->''"No matter how much you've changed, you still gotta pay the price for what you've done."''
-->-- '''Doug [=MacRay=]''', ''[[Film/TheTown The Town]]''

->'''[[spoiler:Zuko]]''': This isn't fair. Everyone else trusts me now. You're the only one still mad.
->'''Katara''': Oh, ''everyone'' trusts you ''now''?! [[spoiler:I was the ''first'' person to trust you, remember?! Back in Ba Sing Se! And you turned around and betrayed me! Betrayed all of us!]]
-->--'''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender''', ''The Southern Raiders''

->'''Shepard:''' It's a little late to start worrying about his safety now.
->'''[[spoiler:Gavin Archer:]]''' I never stopped. I know you think I'm a monster. And you're right. Not a day goes by where my dreams aren't haunted by what I did to [[spoiler:David]]. All I can do now is hope that one day he forgives me.

->''"To what extent is it just that [[Creator/ColinBaker Baker's]] Doctor is fatally flawed or miscast? As mentioned, [[AudioPlay/BigFinishDoctorWho the audios]] do suggest that Baker is, in fact a skilled actor and that his Doctor can work, but then again, audio is a different medium... So much effort was put into making Baker's Doctor unlikable that, well, it succeeded to a real extent. Even if the eventual redemption had played out the fact remains that Baker's Doctor was always designed as being [[SociopathicHero a bit dodgy and flawed]]. No amount of redemption, it should be noted, would have undone this. The idea that this Doctor was fatally flawed was written into the basic concept of the character. Even after [[AdoptTheDog a seven season arc of redemption]] Baker's Doctor would still be defined as [[NeverLiveItDown the one that might have been bad.]]"''
-->--'''El Sandifer''' [[http://www.philipsandifer.com/2012/06/his-almost-gleeful-pleasure-mindwarp.html on]] ''Series/DoctorWho'', [[{{Recap/DoctorWhoS23E2Mindwarp}} "Mindwarp"]]

->'''Bigby:''' I thought we were all supposed to have a fresh start here. I can't change the past.
->'''Colin:''' Well, you can't change people's memories either.

->'''[[BrainwashedAndCrazy Flash Sentry]]''' (''pointing at Sunset Shimmer''): Now ''that's'' the bad girl we love to hate! (''crowd erupts into jeering'')
->'''[[ElegantClassicalMusician Octavia Melody]]''': I ''knew'' she was still trouble!
->'''Random third student''': (''off-screen'') The ''real'' Sunset Shimmer is back!
->'''Sunset Shimmer''': (''sadly'') No. It isn't like that. (''she walks offstage with the Rainbooms as the crowd boos at her'')

->'''Rei:''' Doctor Akagi and I… had a talk, after Unit-00’s berserker event. She now feels… very guilty over how she had been treating me, on the Commander’s orders. And just this week, the Commander ordered my dosage be increased. Doctor Akagi has agreed to falsify a blood test and conceal this from the Commander. She does not know I am totally free of the drugs, but has taken steps to… [[TheAtoner make amends for her past deeds]]. She is no longer a willing participant in the Commander’s treatment of me. \\
'''Asuka:''' I’m still not happy with her. I don’t care how guilty she feels now. She’s going to need a miracle to get on my good side again. She hurt you, Rei, and you know [[BerserkButton how I feel]] about people who hurt [[ThreesomeSubtext the ones I]]… [[LastSecondWordSwap care about]].

->'''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}:''' Okay, Karen... I'm sorry. I'm sorry about what happened in Kandor.\\
'''ComicBook/PowerGirl:''' Good. Feel tons better? Bye.\\
'''Supergirl:''' Karen! Come on! I know I was a jerk, but--\\
'''Power Girl:''' You're about to be a jerk with broken fingers.\\
'''Supergirl:''' I '''messed''' up! Can't we move on?\\
'''Power Girl:''' You '''betrayed''' me! You betrayed the people of Kandor when you skipped out on them! "'''Sorry'''" doesn't cover it! I can't '''trust''' you, Kara!\\
'''Supergirl:''' I was '''messed up''', Karen. Selfish... scared... But I've changed. I'm changing. I--
-->--''ComicBook/Supergirl2005'': ''Identity''