[[folder:In-Game Elements]]
* Non-musical example: A lot of the outfits (especially the female ones) could be seen as GCPR, including male bondage gear, AbsoluteCleavage, and a strategically placed snake. How does ''that'' get in a T-rated game?
** RockBand is [[Music/IronMaiden not]] [[Music/{{Disturbed}} exactly]] [[Music/GreenDay a]] [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark kiddy]] [[Music/{{Megadeth}} game.]] While fairly risque, some of the outfits fit in with the rock 'n' roll nature of the game.
* The achievement "Kickin' the Tentacles" in Lego Rock Band sounds awfully like something [[GroinAttack else]]. In a kid's game, too!
* The arcade cabinets in the arcade venue have government warnings saying "[[DrugsAreBad Weiners don't use drugs]]".
** Don't forget the high score screens on those same arcade cabinets. Apparently there are people in the Rock Band universe with initials like "FUK", "ASS" and "POO". That's right, Rock Band got away with an F-bomb in a T-rated game.
* The "Blitz and Giggles" achievement in ''Blitz''.

[[folder:Lyrics - T-Rated]]
* How did a T-Rated game get away with "[[DuranDuran Hungry Like]] [[IntercourseWithYou The Wolf]]"?
** {{Shrek}} got away using that song in a singing contest (although sung by the Big Bad Wolf). It's a family movie. It's not surprising in a T-Rated game.
*** You might not know from browsing the play list, but explicit lyrics are censored out.
**** And speaking of that, just how explicit are the lyrics of this song?
***** Honestly, not very; it's an extended metaphor more than anything and if it weren't for the first verse you could claim it's about an actual wolf. The most explicit line is "woman you want me, give me a sign".
* And in a different vein, how family-friendly are songs like Megadeth's Good Mourning/Black Friday (about demonic possession) or Metallica's Ride the Lightning ([[AllJustADream about (almost) dying in the electric chair]])?
** And why does the song "This Aint A Scene It's An Arms Race" By Fall Out Boy has "God" censored, but not "Damn"?
*** Because the FCC (who the original censorship was designed to please) censors "Goddamn" but not "God" or "Damn". Whoever made the edit probably felt it sounded better that way.
*** Interestingly, [[Music/{{Primus}} Jerry Was A Racecar Driver]] doesn't censor "Goddamn" in the line "He drove so goddamn fast."
** Those songs are DLC, but [[Music/{{Disturbed}} Down With The Sickness]] is not (though there is some censorship in the former). However, Down With the Sickness removes all of the lyrics for the child abuse segment.
* Forget all those. The PSP version makes you press buttons to [[Music/TenaciousD Jack Black]] saying "Drop trou, and squeeze out a Cleveland Steamer on my chest."
** And as of release on Rock Band 2, you [[strike:can]] are told to actually SAY IT (Granted since it's a talky). But please try not to laugh too much.
** And they didn't even bother to edit the preview track, which results in "shit" being blurted out, plain as day, ''twice''. That didn't just get past the radar, it blew right through it while flashing painted rainbow colors.
* Even more curious, Music/IronMaiden's "2 Minutes to Midnight" is heavily censored in Guitar Hero 5, but not in Rock Band. Namely the phrase "to kill the unborn in the womb" (the first two words are censored on the GH disc).
** Perhaps it being very much an anti-war song helps.
** Or the fact it's optional in RB, not in GH5.
* Heck, Stupify by Disturbed actually leaves the swearing in [[SingingSimlish because you can't understand what they're saying anyway]]. It's rendered in the lyrics as random yelling.
* "[[Music/TheBeatles The Beatles']]" "Girl" they actually charted "Tit" in the harmony vocals!
* ...[[CannibalCorpse HAMMER SMASHED FACE]], people! Sure, it may be DLC and have indecipherable, growled vocals, [[http://www.truemetal.org/metalwallpaper/images/tombofthemutilated.jpg but this is the original cover art]] (the game uses censored art). [[http://www.lyricsdomain.com/3/cannibal_corpse/hammer_smashed_face.html And here are the lyrics.]] In case you didn't know, they're about a psychopathic killer... With a hammer!
** So is Maxwell's Silver Hammer in The Beatles: Rock Band, and they got away with that too. Then again, they ''are'' Music/TheBeatles.
** Just the fact that they have CannibalCorpse in their catalogue is a ton of shit past the radar.
* In {{Green Day}} Rock Band, all the songs have 'swear' words, save for the words 'fuck' and 'shit'. Example: In 'Letterbomb', you get to sing 'Where have all the bastards gone?' at the beginning. Fun! Also, 'masturbation' in Longview, and so on.
** Also, Longview contains the line "And I smell like shit" a few times, with the "shit" being drawn out for a while. The game reads this as "And I smell like shiiiiiiiiiii..." (it's actually written "shih" in the lyrics highway).
* There are actually well-listed rules for content of songs for Rock Band Network entries, which align pretty well with what HMX has officially put out, though rely on peer reviews to verify are acceptable.
* In Rock Band 3 (and Guitar Hero 6 for that matter), you've got "[[JanesAddiction Been Caught Stealing]]". If you've wanted to sing about shoplifting, now's your chance. Bonus points if you stole the game [[note]]TV Tropes [[DoNotDoThisCoolThing does not condone]] the [[{{Futurama}} cooool crime of robbery]][[/note]]
** Also on Rock Band 3 is Break On Through, including the lyric "she get high", which is pretty tame, but the most popular version of the song censors "high", and this version is heard more often in radio and games (including Tony Hawk). A remastered, uncensored version was released just in time to be incorporated into ''[=RB3=]''.
** Living in America starts with: Teenage pornstars.
** Portions for Foxes practically screams "sex", complete with orgasmic pants that you actually get to sing along to.
** Beast and the Harlot and This Bastard's Life also push the boundaries.
* "ZTO" by Devin Townsend, which at one point has the singer (taken over by Ziltoid) shout "Balls! Balls! BALLS!"
* "Roxanne" in the original Rock Band is about the singer being in love with a prostitute. It includes the lines, "You don't have to sell your body to the night" and "Walk the streets for money".
* "The Bitch is Back" by EltonJohn makes you sing [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch "bitch"]] over FOURTY times. Mind you that in a lot of songs they censor "bitch", so this was a big shocker to even the Rock Band community.
* Somehow, the DLC song "Sex and Candy" by Marcy Playground is considered "Family Friendly".
* It's seems we forgot the song that's not so obviously about suicide in ''Rock Band 2'', Today by Music/TheSmashingPumpkins. It's constantly played as a background song, and it has the line "I'll burn my eyes out".
** In a similar vein, there's "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter in ''3.''
* Sleepwalker by Megadeth has a lyric about giving someone a Columbian necktie.

[[folder:Lyrics - E-Rated]]
* The kid's game, Lego Rock Band, which is rated for ages 10 and older. It still encourages singers to use the word "hell" and the phrase "willing to please" (in non-innocent context), plus ''Summer Of '69'' for what that's worth. and allows DLC featuring an evil overlord who makes a half-pony half-monkey monster ("using" "too many" monkeys and ruining the pony by his own admission). That said, quite a few fairly non-offensive songs aren't allowed in, such as Caprici Di Diablo which has no lyrics at all.
* Songs that are "family friendly" as labeled on [[http://www.rockband.com/music/songs the online song list]] are the only songs you can play on Lego Rock Band. So tell me, how exactly is DuranDuran's "[[FetishFuel Girls On Film]]" family friendly?
** It commonly goes under the radar because the song can be interpreted to be about female models.
* The lyrics of "Word Up!" by Korn seem to be an indirect order or criticsm of the loose usage of the word "Fuck" in society, the fact that this made it into the Family-Friendly game is kind of hilarious.
* Plenty of Rock Band 3 "Family Friendly" songs (On-Disc and DLC) qualify for this. Including...
** [[SexChangesEverything (I Just) Died In Your Arms]], [[DrivenToSuicide 2112]], [[IncestIsRelative Barracuda]], [[DrugsAreBad Breaking the Habit]], [[StalkerWithACrush Every Breath You Take]], [[MushroomSamba Fly Like An Eagle]], [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt How Far We've Come]], [[BigBrotherIsWatching Hypnotize]], [[PrisonEpisode I Got Stripes]], [[SexEqualsLove I Melt With You]], [[LustObject Jessie's Girl]], [[TheImmodestOrgasm Light My Fire]], [[APartyAlsoKnownAsAnOrgy Love Shack]], [[FateWorseThanDeath Rime of the Ancient Mariner]], [[SexAsRiteOfPassage Sister Christian]], [[GriefSong So Far Away]], [[TearJerker Space Oddity]], and [[FamousLastWords The Show Must Go On]].
* GreenDay's Minority is playable in LegoRockBand, despite the lyric "A free for all, fuck 'em all" (It's censored in the game, but usually the game blocks songs with cursing regardless).

[[folder:Rock Band World]]
* The description for a Music/BillyJoel goal has "Tickle those ivories—no not [[ADateWithRosiePalms those ivories]]"

But if that bothers you, there's a number of LighterAndSofter clothes and songs, [[Music/{{Metallica}} so you can avoid singing about suicide and the like.]]