->"If I could do it again, I would. [[TheGadfly As long as people feel something]], that's the great thing. It's when they are walking around '''not''' thinking and '''not''' feeling, that's tough. When you get a mob like that, you can turn them into the sort of gang that Hitler had."
-->--'''Patrick [=McGoohan=]''' in 1984, on the outrage that followed the series finale

->''A population that [[StiffUpperLip makes a virtue out of muddling through adversity]] is one that is [[LetNoCrisisGoToWaste incredibly easy to force drastic action]] onto. The resulting anxieties over mind control and social conditioning are not a uniquely British phenomenon by any measure, but on the other hand, it's very hard to imagine ''The Prisoner'' ever getting made in the US, because part of what is going on in that series is that a fundamental cultural virtue of British society is turned into a real threat.''
-->-- '''[[http://www.philipsandifer.com/2011/09/pop-between-realities-home-in-time-for.html Phil Sandifer]]'''

->'''Number Two''': ''[about Number Six]'' He can make even the act of putting on his dressing gown appear as a gesture of defiance.\\
'''Number Fourteen''': There are methods we haven't used yet, of course.\\
'''Number Two''': I want him with a whole heart, body and soul.\\
'''Number Fourteen''': He'll crack.\\
'''Number Two''': Perhaps. One tiny piece at a time. I don't want a man of fragments!\\
'''Number Fourteen''': He doesn't even ''bend'' a little.\\
'''Number Two''': That's why he'll break. He only needs ''one'' small thing. If he will answer one simple question, the rest will follow: ''Why did he resign?''
-->''The Chimes of Big Ben''

->'''Number Two:''' I am definitely an optimist. That's why it doesn't matter ''who'' Number One is. It doesn't matter which "side" runs the Village.\\
'''Number Six:''' It's run by one side or the other.\\
'''Number Two:''' Oh, certainly, but both sides are becoming identical. What in fact has been created is an international community -- a perfect blueprint for world order. When the sides facing each other suddenly realize that they're looking into a mirror, they will see that ''this'' is the pattern for the future.\\
'''Number Six:''' The whole world as the Village?\\
'''Number Two:''' That is my dream. What's yours?\\
'''Number Six:''' I'd like to be [[TakeAThirdOption the first man on the moon]].
-->''The Chimes of Big Ben''

->'''Nadia:''' Thank you, Mister...?\\
'''Number Six:''' Sorry, no names. ''I'' am Number 6. ''You'' are Number 8.
-->''The Chimes of Big Ben''

->''I will not make any deals with you. I've resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own!''
-->'''Number Six'''