->'''Sméagol:''' We knows safe paths for Hobbitses. Safe paths in the dark.\\
'''Gollum:''' Shut up!\\
'''Bilbo:''' I didn't say anything.\\
'''Gollum:''' I wasn't talking to you.
-->-- ''[[Film/TheHobbit The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey]]''

->''Hello, me, it's me again\\
You can subdue, but never tame me\\
It gives me a migraine headache\\
Thinking down to your level\\
Yea, just keep on thinking it's my fault\\
And stay an inch or two outta kicking distance\\
Mankind has got to know\\
Its limitations''
-->--'''Music/{{Megadeth}}''', "Sweating Bullets"

->'''Romana:''' Talking to yourself is a sign of insanity, Doctor.\\
'''Fourth Doctor:''' Insanity? Me? That's ridiculous! I'm a stabilizing force of the universe!\\
'''Seventh Doctor:''' I just think one of us could do a better job alone. "[[ActorAllusion Too many bakers]] spoils the crust."\\
'''Sixth Doctor:''' And what is ''that'' supposed to mean?
-->-- ''Webcomic/The10Doctors''

->''"Barry, is that how you get ants? Yes it is, Other Barry, yes it is."''
-->--'''Barry Dylan''', ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}''

->'''O'Malley''': ''GET OUT OF MY HEAD!''\\
'''Doc''': Technically, it's ''my'' head. But I don't mind sharing!