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! [[SeriousBusiness Our Mission Statement]]:
->Hopefully, creating or collecting the pieces of {{Fanon}} to fill in the gaps, making a more coherent and immersive world.

! From the thread

->Pokémon. Yes. It is the universe of dreams for any boy or girl. Verily, a strong subset of tropers were smitten by its imaginative world, drawn in by the rich variety in Seedot, small Sunkern filled with ultimate potential of some sort. Verily, any emotional biologist's fingers would tingle and eyes would water, tears of blood would be cried at the sight of the beauty of such an open world of horizons that stretch out beyond one's imagination. \\Follow me, my dear tropers, and [[strike:[[MemeticMutation knock]]]] [[strike:black]] [[strike:white]] black thyselves out.
-->-Foreword. Original by @/{{Fawriel}}. (?) 2010-03-10.

->Consider what a battle would look like from the point of view of a Pokémon who grew up in a wild, predatory environment where he could be chomped in half by a Fearow or broiled to order by a hungry Arcanine at any moment — that's if you don't piss off your own pack and get viciously crippled and left to the previous fate. A carefully regulated low-risk battle, often under quite friendly circumstances, would seem positively tame by comparison when the Fearow and Arcanine you're staring down aren't trying to reduce you to chewy paste anymore and the worst thing to worry about is waking up in a comfy bed the next morning to the sight of a [[HospitalHottie hot Chansey]].
-->-@/{{Pykrete}}, on Pokéverse and the whole "[[Webcomic/AwkwardZombie cockfighting society]]" issue. 2010-03-13


[[folder: @/Glenn Magus Harvey ]]
: They [ [[/folder]]

[[folder: [=H Ms= ]]
] ] don't suck! Strength is better than Tackle, Surf is pretty nice, and Fly is better than Sky Attack!

[[folder: @/Kinkajou ]]
: You forgot [[ScrappyMechanic the few exceptions part]], silly.
-->-A quick conversation about [=HMs=].

->Overthinking is our surname.
-->--[[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/posts.php?discussion=rmvjixctp256gfq3p86y66ma&page=102 About the Pokédex Extended Fanon Edition]], in response to Silent Stranger's worrying. 2010-12-29

! From the trope page

->If you're dumb enough to harass the young of a Pokémon species that actually cares for their offspring, you probably deserve whatever happens to you...
-->-Mention of the MamaBear trope.

->For reference, the details that are known is that it involved an EvilCounterpart of Lugia, as well as most known legendaries, and it evidently ended very badly. [[DoNotDoThisCoolThing And it sounds far more awesome than anything ever]].
-->-Our mention of "[[NoodleIncident whatever]]" [[CrapsackWorld happened]] [[VideoGame/PokemonColosseum at Orre]].

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