->''"Democracy in and of itself is not necessarily good. [[DemocracyIsBad Gang rape, after all, is democracy in action.]]''"
-->-- '''Terry Goodkind'''

->''The bird let out a slow chicken cackle. It sounded like a chicken, but in her heart she knew it wasn't. In that instant, she completely understood the concept of a chicken that was not a chicken. This looked like a chicken, like most of the Mud People's chickens. But this was no chicken.\\
This was evil manifest.''
-->-- ''Soul Of The Fire''

->''Men behind Richard hit the line of evil's guardians with unrestrained violence. [[StrawCharacter People armed only with their hatred for moral clarity]] fell bloodied, terribly injured, and dead. The line of people collapsed before the merciless charge. Some of the people, screaming their contempt, used their fists to attack Richard's men. They were met with swift and deadly steel.''
-->-- Excerpt from ''Naked Empire''.