->"''Little Kaleel got a gun he got from the rebels''\\
''to kill the infidels and American devils''\\
''a bomb on his waist''\\
''a mask on his face''\\
''he prays five times a day and listens to heavy metal''"
-->-- '''LupeFiasco''', "Little Weapons"

->"''If you have the need, we have the breed.''"
-->-- '''Tleilaxu Master''', ''Series/ChildrenOfDune'' miniseries

->''When [[MagnificentBastard Tywin Lannister]] became Lord of Casterly Rock, he wanted more from his [[RagsToRiches former kennel-master]] than fealty; he bet that training hounds to kill isn't far from training boys to kill. In just two generations, my brother Gregor and I proved him right: I gutted my first man at ''twelve.
-->-- '''Sandor Clegane,''' ''Series/GameOfThrones: History And Lore - House Clegane''