-> ''On the right side of the tracks she was born and raised.''
-> ''In a great big ol' house full of butlers and maids.''
->'' She says "no one, is better than I"''
-> ''I know I'm just an average guy''
-> ''No football hero or smooth Don Juan''
-> ''Got empty pockets, y'see I'm a poor mans son.''
-> ''Can't give her the things that money can buy''
-> ''But I'd never, never, never make my baby cry''
-->-- '''Stevie Wonder''', "Uptight"

->''Uptown girl''\\
''She's been living in her uptown world''\\
''I bet she's never had a backstreet guy''\\
''I bet her momma never told her why''\\
''I'm gonna try for an uptown girl''\\
''She's been living in her white bread world''\\
''As long as anyone with hot blood can''\\
''And now she's looking for a downtown man''\\
''That's what I am''
-->-- '''Music/BillyJoel''', "[[TropeNamers Uptown Girl]]"