the [=DiC=] dub where the outlines of breasts and crotch had to be airbrushed out), the girls are still naked.
* There's a scene during the ''Sailor Moon S'' series where Mimete is moaning in very suggestive way right off screen while lifting one of her legs. It turns out that she's playing Twister, but before it's revealed that it was very easy to mistake for very gymnastic sex. This is one of the scenes considered to be even ''saucier'' via DubText - the sultry moans were cranked ''up'' for the U.S. version.
* In one episode of the ''Sailor Moon S'' arc (the arc with Sailors Neptune and Uranus), Lita (Makoto) is being stalked by a MonsterOfTheWeek who wears a long cloak wrapped around her body and when she runs, no hint of a skirt or shorts can be seen, implying that the cloak is the only thing that's covering her. When the monster confronts Lita (who's out with Amara and Michelle), the monster throws open her cloak and Lita reacts as if she's been flashed. Turns out the MonsterOfTheWeek was just wearing a dress with a really short skirt.
* During the manga version of the Black Moon arc (and its equivalent in ''Anime/SailorMoonCrystal''), Usagi visits Mamoru's apartment, wearing a cute dress with a blouse underneath. The couple have a romantic scene, he lowers her to the floor, kisses her, end of scene. The next scene takes place the day after... with Usagi in the same dress but no blouse.
** Later in the arc, Sailor Moon is fighting and she summons mental images of her loved ones to strengthen herself. When she thinks of Mamoru, he's shirtless, and it's strongly implied that she's recalling the moment mentioned above. This was also included in ''Crystal''.
* The second time Usagi got drunk in the anime (in the ''S'' season) happened when she picked up what she thought was a glass of juice while nervously studying English to be able to speak with foreign students at a fancy party. [[IntoxicationEnsues She ended up giggling and chatting hyperactively with Mamoru's old colleagues about the "pudding of relativity"]], nearly punched Mamoru's lights out in excitement and took up [[{{Bifauxnen}} Haruka's]] offer for a dance, mistaking her for an actual man. All the dub did was change the Japanese-English language conflict [[KeepItForeign to English-French]], the alcoholic drink to [[FrothyMugsOfWater actual juice]] and Haruka's request for a dance to [[DubNameChange Amara]] [[HideYourLesbians offering to give Serena a lesson]] before Serena dances with Darien, but the dialogue was otherwise as intact. Linda Ballantyne's voicework even made Serena sound ''more'' drunk than Usagi sounded in the original.
** Also, in Japan, Haruka is often mistaken for a boy and uses male pronouns when not suited up; the idea with the EvenTheGirlsWantHer bit is that she just makes ''such'' a cute one. Removing this for the dub means there's no chance of "ah, forgot for a minute that the cute boy is actually a girl" when moments like this - dialogue changed but all blushing and such intact, similar to the way lesbians became lesbian KissingCousins - appear in the dub. So, while on the surface, we remove booze and gay-ness, we actually change the situation from "Usagi, when drunk, forgot the that girl who is so boyish some can't tell the difference wasn't actually a boy for a moment" to "Strong but feminine Amara offers Serena the HandsOnApproach of dance practice. Serena ''really'' seems to approve."
* Usagi's [[ English test]] in the first episode of ''Sailor Moon S''. ''Very'' appropriate to give to 15-year-olds... (for those of you who don't know, "new-half" is a euphemism for a MTF transsexual).
** But what's funnier is that the name of the man on the test is [[KunihikoIkuhara one of the creative staff]], and when you translate "nanpa" and pair it with the reputation Roppongi has... it's basically describing one of the directors going to Tokyo's RedLightDistrict to pick up a prostitute and getting a shock upon finding out they're a {{Transsexual}}! [[SarcasmMode Oh yes, what a perfectly suitable thing to include on schoolwork!]]
*** The above example isn't the only time there were some slip-ins like this, most especially closer to ''[=SuperS=]'' and ''Stars'', while in ''Stars'' Seiya is a little provocative and seemingly in love with Usagi (let's just forget that whole 'disguised as males' thing, it was a lesbian love and you know it!) to the point of showing jealousy of Mamoru in each and every episode (under the mistaken belief that he had dumped Usagi, though to her credit nobody knew [[BusCrash what truly happened]]), trying to kiss Usagi at least twice, and making her think she was going to get raped at one point. (She cornered Usagi, seductively told her she'd show her something "new" and "exciting" which sounded a LOT like she was about to ask Usa for sex... and it turned out to be a dance club date.) Totally appropriate for the 16- to 19-year age groups.
* In "Dog Day For Artemis" when Lita/Makoto is stroking a dog she says, "I think he looks like my old boyfriend...but hunkier." She says this with a completely straight face and Rei gives her a magnificent "WTF" look.
* Though in the first anime Usagi and Mamoru's relationship was treated in a much more chaste manner than manga with nary a hint of anything more mature going on than kissing, perhaps due to the fact that the age gap was 14/21 in the anime rather than 14/17 in the manga... Haruka and Michiru's was ''not''. Similar hints that appeared in the manga peppered the anime about them distinctly implying the two did have sex, for example in the ''[=SuperS=]'' movie Sailor Neptune chastises a villain who is turning adults back into children saying that there are "some fun things only an adult can enjoy!" and Sailor Uranus [[FascinatingEyebrow raises her eyebrow]] and coughs; Michiru teasing Haruka by flirting with Seiya asking him to undress her and when Haruka complains extending the offer to Haruka instead, and this exchange:
--> '''Haruka:''' (as Michiru is holding her back from a confrontation) You're hurting me.\\
'''Michiru:''' (softly) Am I?\\
'''Haruka:''' I want you to touch me gently.\\
'''Michiru:''' Later, when we're alone.
** One of the first ''Stars'' episodes had a similar conversation going.
--> '''Michiru''': (holding onto Haruka who is dangling off a roof) You're heavy.\\
'''Haruka''': I don't listen to that sort of talk outside of the bed.
** And again near the end when they're facing [[BigBad Galexia.]]
--> '''Haruka:''' [[NoSell Damn, not a scratch.]] Has [Her space sword] gone dull already?
-->'''Michiru:''' You're blaming the sword?
-->'''Haruka:''' I don't think I've lost my edge.
-->'''Michiru:''' You want to try it?
-->'''Haruka:''' Later, when we're alone...
* The whole deal with the [[MindRape "Dream mirror catching"]] in the first part of ''Super S'' [[SexualHarassmentAndRapeTropes reeks of sexual allusions.]] The member of the Amazon Trio who's on the hunt first tries to befriend/seduce his victim... when rejected by her/him he gets her/him immediately restrained with handcuffs onto a horizontal surface... and once the aggressor gets his head inside the mirror, the victim starts ''screaming''...
** Not to mention that one of the Amazon trio dudes, [[CampGay Fish Eye]], [[HoYay specifically looks for]] [[PrettyBoy pretty guys]] and [[DisguisedInDrag crossdresses]] to approach them. Related to this -- there was one time when Fish did NOT crossdress for his work... when he was targeting a PrettyBoy who was implied to ''actually'' be homosexual, and probably [[SubordinateExcuse in a relationship with his male assistant.]]
** Even more so! When Tiger's Eye and Hawk's Eye looked inside Minako's Dream Mirror not only their reaction about her 'amazing dream' implies [[EroticDream her life dream has a pornographic nature]], but, differently from anyone else, [[TooKinkyToTorture she was apparently excited by the experience.]]
-->'''Minako''': [with shiny eyes and a rather unsubtle blush on her face] "Please be gentle... my heart... it could break!"
** Tiger's Eye's EvilLaugh whenever he looked in a Dream Mirror. He seemed to enjoy it a bit too much. Especially in one episode where he flat out ''chases'' his target to a balcony - and says that someone like her should have some loud dreams.
** One episode has Hawk's Eye target Usagi's mother Ikuko, and of course Hawk's eye tried to hit on her (Despite that she's married.) The English dub makes it arguably even worse with the talk of Lemon Pie, as well as when he does the famous count...
** Oh, and to further hammer it in... the targets included teenage girls and a nun, and in the case of Fish Eye there was ''an 8-year-old boy''. Tiger's Eye even ''goes after a girl''. And he tells her to close her eyes.... Yeesh, it's amazing the editors got away with this.
* In one of the early seasons, Moon, Mercury and Jupiter are in a tight alley watching the monster of the week, when Mercury tries to use her abilities, but due to tight alley, falls face first, sticking her rear up in the air. If you watch those few frames, [[ Jupiter blatantly looks down at Ami's upturned rear end]], [[ and even bites her fist for a second]], blushing furiously. At least one such moment remains in the dub, even getting a "hey, do ya ''mind?!''" reaction.
* Just why was Luna being chased by a group of cats? This scene has some UnfortunateImplications about what they would do to her had she not been saved by a large cat. And if we remember the anatomy of a male cat, it was going to be a very painful experience for Luna.
** The Viz dub suggests she wandered into the middle of a turf war between stray cats and they were trying to kill her for it- remember that one kitten that was trying to eat her tail? The gigantic Max-style teeth grins the cats had collectively didn't really help hide the fact they were likely going to kill her.
* In episode 34, Zoisite challenges Mamoru to a showdown for the Rainbow Crystals. In the original, his line is "here are my Crystals. Now, present yours". In the dub, Zoycite says "I'll show you mine. Now, you show me yours." Without context it sounds like she's asking for something ''other'' than Crystals.