->"It's frustrating, talking to you. Every idea my little mind can come up with has already been come up with by some Saunt two thousand years ago, and talked to death."\\
"I really don't mean to be a smarty pants," I said, "but that is [[OlderThanTheyThink Saunt Lora's Proposition]] and it dates to the Sixteenth Century."
-->--'''Cord''' and '''Erasmus''', ''Literature/{{Anathem}}''

-> "Lettered men should know, moreover, that all these modes of expression which grammarians designate with the Greek word 'tropes' were used by our authors, and [[TropeOverdosed more abundantly and copiously]] than those who do not know them...are able to understand or believe. Those who know these tropes, however, will recognize them in the sacred letters, and this knowledge will be of considerable assistance in understanding them."
-->-- '''St. Augustine of Hippo'''