->''And so through the wood's breath\\
The eldritch race lives on in death\\
To preserve and protect their home\\
The silent sentinels are never alone...''
-->-- Fan [[http://smashboards.com/threads/the-song-of-salikawood.307991/ poem]] about [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII the Salikawood]] [[note]]Credit to '''Vermanubis'''[[/note]]

->'''Cause there's animals in the woods.\\
And there's shadows in the woods.\\
Oh baby, there's maniacs in those woods.\\
But you're taking your chances.\\
Ain't no second glances,\\
but you're taking your chances,\\
[[BigNo noooooooooooooooo]]...\\
Don't go into the woods,\\
don't let go of my hand.\\
Don't go into the woods,\\
do you understand?''
-->-- '''Calibretto''', "Don't Go In The Woods"

->''Sarah Brown was not altogether unfamiliar with the Parish of Faery, but she never failed to be surprised by the enchantment of the Enchanted Forest. The Green Ride runs straight through it, so incredibly straight that as you walk along it the end of it is at the end of your sight, and is like a star in a green sky. There is a dream that binds your mind as you cross the forest; it is like an imitation of eternity, so that, as you pass into the forest's shade, time passes from before you, and, as you pass out of it, you seem to have lived a thousand quiet and utterly forgotten lives. Clocks and calendars have no meaning in the forest; the seasons and the hours haunt it at their will, and abide by no law.''
-->--'''Stella Benson''', ''Living Alone''

->'''Lady''': ''I should be loth\\
To meet the rudeness and swilled insolence\\
Of such late wassailers; yet, oh! where else\\
Shall I inform my unacquainted feet \\
In the blind mazes of this tangled wood?''
-->--'''Creator/JohnMilton''', ''Theatre/{{Comus}}''

->''"You are surrounded by hideous, tortured trees. The trees almost seem to be alive, whispering, plotting, closing in..."''
-->-- ''Magician'' for the UsefulNotes/NintendoEntertainmentSystem

->''You go into the woods,\\
Where nothing's clear,\\
Where witches, ghosts\\
And wolves appear.\\
Into the woods\\
And through the fear,\\
You have to take the journey.''
-->-- ''Theatre/IntoTheWoods'', Finale Act One

->In every forest of the world, there lies the possibility of losing one's way. Trees don't have markers; trails don't follow any kind of logic. In every darkling wood lives something primeval, a hidden heart that beats with ancient blood. This [[EldritchLocation primordial place]] exists outside the scope of our perceptions, always beyond the borders of civilization. Few people ever see this place, but those who enter the woods with questions in their hearts may find themselves turned around: trees grow thick, thorns bite at clothes and nip skin, and every rotten log is another false landmark. Those who have forgotten their principles or are otherwise troubled hear [[WhisperingGhosts a soft voice on the wind]], [[SchmuckBait whispering for them to come closer]]. Those who follow arrive at a clearing where others have come before. And then they are [[TrappedInAnotherWorld truly lost]], [[FateWorseThanDeath never to be seen again]].
-->--"The Whispering Wood," ''[[TabletopGame/NewWorldOfDarkness Mysterious Places]]''

->Then at last he was there and [[UnholyGround the place]] was just as he remembered it. If anything it was even darker, for snow on the higher branches shut out most of what little light would normally penetrate; and here where the winter had been kept out, the ground was black to eyes used to a white glare. Airless as ever, the place seemed; and what air there was, as before, seemed stirred by unseen shapes and presences. Oh, certainly, it was a place for bad dreams. Especially in the evening. [[DarknessEqualsDeath And evening approached even now...]]