->[[http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=137987071 "Is this what the aliens do for fun?]] At least they're not [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall playing ... computer games]].
--> -- '''[[TheEngineer Dr. Raymond Shen]]''', ''VideoGame/XCOMEnemyUnknown''

->'''BlackKnight:''' Even as we speak, my {{Troll}}s are on [=YouTube=] downloading your videos! My Trolls are on your website posting [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic MLP]] art of you and Dr. Insano. My Trolls are on Twitter redundantly telling you news about ''{{Franchise/Highlander}}'' movies and asking you to livestream ''VideoGame/DeadlyPremonition'' and propagating ''[=#spoonyhateseverything=]''.
-->--'''[[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Noah Antwiler]]''' on ''VideoGame/{{Ultima}}: Runes of Virtue''

->Scroll down now and read the first five comments under this video! You should be feeling a cold metallic sensation because you're now holding a gun to your head.
-->-- '''''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation''''' on ''VideoGame/SuperMario3DLand''

->So, about ''10 minutes'' into this film--which ''only'' wrestling fans would see--we've been insulted by being portrayed at the '''bottom''' rung [[ManChild mentally, emotionally, financially, and socially]]. ''Thank'' you, {{Wrestling/WCW}}; that's ''very'' thorough. Take a bow!
-->--''WebVideo/OSWReview'' on ''Film/ReadyToRumble''

->What especially stands out in the footage of GG’s shows is his relationship with his audience. With your average rock show there’s a sense that the band is being placed on a pedestal for fawning adulation. Punk broke down the barrier between the musicians and their audience and allowed the bands to present themselves as part of the crowd, no better or worse than the people they were playing for. But GG was actively at war with his audience. He cursed them, hit them, threw objects at them, and in the case of women ([[AnythingThatMoves and some men!]]) attempted to rape them. And they fought back, throwing epithets, fists and bottles at GG while he was onstage. Watching the pit at a GG Allin show was like looking at some curious rite of passage of an obscure Africa tribe where only the bravest are willing to get close enough to the stage and risk either bodily harm or the possibility of receiving a fistful of shit, piss or blood. (It's strangely ironic that after all the shows GG did with no concern for his audience’s safety, Great White is the band that ends up killing a hundred of their fans.)
-->--'''[[http://www.acidlogic.com/im_gg_allin.htm Wil Forbis]]''' on Music/GGAllin, ''Interesting Motherfuckers''

-> “[[EmbarrassingNickname Clocksie]],” Clockblocker said, deadpan, “Has been the target of a lot of criticism, because he was in charge of the Wards at the time a lot of stuff went down. [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall Some dingbats online speculated that I had a thing for Weaver, and it took off. The people online like to find stuff that fills in blanks]], and there were a hell of a lot of blanks around the whole thing with [[ReformedCriminal Weaver]] defecting, and our pseudo-truce with the Undersiders.”
--> '''Clockblocker''', ''Literature/{{Worm}}''

->[[Creator/RobertHolmes (Robert) Holmes’s]] interest in continuity has always [[NegativeContinuity been virtually null.]] He jettisoned everything we thought we knew about Gallifrey in [[{{Recap/DoctorWhoS14E3TheDeadlyAssassin}} the Deadly Assassin]], and in bringing the Time Lords back as peripheral figures in this story he basically scraps all of that for a whole new set of technology and explanations of things. Tat Wood accuses this of being [[TorchTheFranchiseAndRun the point where Holmes starts to believe his own reputation]], but I think nothing could be further from the truth. This is the point where Holmes loses patience with being put on a pedestal. It’s much like the classic story of comics legend Creator/JackKirby being told that someone was drawing one of his characters 'Jack Kirby style' and remarking that Jack Kirby style would have been to create a new character.
-->--'''El Sandifer''' [[http://www.philipsandifer.com/2012/05/well-prepared-meal-two-doctors.html on]] ''Series/DoctorWho'', [[{{Recap/DoctorWhoS22E4TheTwoDoctors}} "The Two Doctors"]]

->Carey is present? Lieutenant Carey of seasons one and two, never to be seen since? Are they taking the piss? Leave it to ''Voyager'' to introduce a character, [[SomethingWeForgot forget about him for five seasons]] and then bring him back right near the end [[BackForTheDead just to kill him off!]] ...It feels like a very cynical move that a character should be brought back to silence critics just to kill him off.
-->--'''[[http://www.docohobigfinish.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/voyager-season-seven.html Joe Ford]]''' on ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'', "Friendship One"

->If the nutshell of the story involves shadowy conspirators who construct a command center that allows them to fabricate grand lies, then it's easily an extended metaphor for the game itself, with Raiden being an analog for the player's real-life role as a ''Metal Gear'' fan. He's [[StrawFan a delusional, video game-addled rookie]] who was a fan of Solid Snake, and he believed the conspirators' lies up until the very end. And once the curtain's pulled, he's frustrated and confused, and doesn't really know what to think of it all. It was a deliberate bait-and-switch. [[Creator/HideoKojima Kojima]] ''knew'' that players weren't expecting this. He ''knew'' that Raiden would be unappealing and unpopular. He ''knew'' that people weren't gonna like it. And he ''used'' that to tell the story... The message is about [[CashCowFranchise fanboyism]] and [[NeverTrustATrailer hype.]] It's about the environment that surrounded the game's launch and what they ''expected'' it to do.
-->-- '''[[WebVideo/SuperBunnyhop George Weidman]]''' [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-2YuPGYabw&feature=youtu.be on]] ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty''

->Yes, this is a stock market game, and is likely to be the death knell to my sanity because you, Goony [=McGoons=], are going to be my financial advisors. I am putting my financial wellbeing in your hands. Your (surely) very capable hands.\\\
I think I want to cry.
--> --''[[Website/SomethingAwful Novasol]]'', ''[[http://lparchive.org/Wall-Street-Kid/ Let's Play Wall Street Kid]]

->So let's take a look at these here messages we received. I'll answer them on Director Chii's behalf- OK, here we go: "Can you guys like, speed this shit up a little bit- I mean the series ended in April 2011...". [[PunctuatedForEmphasis No. We. Can't.]] "GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASSES AND UPLOAD EPISODE 3 ALREADY". No, and also - '''[[PrecisionFStrike fuck you]]''' [...] Basically, what I'm trying to say is '''leave Director Chii alone'''. Sending her nasty messages about this won't make an episode come out any faster.
-->--''[[WebVideo/MedukaMeguca Sakura Kyoko]]'', ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RSjjudR5uE Meduka Meguca, Episode 3]]

->'''LetsPlay/LewisBrindley:''' Hello, and welcome back to ''[[VideoGame/PropHunt Prop Huuuunnnt]]''!\\
''(general cheering)''\\
'''Lewis:''' Me, LetsPlay/HatFilms, Martyn, how you doing? Hello, [[LetsPlay/{{Turpster}} Turps]]...\\
'''[[LetsPlay/InTheLittleWood Martyn]]:''' Hello!\\
''(introductions continue for a bit)''\\
'''Ross:''' LetsPlay/{{Sips}} is away... gone permanently...\\
'''Martyn:''' [[SarcasmMode I've replaced him forever]]... [[HateDumb Just so you know]]...
-->--The LetsPlay/{{Yogscast}}, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Msug4ogVVWg&list=UUH-_hzb2ILSCo9ftVSnrCIQ "Gmod Prop Hunt #3: Annoying Orange]], filmed in ''VideoGame/PropHunt'', directed at detractors who falsely claimed Martyn was a ReplacementScrappy for Sips

->YOU SANCTIMONIOUS SACK OF FECES! YOU'RE TRYING TO PIN THIS ON ''US''? ''Marville'' failed sales-wise because "''we couldn't accept your grand vision of world peace''"? That we only wanted "''superheroes punching each other''"? GO TO HELL! Your comic didn't succeed because it started as a lame, unfunny parody of the comic book industry, and then was an inaccurate and moronic tale about God and the universe! ''It failed because it SUCKED!''
-->--''[[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Linkara]]'' on ''ComicBook/{{Marville}}'' #6

->The reason Wrestling/{{TNA}} took Wrestling/SamoaJoe away from Wrestling/RingOfHonor was to protect him from YOU PEOPLE! They know that Joe would have killed himself just to make you happy. But you would never be happy. You are never happy. And now Joe is only gone two months you have already forgotten about him. You've forgotten about Samoa Joe. You've forgotten about Wrestling/CMPunk. I give you one week before you forget about everything that Wrestling/ColtCabana ever did for you. You're only waiting for the next young kid to come up - someone like Davey Richards, Rocky Romero or [[Wrestling/HunterJohnston Delirious]], so you can bleed them dry too.
-->--'''Wrestling/ChristopherDaniels''', ''Good Times, Great Memories''


[[folder: Chicken. Fight like a robot. ]]

-->--'''The robots''' in ''VideoGame/{{Berzerk}}'', if you leave a room without killing all of them

->At least we're better than [[LetsPlay those sickos that stand around and WATCH it happen]]... Those pathetic people that want to see it, but are too weak to do [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential it]] themselves. [[LeaningOnTheFourthWall I bet someone like that's watching right now, aren't they...?]]
-->--'''Flowey''' AddressingThePlayer in a "No Mercy" run, ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}''

->'''D.S. [=McKenna=]:''' Kindhearted neighbors turned into savage flesh eating monsters. It will make a fantastic movie!\\
'''John Marston:''' Who would enjoy that?!\\
'''D.S. [=McKenna=]:''' What?\\
'''John Marston:''' What kind of a sick person would like that?!!\\
'''D.S. [=McKenna=]:''' My kind sir: THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR!!! ''My'' people.
-->--''VideoGame/RedDeadRedemptionUndeadNightmare'', a video game about zombies.

->Yo they think you're dumb\\
I think you're smart\\
[[ImmediateSelfContradiction No, wait, I lied]]\\
I think you're dumb
-->--'''Music/MindlessSelfIndulgence''', "Stupid MF"

->I can't believe we're paying to see something we get on TV for free. If you ask me, everyone in this theatre is a giant sucker. ''[AsideGlance]'' Especially you!
-->--'''Homer''', ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsonsMovie''

->Alright, now that I have your ears as well as your spines, allow me to indulge myself for a moment and tell you all what every content creator has always wanted to say to their audience.\\
[clears throat]\\
-->--'''Kayaba Akihito''', ''WebVideo/SwordArtOnlineAbridged''

->What do you think this is, some sort of tacky ero visual novel? Do you really think relationships are as easy as [[DatingSim just clicking the right dialogue choices on a menu]]...? Are you trying to tell me that, after all the time we've spent together, I don't deserve just a little bit of effort? Well, here's a message to you... [[YouBastard not as a cool space investigator, but as a player sitting at a computer screen talking to a sad girl]]. [[ItMakesSenseInContext Stand up, get the ingredients, actually go into your kitchen, and bake a cake]]! [[BreakingTheFourthWall A real, actual, IRL cake]]! Please, do this for me! You promised me you would! Let me enjoy it through you, please!
--> --'''*Hyun-ae''', ''VisualNovel/HatePlus''