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* ''[[Radar/PokemonXandY Pokémon X and Y]]''
* ''Radar/PokemonAnime''

* In ''Diamond'', ''Pearl'', and ''Platinum'', there's a sign near a bed in Team Galactic's hideout that says "Please make sure the bed is unoccupied before getting into it." One has to wonder what sort of crazy faux pas made that sign necessary...
* "This gym is great! It's full of women!" Said by an elderly man standing right outside Celadon Gym. This was {{bowdlerised}} to "strong trainers!" in the Gold and Silver remakes.
* In ''[[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue FireRed/LeafGreen]]'', there's a female swimmer on Three Island who tells you that her swimsuit is broken so she can't leave the water...
** Ditto with the Route 17 (18?) female swimmer in ''[[VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite Black and White]]''.
* A song used to promote the series in Japan, called Torikaekko Please, features a part with intimate duet between a man and a woman, with the lyrics "I have what you want I've got what you want If so then Let's do it together So that "we are both satisfied"...." ...Turns out they were talking about trading Pokémon.
* One episode of "Moves For Living" focuses on the move Low Sweep. "Moves For Living" is a show that details the effects of one move and then provides a practical use for it in every-day life. Fair enough, but this installment claims that ''[[PantyShot women with short skirts can use the move to kick someone in a public situation without embarrassing themselves]]''...
* One of the people you battle on the Battle Subway has dialogue that's riddled with this in the Japanese version. Her starting dialogue is "Be gentle! It's my first time...!", her winning dialogue is "Ooh, I won...um, were you...Were you going easy on me?", and her losing one is "Aaah! It huuurts! But...ooh, you're just so good..."
** The lines are very similar in the English version. The exact choices of words in the translation are slightly different from above, but the overall intent and implications remain.
* In Castelia City, there is an alley where a shady man will jump out at you and ''Flash'' you - Well, in truth he gives you the TM for Flash. He's still doing it in Black 2 and White 2.
* Male Bidoof's gender difference appears to be two extra puffs on the underside of its tail. Real life male rodents have large and prominent testicles. [[http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Bidoof#Sprites You're looking at Bidoof's 'nads]].
* The fact that Team Rocket actually ''killed'' the Marowak in Lavender Tower is dodgy for a kids' game from the 90s.
* Bringing out Nidoqueen in ''Pokemon Stadium'' has it shake its, um, [[JigglePhysics assets]] from side to side. Doesn't help that said assets are plainly visible and are shaped similarly to actual breasts, minus the nipples. The Japanese version has a different animation where Nidoqueen is plainly seen lifting its breasts up with its paws.
* In the ORAS Space Museum, a girl gazing at the model rocket will say "This Rocket! Thick!"
** This is a BrickJoke from [[VideoGame/PokemonXandY X & Y]], when a Maid from Hotel Richissime says, "This pillar... It's so thick!"
* Another from ORAS: In Prof Cozmo's father's room in Sea Mauville, a magazine found underneath a bed with chewed-up sheets (!?) reads, "The Fame and the Shame! Champions Exposed!"
* In ''ORAS's'' Rustboro City school, there is a middle-aged man that hastily tells you that he is [[MistakenForPedophile not a "weird man" hanging around in a children's school.]]
* In the Sea Mauville sidequest in ORAS, there's a locked room with two girls. One of them, who hands you a key you need to continue, claims she's teaching the other girl how to be a trainer and is incredulous that you managed to unlock the door. [[LesYay The other girl's only "dialogue" is to blush.]]


* ''Manga/PokemonAdventures'':
** Despite cutting out all of the overt {{Fanservice}} from the manga, [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/bath....png this]] where Red sees the Pokémon Fan Club newsletter with the headline "'''Shocking Case Of Poké-Love''': ''"That's the last bath I'll take with my Tentacool!"''" This even stayed in Viz's re-release when other stuff was edited out managed to get into the English manga. Guess the translators didn't know what that meant... And can we all just take a moment to remember that Tentacool are jellyfish with tentacles covered in thousands of ''neurotoxic stingers''?
** The GSC arc shows Sabrina get out of the water at some hot springs with only some CensorSteam covering her rear. Again, Viz did nothing to clean it up.
** Dahlia's introduction at the Battle Arcade starts with her dancing behind. The next page, it's pretty obvious what Looker is looking at.
** Blue's gambit where she taunted Sabrina into slashing at her chest only to reveal [[VictoriasSecretCompartment a couple of Poké Balls]] hidden there. And yes, it was originally included in the English version, but unlike that first panel it's something that ''did'' get edited out in the reprints.
** In the Viz translation of SymbolSwearing appears often, symbolizing cursing. Even from ''ten year olds''.
** This exchange from FRLG involving the ShipTease between Bill and Daisy doesn't help:
--> '''Green:''' You're...not with my sister today?
--> '''Bill:''' ''(nervously)'' Oh, uh...Daisy's at home.
** Fans have noticed the suggestive looking positions the "camera" is on in the Unova arcs. There's quite an emphasis on [[MaleGaze backsides]].
* ''Manga/PocketMonsters'', a Japanese-only manga (for [[ValuesDissonance worthy]] [[WidgetSeries reasons]]), got some pretty {{Squick}}-worthy things put out there in its [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness early years]]. One noticeable thing happens in volume 2. Genitalia are shown several times, once of a Pokémon and multiple times for his ten year old trainer. Even worse, in the latter's case it's a painful joke. Think a GroinAttack, but worse. The manga at several point early on makes the "Poké Balls = Testicles" joke that has been a case of AccidentalInnuendo within the fandom.
* ''Manga/TheElectricTaleOfPikachu'' contains a few.
** Sometimes minor curse words would slip in, including one bit where a trainer used "Damnation" egregiously during battle. The few compilations sold in more family-friendly markets would {{Bowdlerise}} them.
** The manga has been censored ''in Japan'' too. Some things still flew past the radar though, such as a hot springs scene in the second volume, which is retained in the Taiwanese and Singaporean localizations.
* ''Manga/PokemonDiamondAndPearlAdventure'' has an attempted suicide attempt when [[spoiler:Mitsumi]] decides to stay in a crumbling base to atone for her past actions. [[spoiler:Jun]] saves her.

* In ''Theatre/PokemonLive'', one of Ash's happy memories in the finale is of the banned bikini episode.
** As Giovanni and Delia talk, he says he has fond memories of their early days while fiddling with the lock on her cage.
** After being slapped around by a bunch of girls, Brock remarks that he liked it and it made him tingle.