->''"If I die before you people can [[BrainUploading pour me into a computer]], I want [[spoiler: Caroline]] to run this place. Now she'll argue. She'll say she can't, she's modest like that. But you '''make her!''' Hell, put her in MY computer, I don't care!"''
-->-- '''Cave Johnson''', ''Videogame/Portal2''

->''"You have been a most worthy adversary, but in every game, there are winners and there are losers. And AsYouKnow, in this game, losers get '''roboticized!'''"''
-->-- '''Robotnik''', ''WesternAnimation/SonicSatAM''

->''"Humanity used to be a God-given right. Now it's a privilege. You follow the rules, I allow you to keep it. But, when you don't... you must lose your humanity."''
-->-- '''Robotnik,''' ''WebVideo/{{Sonic}}'' (FanFilm)


[[folder: We are the Borg. Jar'rod and his men will be [[The Assimilator part of our collective ]]
-->-- '''Armek of Borg''', ''VideoGame/StarTrekOnline''

->''"I DID MY DUTY FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY. I DID MY DUTY FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY. [[BadassBoast I DID MY DUTY FOR QUEEN AND COUNTRY.]]"'' (The last one has a tear of oil dripping down the "face" of the Cyberman.)
-->-- '''Yvonne Hartman turned into Cyberman''', ''Series/DoctorWho''

->''"Why am I able to conjure up feelings my programming shouldn't allow?\\
Frustrating glimpses of people who loved me but what would they think of me now?"''
-->-- '''Jon and Al Kaplan''', "[[Franchise/RoboCop Murphy]], It's You!"

->''"Take a look at your own reflection\\
Right before your eyes\\
It turns to steel!"''
-->-- '''Music/BlackSabbath''', "Computer God"

->''You're probably asking yourself, "But don't I need clean air to live?" Why, of course you don't; not with Dr. Eggman's all-inclusive Robotomy Treatment, that is! Perks include never having to eat, sleep, or think ever again. That's what we call "living the good life!"''
-->-- '''''VideoGame/SonicForces''''', "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDe1b-NGjXk Come Join The Eggman Empire!]]"