->'''Molly''': Johnny, I mean what Dr. Cox did was classic reverse psychology. And so is this: [backing up] Behavioral modification can sometimes be brought about through classic conditioning.
->(Smiles hopefully as J.D. looks confused)
->'''Molly''': [[IncrediblyLamePun Reverse psychology]]? Nothing? 'Cause that really kills at the psychiatric conferences.
->'''J.D.''': I must go to one of those.
--> -- '''''{{Scrubs}}''''', "My Old Friend's New Friend"

->''"With Duncan ''[[=MacLeod=]]'' taking over for Connor, the producers still felt that there needed to be a passing of the torch of some sort. Otherwise, Duncan would just be seen as a [[SuspiciouslySimilarSubstitute cheap knockoff]] of Connor. So they went back to Christopher Lambert and offered him that obscene amount of money to guest star in the show. Lambert still didnít want to do TV on a regular basis, though, and said that his price had gone up, and that the obscene amount of money they were offering him would only be good for one episode.\\\
So what happened? The producers caved, and Lambert made out like a bandit. I donít know who his agent was, but the guy was a mastermind. He took [[WTHCastingAgency a half-blind, non-English speaking actor]] and turned him into a major action hero, making a killing in a franchise that should have died with the first sequel."''
-->--[[https://screamsheet.wordpress.com/2011/01/06/highlander-the-series-season-one/ The Screemsheet]] on ''{{Franchise/Highlander}}: The Series''

->''If thereís one thing Wrestling/HulkHogan understands, itís that for true longevity, you need to weave yourself into the fabric of history. For example, [[Music/ElvisPresley Elvis]] was a huge fan when Hulk was working in Memphis, and would regularly go to see him wrestle. Hogan debuted in í79, the King died in í77. During one interview, he made a point to [[BriarPatching stamp out all those incorrect stories]] of him being romantically linked with Music/DollyParton. And Creator/PamelaAnderson. Oh, and Creator/DrewBarrymore and Brooke Shields. Actually, rumour-killing is a great idea. While Iíve got your attention, I just went to put the record straight and say that all that stuff you might have heard about me ruining Creator/JenniferLawrence with my Pringles-can of a nob is hearsay at best.''
-->-- '''[[http://franticplanet.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/the-mad-lies-of-hulk-hogan/ Stuart Millard]]'''

->'''Caligula:''' And what did he find, this conqueror of the Germans, this victor of the mighty Neptune? The streets empty of crowds and flowers, no triumphs rewarded, no games, no celebrations--but three miserable, old, ex-counsels waiting at the gates to meet him, and a room full of cowardly, stay-at-home senators who have spent all their time in the theatre and in the baths, while he has spent six months, living no better than a private soldier!? Yes! Your emperor has returned! BUT WITH THIS IN HIS HAND! (produces a frighteningly large battle sword from his robes)
->'''Senator:''' (cautiously) But Jove, '''you ordered no triumphs!'''
->'''Caligula:''' (amazed at the senator's stupidity) Well, '''of course''' I ordered no triumphs, do you think I'd ordered triumphs for myself?!
->'''Senator:''' But you ordered us not to order any!
->'''Caligula:''' Yessssss, '''and you took me at my word, didn't you? Typical!''' It didnít occur to you that I might be leaving it up to you for your love to show itself freely; didn't occur to you that it might be my natural humility speaking! "I ordered you not to celebrate". But you ordered celebrations for the anniversary of Actiom, didn't you? Didn't forget to celebrate the defeat of my great-grandfather, Marc Antony! How many bottles of wine did you open, toasting his murder while I was doing battle with the sea?
-->-- I Claudius

->'''Chuck''': The trick to dealing with stubborn people is making things so that they are stubborn about exactly the thing you want to accomplish instead of the opposite.\\
'''Eve''': How?\\
'''Chuck''': Mind tricks. Like, for example, there is this really really important mission, but you are not sure if your guys are willing to do it. So just have to act like they are not ALLOWED to go on that mission, and soon you have an entire squad insisting that they want to do it no matter what.