->''On a gathering storm\\
Comes a tall handsome man\\
In a dusty black coat\\
With a [[TropeNamers red right hand]].''
-->-- '''[[Music/NickCave Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds]]''', "Red Right Hand"

-->--Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons, in reference to a poorly-chosen hypothesis as to which color of Skittles would be most prominent, [[http://www.somethingawful.com/d/fashion-swat/science-fair-swat.php?page=8 Science Fair SWAT]]

->''...Nature never errs.\\
To those who know the workings of your mind\\
Your face and figure, sir, suggest a book\\
Appropriately bound.''
-->-- '''Cyril''', ''Theatre/PrincessIda''

->''You may be friendly looking on the outside,\\
But I know why you only wear long sleeves\\
And I know why you shake with the wrong hand\\
Don't try to hide it, cause I do believe that\\
You're out to get me,\\
Gonna scratch out my eyes\\
With that atomic copper claw!''
-->-- '''Music/LemonDemon''', "Atomic Copper Claw"

->''Mr. Trevanian has a nice gift for bizarre characters. The chief of Search and Sanction is an albino who lives in darkness; he must also undergo periodic changes of blood because he is "one of nature's rarest genealogical phenomena"... It seems only yesterday that Sidney Greenstreet was [[Literature/NeroWolfe growing orchards in a most sinister greenhouse and chuckling mirthlessly]]. Actually, that was thirty years ago and writers are now having a difficult time thinking up unlikely traits...''
-->--'''Creator/GoreVidal''', ''The Top Ten Best Sellers According to the Sunday New York Times as of January 7, 1973''

->''"I am enjoying the work of the new ''Dick Tracy'' artists! The previous regime, of course, focused on a series of villains who were hideously deformed; the new guys are branching out to people who also emit some kind of [[ThePigpen horrible odor]] as well."''
-->--'''''Blog/TheComicsCurmudgeon''''' [[http://joshreads.com/?p=9683#comments on]] ''ComicStrip/DickTracy''

->''"By the way, I don’t know if the film is parodying the whole “deformed villains” schtick, but really? A third nipple? I know that most Bond villains have a physical abnormality to reflect their twisted souls, but this really seems a bit ridiculous. From what I remember, the third nipple was not a plot point in the book, so it’s obviously something added to the film -- which makes it a rather odd addition, to be honest."''
-->--'''[[http://them0vieblog.com/2011/01/13/non-review-review-the-man-with-the-golden-gun/ Darren Mooney]]''' on ''Film/TheManWithTheGoldenGun''

->''"In addition to the Starfleet personnel, there are also a few guys here who just scream out 'Guest Alien Villains of the Week'. They're gray-faced, with sinister looking hoods, and faces that look like the result of too many Botox injections. [[Film/ThePhantomMenace Darth Maul]] was less obviously a villain than these guys."''
-->-- '''Website/TheAgonyBooth''', talking about the Son'a in their [[http://www.agonybooth.com/recaps/Star_Trek__Insurrection.aspx recap]] of ''Film/StarTrekInsurrection''

->''The man hastily removed his [[ShoutOut right glove]], revealing his palm to the eyes of the maddened Garou. [...] A single eye, dark as the void, stared at Patrick from its place in the [[RepulsiveRingmaster Ringmaster]]'s [[EyesDoNotBelongThere palm]], capturing his predator eyes, blinding him.''
-->--''[[TabletopGame/OldWorldOfDarkness Midnight Circus]]''

->Sascha is an alien beauty: its limbs are long, slender and graceful, but it moves with power. Its face is like a work of Michelangelo's, perfect and flawless in form - but not even the master artist could capture Sascha's cruel countenance, however. The network of scars, tattoos and piercings that cover its [[OtherworldlyAndSexuallyAmbiguous androgynous form]] only add to Sascha's enigmatic beauty. What appear to be thin, black tattoos on its body are actually [[TooManyMouths skin clefts that open like a babe's toothless mouth]]; Sascha's skill with [[{{Biomanipulation}} Vicissitude]] allows it to speak through these mouths as well, creating a chorus of its voice to unnerve even the most strong-willed opponent.
-->--Image notes for '''Sascha Vykos,''' ''TabletopGame/VampireTheMasquerade - Children Of The Night''

->The Akropolia uniform is his second skin. The [[BadassLongRobe cassock]] with its [[EvilWearsBlack sleek black lines]], the non-conductive pauldron fitted over his left shoulder, guarding his heart, the half-cape draped from its edges that conceals his arm, the arm that is the reason for [[ConspicuousGloves his single glove]]. It's become a [[CombatTentacles cephalopod appendage]], suckered and shiny and pronged like a spade. [[TwoFaced The left side of his face has abscessed to match it]], a new lobe forming with each spell cast, [[PowerUpgradingDeformation swelling as his power swells]]. His children do not know. His wife does not know. They see only the {{glamour}} he casts over that part of himself: five perfect, strong digits, and a chiseled profile.
-->--''Akropolis'', by '''Matt Wallace'''

->Every bottle of [[MayContainEvil Ten Tickle Ale]], whether it be the highly rated Cherry Lambic or the still-in-development Pumpkin Pie Ale, has a label with the Ten Tickle story on the back, and a picture of [[OurFounder Willem Ten Tickyll]] himself, arms crossed and sardonic grin in place on the front. [...] Careful observers of the picture, however, will notice a few disturbing details: Ten Tickyll has [[BigOlUnibrow but a single thick bushy eyebrow]], which he apparently took no pains to pluck or groom. Furthermore, his ring fingers are visibly longer than his middle fingers.
->In centuries past, both of these traits would have been considered clear proof that Ten Tickyll was a werewolf. While there is no evidence that [[EvilSorcerer Wizard Willem]] was a [[EvilCounterpartRace Black Spiral Dancer]], there's also no evidence against it. A more likely scenario is that he was Kinfolk, and that [[MasterPoisoner he was very, very good at what he did]].
-->--''TabletopGame/WerewolfTheApocalypse - Subsidiaries: A Guide To Pentex''