->''Why pretend and cry, for something that might have been?\\
No I'd rather have nothing at all.''
-->-- '''Music/FrankSinatra''', ''All or Nothing At All''

->'''[[Creator/BenCroshaw Yahtzee]]:''' ''Film/EmpireStrikesBack'', popularly considered the best ''Star Wars'' film, wasn't even directed by [[Creator/GeorgeLucas Lucas]].\\
'''Gabriel:''' Y'know, there was a possibility that Creator/DavidLynch was gonna direct [[Film/ReturnOfTheJedi the third one]], and ''God'' I'd like to visit that dimension for a day.
-->--'''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf57BoG_xNQ Let's Drown Out]]''' ''JustCause2''

->'''Jay:''' Creator/JamesCameron was putting together a script for a fifth ''{{Film/Alien}}'' movie that Creator/SigourneyWeaver was attached to be in, and Creator/RidleyScott was interested in directing, and then...\\
'''Rich:''' ''(groans)'' [[ThisIsGonnaSuck Oh no.]]\\
'''Jay:''' ...''Film/FreddyVsJason'' was a big hit...\\
'''Rich:''' Oh '' no!''\\
'''Jay:''' ...and then 20th Century Fox decided they were going to abandon [[DreamTeam the James Cameron/Ridley Scott movie]]...\\
'''Rich:''' Oh '''[[BigNo noooo!]]'''\\
'''Jay:''' ...and slap together ''Film/AlienVsPredator''. This movie had a two-month shoot and four-month post-production, and then it was [[FollowTheLeader quickly rushed out into theaters.]]\\
'''Rich:''' That is the most depressing thing I've ever heard! I was ambivalent about this movie; ''now'' I hate it!
-->--'''''HalfInTheBag''''', ''Alien Vs. Predator'' rifftrack

->'''Chris''': Anyway, execs were so impressed with the dailies that they immediately greenlit a fifth Batman movie by Schumacher and Akiva Goldsman, ''Batman Triumphant'', but reconsidered when the bad press from ''B&R'' tanked it at the box office. Assuming, again, that one considers $125,000,000 in profit to be tanking. Either way, since ''Batman Triumphant'' was rumored to involve HarleyQuinn as the Joker’s daughter played by {{Music/Madonna}} and the Joker coming back in an extended hallucination sequence, it’s probably for the best that it never happened.\\
'''David''': Was the plan to have [[JackNicholson Nicholson]] reprise his role?\\
'''Chris''': I’m not sure if they were planning on getting Nicholson back or not. I imagine they probably were, though. I mean, it’s not like there could ever be another actor who could do such a [[MarkHamill great, defnitive take]] [[HeathLedger with that role, right?]]\\
'''David''': Knowing this franchise at this point, they’d have gotten, like, AdamSandler.
-->--'''Chris Sims''' and '''David Uzumeri''' [[http://comicsalliance.com/batman-and-robin-movie-review/ on]] ''Film/BatmanAndRobin''

->''"You know, I'd give good money if this version of the movie could be erased, and I could see the original concept; From what I've heard, it was supposed to be much darker, and Data was [[FaceHeelTurn supposed to be killed off]], [[WeUsedToBeFriends by Picard himself]]. Granted, that would have made it an even bigger ''[[{{Film/Terminator}} T2]]'' ripoff, but at least we'd be spared [[SuckinessIsPainful the pain that is soon to come]]."''
-->--'''''Website/TheAgonyBooth''''' on ''Film/StarTrekInsurrection''

->''"What makes this role particularly sad is the fact that Raul Julia only agreed to be in ''Film/StreetFighter'' because [[SoMyKidsCanWatch his kids were fans of the game]]. He had a couple of automatic-awesome movies lined up afterward, including the role of the main villain in Robert Rodriguez's ''{{Film/Desperado}}''. But he died very suddenly and never got to do any of them, so his last contribution to the world of cinema ended up being Street Fighter the goddamned movie."''
-->--'''''{{Website/Cracked}}''''', [[http://www.cracked.com/blog/4-inappropriately-awful-final-movies-great-actors_p2/ "4 Inappropriately Awful Final Movies of Great Actors"]]

->''"I heard a rumor one time that Edward James Olmos was considered as a Captain for ''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager Voyager]]''. I'm almost certain that's not true, but it does raise an interesting question of what Commander Adama of ''[[Series/BattlestarGalacticaReimagined Battlestar Galactica]]'' would have done in Janeway's place. Well first, I think it's pretty damn obvious we'd see a lot more of [[TheScrappy Neelix]] being bludgeoned with a flashlight."''
-->-- '''{{Website/SFDebris}}'''

->''"The thought of {{WWF}} vs. {{WCW}} was something that fans had wanted since the two companies became the standard bearers for the wrestling industry in North America. Fans would debate [[UltimateShowdownOfUltimateDestiny who would win a world title showdown]] between {{Wrestling/Goldberg}} and [[Wrestling/DwayneJohnson The Rock]]... Perhaps it was because [[Wrestling/VinceMcMahon Vince (MacMahon)]] never really wanted to acknowledge that WCW was [[Wrestling/MondayNightWars on equal ground]] with his own creation. He had, after all, refused to even acknowledge their existence on WWF television until the late [=1990s=], when ''[[Wrestling/WCWMondayNitro Nitro]]'' was beating ''[[Wrestling/WWERaw Raw]]''[='s=] ass in the ratings. They were the only wrestling company to successfully compete with him, and not only that, beat him at his own game. It was a humiliation that a man of Vince’s fragile ego seemed unable to endure. Therefore, it probably shouldn’t have come as much of a shock that when he finally got the chance to pit the two companies “against” each other, that he had [[BestServedCold the WWF side completely annihilate WCW.]]"''
-->--'''''{{Website/Wrestlecrap}}''''', [[http://www.wrestlecrap.com/inductions/the-invasion-2001-gooker-award-winner/ "The InVasion: 2001 Gooker Award Winner"]]

'''Answer''': They didn't return my messages.
-->--'''Newgrounds FAQ''' for ''WebAnimation/{{Ducktalez}} episode 7''