->''On a gathering storm\\
Comes a tall handsome man''\\
In a dusty black coat''\\
With a [[TropeNamers red right hand]].''
-->-- '''[[Music/NickCave Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds]]''', "Red Right Hand"

-->--Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons, in reference to a poorly-chosen hypothesis as to which color of Skittles would be most prominent, [[http://www.somethingawful.com/d/fashion-swat/science-fair-swat.php?page=8 Science Fair SWAT]]

->''...Nature never errs.\\
To those who know the workings of your mind\\
Your face and figure, sir, suggest a book\\
Appropriately bound.''
-->-- '''Cyril''', ''Theatre/PrincessIda''

->''You may be friendly looking on the outside,\\
But I know why you only wear long sleeves\\
And I know why you shake with the wrong hand\\
Don't try to hide it, cause I do believe that\\
You're out to get me,\\
Gonna scratch out my eyes\\
With that atomic copper claw!''
-->-- '''LemonDemon''', "Atomic Copper Claw"

->''Mr. Trevanian has a nice gift for bizarre characters. The chief of Search and Sanction is an albino who lives in darkness; he must also undergo periodic changes of blood because he is "one of nature's rarest genealogical phenomena"... It seems only yesterday that Sidney Greenstreet was [[Literature/NeroWolfe growing orchards in a most sinister greenhouse and chuckling mirthlessly]]. Actually, that was thirty years ago and writers are now having a difficult time thinking up unlikely traits...''
-->--'''Creator/GoreVidal''', ''The Top Ten Best Sellers According to the Sunday New York Times as of January 7, 1973''

->''"I am enjoying the work of the new ''Dick Tracy'' artists! The previous regime, of course, focused on a series of villains who were hideously deformed; the new guys are branching out to people who also emit some kind of [[ThePigpen horrible odor]] as well."''
-->--'''''Blog/TheComicsCurmudgeon''''' [[http://joshreads.com/?p=9683#comments on]] ''ComicStrip/DickTracy''

->''"In addition to the Starfleet personnel, there are also a few guys here who just scream out 'Guest Alien Villains of the Week'. They're gray-faced, with sinister looking hoods, and faces that look like the result of too many Botox injections. [[ThePhantomMenace Darth Maul]] was less obviously a villain than these guys."''
-->-- '''Website/TheAgonyBooth''', talking about the Son'a in their [[http://www.agonybooth.com/recaps/Star_Trek__Insurrection.aspx recap]] of ''Film/StarTrekInsurrection''