->(parodying "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt)\\
''"You're passable\\
You're passable\\
You're passable, it's true.\\
I saw your face.... it's okay.\\
So I figure that you'll do\\
'til I find somebody new."''
--> -- ToddInTheShadows, in "Top Ten Songs About Mediocre Romances"

->When nothing but second best will do.
-->-- '''''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering''''', "[[http://magiccards.info/7e/en/70.html Delusions of Mediocrity]]"

->He strained to listen for what was missing, and felt that the music was like a flightless bird that didn't even know what capacity it had lost. It walked very well, but it walked where it should soar, it walked where it should swoop, it walked where it should climb and bank and dive, it walked where it should thrill with the giddiness of flight. It never even looked up.
-->-- ''Literature/DirkGentlysHolisticDetectiveAgency'', on AntonioVivaldi

->He's colossal! Stupendous! One might even go so far as to say he's mediocre.
-->-- '''WesternAnimation/DaffyDuck''', [[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes "Yankee Doodle Daffy"]]

->That's good. That's like a forty-degree day. Ain't nobody got nothing to say about a forty-degree day. Fifty? Bring a smile to your face. Sixty? Shit, niggas is damn near barbecuing on that motherfucker. Go down to twenty, niggas get they bitch on, get they blood complainin', but forty? Nobody '''''[[SuddenlyShouting give a FUCK about forty!]]''''' Nobody remember forty, and y'all niggers is giving me '''''[[SurroundedByIdiots way too many forty-degree days, WHAT THE FUCK?!!!]]'''''
-->-- '''Stringer Bell''', ''Series/TheWire''

->It's mediocre. I'm not overwhelmed or underwhelmed. I'm just whelmed.
-->-- "Webcomic/{{Mulberry}}'s 2009 Fall TV Preview"

->I think the highest and lowest points are the important ones. All the points in between are, well, [[ShapedLikeItself in between.]]
-->-- '''[[Music/TheDoors Jim Morrison]]'''

->.....................(five minutes pass).....................I have nothing to say about this car. (walks away)
-->-- '''[[TopGear Jeremy Clarkson]]''' on the [[MarketBasedTitle Vauxhall]] Vectra

->''{{Film/Ishtar}}'' was a B-minus, C-plus comedy.
-->--'''Creator/DustinHoffman''' on his seminal work

->If Hollywood produced five times as many films as it does now, it would still not meet the demand. There is space for the mediocre!
-->-- '''[[Creator/TheCannonGroup Menahem Golan]]''', 1986 interview

->Notice the jump that happens at the 5 score. Notice how the whole tone of the guide changes. Suddenly the guide is not talking about the fine points of addressing the prompt; it is talking about the life-choking drabness of it all. You can almost hear the guide's author muttering under his or her breath, 'I wish we could give these essays an even lower score; they are so boring!' The 5 essay is a trap; many 5 essays are written by good students, and most of these students probably think they wrote a pretty good essay. But in actuality they wrote only an adequate essay, a mechanical essay, a commonplace essay—a boring essay. After grading the fifty-fifth essay of the day, a reader writes down a 5 and picks up another essay from the pile, praying: "Please, not another drab, boring 5 essay!
-->-- Richard Atley Hartzell, ''Cracking the AP English Language & Composition Exam''

->If ''Film/TheLonelyLady'' had even a shred of style and humor, it could qualify as the worst movie of the year. Unfortunately, it's not that good. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there in Hollywood and it's not enough to be merely awful. You need something to set yourself apart. Creator/PiaZadora tries, and she has pluck, but she's just not bad enough all by herself.
-->-- '''Creator/RogerEbert'''

->As soon as you turn this movie off, you're gonna forget what you did for the last hour and a half. 'Oh, yeah. I watched a movie. What was it called again? I dunno, uh, ''Fatal''? ''Deadly''?
-->--'''''[[Website/TheAgonyBooth Good Bad Flicks]]''''' and '''Creator/AllisonPregler''' on ''Lethal'' (2005)

->A few weeks back, while I was in the depths of despair after ranting about ''Film/HighlanderEndgame'', I set out on a quest with Sarah to watch a ''good'' Christopher Lambert movie. Unfortunately, no such thing exists outside of the original ''Highlander'' and perhaps ''Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan''. However, there are a lot of ''mediocre'' Christopher Lambert movies out there...
-->--[[http://screamsheet.wordpress.com/2011/02/13/mortal-kombat-the-forgotten-highlander-sequel/ The Screamsheet]]

->'''Rich:''' See, I dunno if this is "terrible" as much as it is just a letdown. It's definitely not "good." You could do worse.\\
'''Jay:''' Oh, there's been plenty of ''[[{{Sequelitis}} worse]]'' sequels, but... this is almost worse in the sense that it's so uninspired. When something is that middle-of-the-road, it's almost worse than a disaster sequel.
-->--''[[WebVideo/HalfInTheBag Half in the Bag]]'' riffs ''{{Film/Ghostbusters}} II''

->Directors like [[Creator/JamesCameron Cameron]] and [[Creator/StevenSpielberg Spielberg]] are masters of pulling at those [[{{Glurge}} all-important heartstrings]]. With some exceptions, they are the makers of the movie versions of Applebee's, Panera Bread, and T.G.I. Friday's. Exceptionalism is the exception my friends. The brilliant, complex and challenging falls by the wayside, while [[FollowTheLeader the safe and the familiar]] is the norm. So this is why I can't officially say that ''Titanic''[='s=] a bad movie; it aimed for the middle -- and hit the mark perfectly. ''Titanic'' makes you step back and look at the bigger, more depressing picture: that we're mostly creatures of habit, and we're... average. [-I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry.-]
-->--'''''Creator/RedLetterMedia''''' on ''{{Film/Titanic}}''

->'''David''': This movie is a straight line, everybody. There are no good parts. There are no bad parts. Just a neverending din of sub-mediocrity. This movie is like nails on chalkboard, neverending and monotonous. It is completely bereft of any original thought.\\
'''Chris''': I think there’s actually a point where you can tell they just completely [[TheyJustDidntCare stop giving a damn.]]\\
'''David''': When, the “Warner Bros.” logo?
-->--Chris Sims and David Uzumeri [[http://comicsalliance.com/catwoman-movie-review/ on]] ''{{Film/Catwoman}}''

->Initial reactions toward ''Film/MatchPoint'' probably were more glowing than they should be but I can certainly understand why. Slogging through [[Creator/WoodyAllen (Woody) Allen’s]] filmography recently has been like eating Ramen noodles for every meal for a month. Your first real meal back will probably seem like Filet Mignon no matter what.
-->-- '''[[TheSpoonyExperiment Miles Antwiler]]''' [[http://moviemoses.wordpress.com/2013/07/04/match-point-woody-allen-2005/ on]] ''Match Point'' (2005)

->I’d rather have an Creator/MNightShyamalan on his worst day than, say, a Brett Ratner, who might as well not exist. Who ever watched a movie and said “oh that shot was classic Ratner…” Yeah, Ratner and directors of his ilk [[YesMan get stuff made on time and on budget]], but there’s not an ounce of creativity. You might as well just dump a sack of bricks into the director’s chair for all the flair and invention you’ll get. What a choice. [[SadisticChoice M. Night Shyamalan, or a sack of bricks]].
-->---'''[[http://franticplanet.wordpress.com/2010/07/21/the-self-destruction-of-m-night-shyamalan/ Stuart Millard]]'''

->''Film/FiftyShadesOfGrey'' is expected to bring in anywhere from $60 million to $80 million this weekend. That means every divorce lawyer in the country better open up bright and early on Sunday morning, because husbands will want to immediately file ''“I Quit This Bitch”'' papers after their wives dragged them to that mess on Valentine’s Day...So far the reviews are mixed to negative and most agree that it’s about as exciting as a sloth’s yawn, but also said that it’s better than the book and somewhat entertaining. But then again if Sam Taylor-Johnson shot nothing but a snail humping a leaf on a puddle of vomit and called it the ''Fifty Shades of Grey'' movie, [[DamnedByFaintPraise it would still be better than the book.]] I also read a review that declared Creator/DakotaJohnson the best thing in that shit. Now we know what MelanieGriffith has been up to. She’s been working as a movie critic!
-->--'''[[http://dlisted.com/2015/02/11/jamie-dornan-and-dakota-johnsons-naked-bodies-are-in-w-magazine/ Michael K.]]'''

->[[Creator/MalcolmMcDowell (Malcolm) MacDowell]] may actually be too low key here and elsewhere: According to the movie, his character is supposed to be deranged by his need to return to the ribbon, unhinging his moral compass enough to allow him to commit genocide, but [=McDowell=] just isn’t giving us deranged at all. It’s a good performance, but it’s an unmemorable one, and certainly not the one that’s called for by the plot. In the end, it’s just a technically solid performance by a solid actor, nothing more. As I said before, this movie [[EpicFail screws up even the things it does right.]]
-->--'''''Website/TheAgonyBooth''''' on ''Film/StarTrekGenerations''

->"Twisted" is very much the equivalent of forty-five minutes of ''Star Trek'' themed dead air.
-->--'''[[http://them0vieblog.com/2014/11/05/star-trek-voyager-twisted-review/ Darren Mooney]]''' on ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'', "Twisted"

->That's what makes reviewing this episode so difficult: it's not actually ''bad'', it just has so much you have to sit through that's just uncomfortable. It's a sci-fi prostate exam.
-->-- '''Website/{{SFDebris}}''' on ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' ("The Hunted")

->Watching "Live Fast and Prosper" is like having really unsatisfying sex: the mechanics are adequate but there is no lust, no energy, no flair and no pleasure. The plotting is so drab you can [[ClicheStorm guess every twist a mile off]], even when it is trying to be clever.
-->--'''[[http://docohobigfinish.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/voyager-season-six.html Joe Ford]]''' on ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'', "Live Fast and Prosper"

->[[Series/TheTonightShow Jay Leno]] is renowned for providing background noise for elderly on nursing homes. His barely understandable speech and crappy jokes help the geriatrics sleep better.

->As a show, ''{{Series/Primeval}}'' is solidly not bad, which is, of course, the exact worst thing a show can possibly be for the purposes of blogging about it. The staggeringly execrable and the absolutely phenomenal are both fairly easy to write about. The almost great but fatally flawed is dead easy. Basically competent schedule filler, on the other hand, is absolutely murderous.
-->-- '''[[http://www.philipsandifer.com/2013/10/pop-between-realities-home-in-time-for.html Dr. Phil Sandifer]]'''

->All things considered 'Club Can’t Handle Me' is probably FloRida’s best song yet. So using it as a point of comparison here requires me to be harsher to the song than I’d really like, but the thing is, it’s such a perfect storm of problematic music industry trends there’s no better moment to talk about what modern pop music sounds like. Flo Rida is ostensibly a rapper, but he has a rather nasty (and sadly perhaps not entirely undeserved) reputation as the hip-hop artist for people who don’t know anything about hip-hop. And the song itself is wonderfully, gratuitously, almost ''defiantly'' generic...Flo Rida rattles off a stream-of-consciousness string of [[TotallyRadical derivative club dance buzzwords]], dutifully namechecking the fact that [[ConspicuousConsumption he has a private jet, that 'bottles' and 'models' are present and that he has literally so much money he doesn’t know what to do with it all]] to the point he doesn’t even sound enthusiastic about it (which is emphasized by the heavy use of {{autotune}} everywhere on the track). There are random, pointless samples taken from other, more original songs and a general sense it’s trying to sound vaguely [[TheEighties 1980s]] because the music industry, just like everyone else, is [[NostalgiaFilter obsessed with nostalgia]] for a period it thinks was a lost Golden Age that it needs to find a way back to...Then there is, of course, the fact the entire song was written specifically for the second sequel to a [[Film/StepUp not especially successful movie about dancing]] that was notable largely because it heavily hyped the fact it was [[ThreeDMovie shot in 3D]]. I mean really, you’d be hard pressed to find a song that better encapsulates the desperation and excess of modern pop.
-->--'''John Marsfeder''', [[http://c4ss.org/content/23006 "Dancing in the Ruins of the Western World"]]

->Let me just restate that ''[[VideoGame/Uncharted2AmongThieves Uncharted 2]]'' is by no stretch of the word ''bad''; it's all very 'balanced' and 'compelling' and 'cinematic' and all the other words from the [=GameSpot=] review generator... But apart from that it doesn't add a single thing, not to its own series or to gaming as a whole. It's even got an unlockable zero-gravity mode. You see, [[ItBurns it's so opposed to the concept of newness]] it feels it has to defy Sir Isaac ''New''-ton.

->It's okay, but that's the problem. It's so 'okay' that it's not even worth existing. So bland and mediocre that it's hard to even come up with legitimate complaints.
-->-- '''WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd''' on ''Film/IndependenceDay for the Playstation''

->To tell the truth, I actually find it difficult to talk about the writing, not because it's so bad, but because it's so astonishingly mediocre. The plot? Mind-numbingly average. The characters? Despicably one-note.
-->-- '''Phillip''' on ''[[http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/teamt/lm/fc/29359-season-of-the-witch Season of the Witch]]''

->''Yes, [[Creator/TelenetJapan Telenet]]'s quality control was lacking. For every Exile series, the company churned out twice as many unremarkable titles... It wasn't as though the typical Telenet release was even memorably bad; it was more the game equivalent of unflavored oatmeal.''
-->-- [[http://www.gamesetwatch.com/2007/12/column_might_have_been_telenet.php GameSetWatch Column: 'Might Have Been' - Telenet Japan]]

->''"It's so-so, middle of the road, decent, it's just okay and that is actually...okay."''
-->-- '''WebVideo/ThatGeekyGamer''', reviewing ''VideoGame/TheBouncer''