->''Just then, a feminist jumps out of a manhole - oh, and she didn't like ''that''.''\\
-- '''Bill Bailey'''

->''"Seems like equality for women has ended up meaning inequality for men."''\\
-- '''from a [[http://www.gocomics.com/luann/2010/09/03 Luann]] strip'''

->'''Kenji:''' There's a few people I wouldn't mind sitting with. [[AccidentalInnuendo Nobody's like you, though.]] \\
''I feel a shiver run through my spine.'' \\
'''Hisao:''' Clarify that now. \\
'''Kenji:''' They don't listen. Their minds are closed. [[ConspiracyTheorist It's the media, man, the goddamn brainwashing mainstream feminist fascist media.]]\\
-- ''KatawaShoujo''

->''"Hanna Rosin's newly-released ''The End of Men'' (based on a column from ''The Atlantic'' with the same name) argues that, basically, ''Film/SpiceWorld'' was one of the more prescient films of the last fifty years...Women may not dominate the upper echelons of Fortune 500 companies just yet, but give it time. The pipeline is full of ambitious young pump-wearers eager to replace the liver spotted {{Monopoly}} men currently in charge. Meanwhile, men, [[MenAreUncultured unable to do any damn thing right]], are regressing to a sort of stunted DanielTosh-esque be-hoodied boy manhood. Soon they will be kept on ranches and farmed for their sperm while the women of the matriarchy hold high minded debates about whether it's okay to require that men taken for walks off of preapproved government Man Reserves should be leashed, or if that's inhumane."''\\
--'''[[http://jezebel.com/5947841/no-one-knows-who-the-hell-is-in-charge-anymore Erin Gloria Ryan]]''', 'Jezebel''