->'''[[SelfDemonstrating/{{Deadpool}} Wade]]''': Great. Stuck in an elevator with five guys on a high-protein diet. \\
'''Stryker''': Oh, Wade.\\
'''Wade''': [[SarcasmMode Dreams really do come true.]]\\
'''Stryker''': Just shut it!

->'''Loki''': Last four days on earth? Mmm. [[BarbieDollAnatomy If I had a dick, I'd go get laid.]] We can do the next best thing.\\
'''Bartleby''': What's that?\\
'''Loki''': Let's kill people. \\
''[Woman [[SpitTake spit-takes her coffee]]]'' \\
'''Loki''': ''[chuckling]'' No, not ''you''.

->'''Garrus''': Do you ever miss those talks we had on the elevators?\\
'''Tali''': No.\\
'''Garrus''': C'mon, remember when we used to talk about life on the flotilla? It was an opportunity to share!\\
'''Tali''': This conversation is over.\\
'''Garrus''': Tell me again about your immune system.\\
'''Tali''': I have a shotgun.\\
'''Garrus''': ...maybe we'll talk later.
-->--''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', about the elevator scenes in [[VideoGame/MassEffect1 the first game.]]

->[[LampshadeHanging This seems like a very colorful group of characters to randomly be on an elevator with]].
-->--'''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic''', finding himself in an elevator with [[Recap/TheNostalgiaCriticS6E11 Rita Repulsa]], [[Recap/TheNostalgiaCriticS2E51 Santa Christ]] and the [[Recap/TheNostalgiaCriticS6E3 Devil]] in ''[[Recap/TheNostalgiaCriticS6E19 Devil]]''

->''"Now you have to be very silent, you know, because nobody talks in Germany in an elevator. It's forbidden."''
-->-- '''Sonne''', ''Film/Victoria2015''