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* ''Radar/PokemonAnime''

!!!Generation I (''[[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Red/Blue/Yellow]]'') and remakes
* The entire Nugget Bridge sequence in the Japanese version is full of {{Double Entendre}}s -- for example, the location itself is referred to the Golden Ball Bridge [[GratuitousEnglish in plain English]]. Not helping is that every single trainer (even the Lasses!) gets in a phrase or two that can easily double as something an employee in TheWorldsOldestProfession might say.
* "This gym is great! It's full of women!" Said by an [[DirtyOldMan elderly man]] standing right outside Celadon Gym. This was finally {{bowdlerised}} to "strong trainers!" when you return to Kanto in HGSS.
** One of the trainers in said Gym point-blank asks you if you're a PeepingTom.
* In ''[=FireRed/LeafGreen=]'', there's a female swimmer on Three Island who tells you that her swimsuit is broken, so she can't leave the water...
* ''[=FireRed and LeafGreen=]''; A Picnicker in Rock Tunnel tells you, "Ew! Don't try anything funny in the dark!". Because of that one "Ew", it seems she's under the impression that the player is some kind of DirtyKid. Amusingly enough, due to the dialogue being unaltered, this line even appears when playing as Leaf.
* In ''Yellow'', Lt. Surge comments that the player must have [[BrassBalls "big and brassy nerves"]] to take him on. Note that there's a line break before "nerves", making it seem even more like a LastSecondWordSwap.

!!!Generation II (''[[VideoGame/PokemonGoldAndSilver Gold/Silver/Crystal]]'') and remakes
* In ''[=HeartGold=]'' and ''[=SoulSilver=]'', there is an infamous double battle with a Young Couple where [[VisualInnuendo the man sends out Onix and the woman sends out Cloyster]].

!!!Generation III (''[[VideoGame/PokemonRubyAndSapphire Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald]]'') and remakes
* The little girl outside the Seashore House invites you in with a little poem that starts off with a line that includes the phrase "hot-to-trot." Hot-to-trot is a mildly rude phrase for being ready or eager to do something, or, a little more commonly, sexually excited.
* In the ''ORAS'' Space Museum, a girl gazing at the model rocket says "This rocket! Thick!"
** This is a BrickJoke from ''[[VideoGame/PokemonXAndY X & Y]]'', when a Maid from Hotel Richissime says, "This pillar...It's so thick!"
* Another from ''ORAS'': In Prof Cozmo's father's room in Sea Mauville, a magazine found underneath a bed with chewed-up sheets (!?) reads, "The Fame and the Shame! Champions Exposed!" In Japanese, it just plainly states it's "magazines of pretty girls". Subtle.
* In ''ORAS's'' Rustboro City school, there is a middle-aged man that hastily tells you that he is [[MistakenForPedophile not a "weird man" hanging around in a children's school.]]
* In the Sea Mauville sidequest in ''ORAS'', there's a locked room with two girls. One of them, who hands you a key you need to continue, claims she's teaching the other girl how to be a trainer, and is incredulous that you managed to unlock the door. [[LesYay The other girl's only "dialogue" is to blush.]]
* In the Spanish version of ''Alpha Sapphire'', a Team Aqua grunt in the Aqua Hideout's room full of beds will tell you, "Here everyone does [[ADateWithRosiePalms whatever they feel like in their bed...]] That's why the odor of some beds speaks for itself..."
* And yet ''another'' one from ''ORAS''; while Courtney's dialogue is already rather...suspicious in English, the Japanese original didn't make any attempt at subtlety. The sheer sexual-ness of her character generated quite some buzz and giggles on Japanese Twitter, and also inspired an Internet [[TheInternetIsForPorn hentai]] doujinshi that has been moderately circulated. Her ''Pokémon Generations'' portrayal really doesn't help either.
* After completing the Delta Episode in ''Alpha Sapphire'', Archie and [[WalkingShirtlessScene Matt]] start crying and apologising to each other. Shelly simply says "Look at these two with their faces wet with tears! ...Well, I suppose it could be worse..."
* One one of the sea routes, there's a half-flooded ferry wrecked on a reef crawling with trainers looking for any leftover valuables. Except for one youngster who, after battling you, remarks "Oh, you're not my mom..." [[FridgeHorror There's no corresponding NPC currently on the ship]] [[MissingMom who could be the boy's mother.]]

!!!Generation IV (''[[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Diamond/Pearl/Platinum]]'')
* There's a sign near a bed in Team Galactic's hideout that says ''"Please make sure the bed is unoccupied before getting into it."'' One has to wonder what sort of crazy faux-pas made that sign necessary.
* Male Bidoof's gender difference appears to be two extra puffs on the underside of its tail. Real life male rodents have large and prominent testicles. [[http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Bidoof_(Pokemon)#Sprites You're looking at Bidoof's 'nads]].
* In ''Platinum'', after taking the 5-Maid Knockout Exact-Turn Attack Challenge in the Pokémon Mansion, Rich Boy Liam gives us this gem: "Oh, I'll ask you not to pry into what I'm doing in the back of the mansion. This knowing wink is all you'll get out of me."

!!!Generation V (''[[VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite Black/White]]'' and ''[[VideoGame/PokemonBlack2AndWhite2 Black 2/White 2]]'')
* One episode of "Moves For Living" focuses on the move Low Sweep. "Moves For Living" is a show that details the effects of one move and then provides a practical use for it in every-day life. Fair enough, but this installment claims that ''[[PantyShot women with short skirts can use the move to kick someone in a public situation without embarrassing themselves]]''.
* One of the people you battle on the Battle Subway, a Lass, has dialogue that's riddled with this in the Japanese version. Her starting dialogue is "Be gentle! It's my first time...!", her winning dialogue is "Ooh, I won...um, were you...Were you going easy on me?", and her losing one is "Aaah! It huuurts! But...ooh, you're just so good..."
** The lines are very similar in the English version. The exact choices of words in the translation are slightly different from above, but the overall intent and implications remain.
* In Castelia City, there is an alley where a shady man will jump out at you and ''Flash'' you -- Well, in truth he gives you the TM for Flash. He's still doing it in ''Black 2 and White 2''.
* ''Black and White'' also have a rather [[MemeticMutation infamous]] Ferris Wheel conversation route only accessible when playing as the male character, which basically amounts to one [[OverlyLongGag long, drawn-out]], [[CringeComedy rather uncomfortable]] gay joke. It takes a huge turn for the creepy when you realize the man is a Hiker, a middle aged trainer class, and [[{{Ephebophile}} Hilbert, while older than previous protagonists at the time, is only around his mid-teens]].
* Similar to the Island Three Swimmer in FRLG, there's Swimmer Caroline in Route 17 who can't leave the water as her swimsuit broke.
* At one of the Castelia City buildings in Black and White, a girl says "My boyfriend isn't good at getting out of bed in the morning".
* In Lacunosa Town, there's a woman that says "There are a lot of people in the world, and there are just as many different characteristics and ideas. I think I'd be really happy if I could meet a lot of people and see the differences for myself!" Every Sunday night, she shares her house with a Businessman. Every other night, she shares it with a Roughneck. That sure puts that quote in perspective, doesn't it?
* During [=B2W2=]'s closing credits, one of the scenes that can appear is Elesa blowing your character a heart, which surely falls under this if you're [[LesYay playing as a girl]].
* In [=B2W2=], Ferris Wheel dialogue remains unchanged, unlike BW.
** They did remove the reference to the nursery aide actually being male, however.
* In [=B2W2=], one of the football players who you can battle in the Big Stadium on Wednesdays and Saturdays, if you challenge him in the main story, he asks if you think he's all sweaty. But then, in the post-game after you've beaten the Champion, he asks if you think he's fat, which he denies, even after you beat him and he gives you a Protein.
* In [=B2W2=], one of the baseball players says "What I brag about is my bat."

!!!Generation VI (''[[VideoGame/PokemonXAndY X/Y]]'')
* A real whopper right at the start of the game: If your (female) protagonist has a name starting with 'C', your new friends will start suggesting nicknames for you, like [[CountryMatters Lady C, Li'l C, and C-kins]]. Someone at Nintendo dropped the ball to let your friendly rivals call your protag a cunt with regularity.
** It's arguably easier to have that jump to mind if you name your female protagonist something starting with V, or a male something starting with D.
* In a street in Lumiose City, there's a pair of [=NPCs=] who use the standard "lovers" models, holding hands and staring at the Prism Tower. If you pass by them, you overhear their conversation: "You know, my Emolga really wants to shock your Dedenne..." The other NPC's reaction is [[FlatWhat a confused, "...what?"]]
* You can work part-time for the Hotel Richissime, cleaning out the rooms. Sometimes, you can find beds that have apparently been ''drenched in perfume''.
* You can also work behind the counter, taking room service orders. One occupant sounds a little flustered when they first start talking, and once they're done, they say [[PizzaBoySpecialDelivery "I'll go get showered and be ready for you!"]] Once they get their meal, however, they [[SubvertedTrope say that they just wanted to feel refreshed before eating.]]
* One of the maids in Hotel Richissme is describing something that is "thick" and "big". It was a pillar.
* "How do you like it, long or short?" He's talking about focal length in photography.
** One of your responses can be a confused "What?" as a possible LampshadeHanging [[LampshadedDoubleEntendre on your Double Entendre]], and his response to "long" is rather suggestive. This is made even worse by the fact that he doesn't explain what he actually means unless you ask him.
* A female Swimmer raises the question of where she's keeping her Poké Balls, if all she has is a bikini -- her answer? "[[VictoriasSecretCompartment Women's secret!"]]
* Upon defeat, one Youngster trainer in the Battle Maison will exclaim "Aww [[CurseCutShort sh]]...[[LastSecondWordSwap shucks]]!".
* A FrenchMaid in the Battle Maison (though much less revealing than the usual examples of this trope) says before battle, "You know I am very popular because of this costume of mine."
* In the Japanese version, one of the punks you can fight in Lumiose City is named "Merde", which is [[ForeignCussWord French for shit]]. This only got past the radar in Japan: he was renamed Faust in the English version. Although, since the name Faust is sometimes associated with The Devil, this arguably isn't much better.
* Some Pokémon (like Pikachu and Floatzel) have their least favorite places to be touched in Pokémon-Amie as the crotch area. Even worse, for some Pokémon (such as Raticate and ''Machoke''), it's their ''favorite'' place. Similarly, Jynx has no problem with being touched on her breasts.
* Near the Juice Shoppe in Lumiose City, a female NPC will comment on how the juice from there vitalizes humans in tandem with Pokémon. Her example? The previous night, her husband was frolicking like he was a teenager again. [[HormoneAddledTeenager Um...]]
* One Beauty whose text in English translation is "Yes a mere half a year ago I was a Black Belt! Quite the transformation wouldn't you say?" In the original Japanese she says, " I was a Karate King just half a year ago; the power of medical science is awesome, wouldn't you say?" While the English version writes around it, it's pretty clear in the Japanese that the Beauty is a post-operative trans woman.

!!!Generation VII (''[[VideoGame/PokemonSunAndMoon Sun/Moon]]'' and ''[[VideoGame/PokemonUltraSunAndUltraMoon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon]]'')
* When proceeding to the Aether Foundation for the first time, employees note that they are conserving Corsola because Toxapex is preying on them and "leaving a trail of Corsola remains on the sea floor".
* Some of the dex entries pertaining to Mega Evolved forms of Pokémon imply or state that the Pokémon have become more cruel, vicious or bloodthirsty as a result of Mega Evolution. Not even Mega Kangaskhan's child is safe!
* Very early on, when you and Lillie walk to Kukui's house, you hear a loud clatter which rocks the outside of the house, and once inside he explains that he was letting Rockruff test its moves on him. However, the ''really'' eyebrow-raising part is when Kukui [[BestialityIsDepraved goads the Rockruff into it]] by yelling, "[[MemeticMutation My body is ready!]]"
* Bewear is feared all across Alola because of its sheer strength, to the point that there are warning signs about it. Its ''Moon'' dex entry is downright ''terrifying'', especially because unlike other entries, it invokes NeverSayDie:
-->''This Pokémon has the habit of [[BearHug hugging]] its companions. [[AndCallHimGeorge Many Trainers have left this world after their spines were squashed by its hug.]]''
* The first time you meet Hapu, she threatens to attack a pair of Team Skull grunts with her Mudsdale, even mentioning that the results would be "messy". And she says this ''after'' you defeat the grunts, so she's probably not talking about Pokémon battling. Considering most scenes of Team Skull are quite goofy until [[spoiler:Po Town]], this could be a case of CrossesTheLineTwice.
* The guy in the house on Route 2, [[spoiler:Guzma's father]], very strongly implies that he used to beat his son until his son one day fought back and returned the beating. The fact that the house has a bag full of bent and broken golf clubs makes it even worse.
* While ''Sun and Moon'' do carry on the franchise tradition of having a female Swimmer lampshade [[VictoriasSecretCompartment the lack of convenient places to carry her Pokéballs]], [[http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/1190853-pokemon-sun-and-moon Shelby's defeat quote]] takes the gag to a new level. Why is it tough to retrieve them, and ''where'' is she storing them that they become so awkward to access? It certainly doesn't help that her quote is juxtaposed with her rather saucy pose and expression, and that her intro quote is about how her Pokémon like her swimsuit too.
** Even "better," this extends to the ''male'' swimmers in Alola, as well. There's one in Hano Beach who, in response to the question of where he puts his Pokéballs, says: "[[TrouserSpace That's the mystery of swimmers, isn't it]]?"
* A random Hiker on Akala Island asks you what you think about "the size of [his] area" before challenging you to a battle. ''He never clarifies what he means''... while also stating in dialogue after the battle that "since [his] area is large, [his] volume must be large as well".
* Tsareena, the new Fruit Pokémon. At first glance, her design is just a clever nod to mangosteens being "The Queen of Fruits". But look at her more closely: she has a dominant personality, looks like she's wearing thigh-high boots, tends to kick/stomp on things (her pre-evo Steenee even ''evolves'' if you level her up with the move Stomp!), and is all-female. For the more savvy players, these traits invoke an [[{{Dominatrix}} archetype]] that really, ''really'' shouldn't appear in a kid's game.
** Not obvious enough? In ''Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon'', she can learn [[WhipItGood Power Whip]] and Punishment.
* Salazzle's Dex Entry in ''Sun'' outright mentions that it likes to keep a reverse harem of male Salandit around it, while the official website states Salandit's pheromones attract both male Pokémon ''and humans''.
** Interacting with it in Pokémon Refresh has some rather interesting results.
** Its ''Ultra Sun'' Dex entry takes it a step further: "Salazzle lives deep in caves and [[SexSlave forces the Salandit it has attracted with its pheromones to serve it]]."
* Lilligant's new dex entry mentions that once they successfully find a male partner, their flower will droop and wither away. As in, [[StealthPun she's been deflowered]].
* Beauty Carolyn at the Battle Buffet offers to "feed you" if you defeat her (''several'' ways ''that'' can be interpreted, and most fit the Radar Trope).
* A couple of Beauties are [[YouSexyBeast fawning over a Machamp]] in Hano Grand Resort, [[BestialityIsDepraved bordering on harassment.]] [[spoiler:The Machamp turns out to be [[SubvertedTrope a man who donned a Machamp costume]] specifically because [[ExploitedTrope he wanted the attention.]] He'll also give you TM45 Attract.]]
* You can stop by Kiawe's house in Paniola Town, where you'll find a number of Magmar. Talking to one of the Magmar upstairs causes it to produce a Quick Ball that's described as nice and warm from..."somewhere". No other description to where the ball came from is given.
* After the player saves Lillie from an [[LongNeck Alolan Exeggutor]], she comments that the Exeggutor has grown "[[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything a bit more vigorously than I'd prefer!]]" This is followed by several seconds of Lillie looking shocked at what she just said, before she smiles and giggles about it.
* The Rotom Pokédex's first line includes a request that you be "gentle on the goods".
** Another from Rotom — One of the messages it has for you during your Pokedex Evaluation is, "What the zzzt?"
** In Ultra Sun/Moon, the Rotom Dex's dialogue is something to be believed. As the adventure goes on, the Rotom Dex's dialogue starts off friendly and gets more and more personal to the point of being interpreted as ''suggestive'' and [[InterspeciesRomance outright ]]''hitting on your character''. It occasionally asks you when you are going to visit one of the Apparel Shops, on grounds that "you'd probably look good in anything, buddy!" Among this gem...
-->'''Rotom Dex''': If you could go into either a Pokeball or the Rotom Dex, which would you prefer? ''(If you answer "The Rotom Dex")'' For realzzz? It'll be a bit of a squeezzze, but want to give it a try?
* If you visit Olivia's room above her fossil shop, you'll find it has a Stufful and four Stufful dolls that "move and are [[ADateWithRosiePalms very popular with single ladies]]".
** She also says "I do love a boy/girl with a good appetite!" if you eat with her in the restaurant in Konikoni City. If this line wasn't meant to mean something else, one could very easily misconstrue it.
* Should you tease Celesteela with a Pokébean, they will raise one of their arms at you and grin. Sure, they may actually be pretending to try to shoot you (which isn't any better), but the action looks somewhat like they're FlippingTheBird at you.
* Incineroar's "pelvic thrust" attack animation counts by itself, but chuck it a Buginium-Z and watch that pelvic thrust release a huge mass of sticky white stuff.
* Mina, the Fairy Trial Captain, whose constantly vacant, spacey attitude, flightiness, single-minded obsession with her art projects once she comes up with one, and habit of dropping by her parents' house, stuffing her face with food, and then taking off while hardly saying anything add up to make her about as close to TheStoner as you can get without drugs actually being shown or mentioned.
* Early in ''Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon'' when the player is saved by the three starter Pokemon, they can say to Kukui "I was scared [[PrecisionFStrike spitless"]].
* The Pink Petal that Mina gives you after her trial in ''Ultra Sun and Moon'' looks suspiciously like a butt plug.
* If you happen to belong to [[FurryFandom an often-ridiculed subset of the Pokémon fandom,]] Lucario’s Pokédex entry in ''Ultra Moon'' can easily be interpreted as a surprising [[TakeThat call-out:]]
--> Lucario reads its opponent's feelings with its aura waves. [[DirtyMindReading It finds out things it would rather not know]], so it gets stressed out easily.
* Mallow is suspiciously embarrassed when you come upon her in the jungle "relaxing" by having pokemon engulf her in Aromatherapy while Lana watches. She treats it almost like you caught her using drugs or doing something kinky. After dropping you off at your next stop (a volcano) she then remarks on how she wants Lana's Araquanid to cool her down with a Bubblebeam, which of course brings to mind a soaking wet Mallow surrounded by bubbles.
* In ''Ultra Sun'' and ''Ultra Moon'' a Punk Girl at Poni Coast says this: "This Sightseer with a [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything tiny Exeggutor]]'s been pestering me nonstop!"
* There's an Office Worker in Po Town who sells Big Nuggets once a day, but only if you defeat him in a battle first to prove your worth. Minus the battle, the entire sequence is set up like a drug deal, given that he's in a secluded area like Po Town and you paying 5000 Pokédollars for a potentially-illegal product.

* Bringing out Nidoqueen in ''VideoGame/PokemonStadium'' has it shake its, um, [[JigglePhysics assets]] from side to side. Doesn't help that said assets are plainly visible and are shaped similarly to actual breasts, minus the nipples. The Japanese version has a different animation where Nidoqueen is plainly seen lifting its breasts up with its paws.
* After beating ''VideoGame/PokemonRanger: Shadows of Almia'', if the player goes back to Boyleland and talks to the couple inside one of the houses, they only have this to say:
---> '''Man:''' Our relationship turned turbulent like boiling magma...
---> '''Woman:''' This guy's explosive like a volcano...
* Aegislash's second palette ''VideoGame/PokkenTournament'' recolors it to resemble a bloodied, rusting sword.


* ''Manga/PokemonAdventures'':
** Despite cutting out all of the overt {{Fanservice}} from the manga, [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/bath....png this]] where Red sees the Pokémon Fan Club newsletter with the headline "'''Shocking Case Of Poké-Love''': ''"That's the last bath I'll take with my Tentacool!"''" This even stayed in Viz's re-release when other stuff that managed to get into the English manga was edited out. Guess the translators didn't know what that meant... And can we all just take a moment to remember that Tentacool are jellyfish with tentacles covered in thousands of ''neurotoxic stingers''?
** The GSC arc shows Sabrina get out of the water at some hot springs with only some CensorSteam covering her rear. Again, Viz did nothing to clean it up.
** Dahlia's introduction at the Battle Arcade starts with her dancing behind. The next page, it's pretty obvious what Looker is looking at.
** Green's gambit where she taunted Sabrina into slashing at her chest, only to reveal [[VictoriasSecretCompartment a couple of Poké Balls]] hidden there. And yes, it was originally included in the English version, but unlike that first panel, it's something that ''did'' get edited out in the reprints.
** In the Viz translation, SymbolSwearing appears often, symbolizing cursing. Even from ''ten year olds''.
** This exchange from FRLG involving the ShipTease between Bill and Daisy doesn't help:
---> '''Blue:''' You're...not with my sister today?
---> '''Bill:''' ''(nervously)'' Oh, uh...Daisy's at home.
** Fans have noticed the suggestive looking positions the "camera" is on in the Unova arcs. There's quite an emphasis on [[MaleGaze backsides]].
* ''Manga/TheElectricTaleOfPikachu'' contains a few.
** Sometimes minor curse words would slip in, including one bit where a trainer used "Damnation" egregiously during battle. The few compilations sold in more family-friendly markets would {{Bowdlerise}} them.
** The manga has been censored ''in Japan'' too. Some things still flew past the radar, though, such as a hot springs scene in the second volume, which is retained in the Taiwanese and Singaporean localizations.
* ''Manga/PokemonDiamondAndPearlAdventure'' has an attempted suicide when [[spoiler:Mitsumi]] decides to stay in a crumbling base to atone for her past actions. [[spoiler:Jun]] saves her.

* ''Theatre/PokemonLive'':
** One of Ash's happy memories in the finale is of the banned bikini episode.
** As Giovanni and Delia talk, he says he has fond memories of their early days while fiddling with the lock on her cage.
** After being slapped around by a bunch of girls, Brock remarks that he liked it and it made him tingle.
* A song used to promote the series in Japan, called Torikaekko Please, features a part with intimate duet between a man and a woman, with the lyrics "I have what you want / I've got what you want / If so then / Let's do it together / So that "we are both satisfied"...." ...Turns out they were talking about trading Pokémon.
->"If I win, will you stop talking about balls/sex/penises?"