->"Mr. President, the [insert bad guy] has the [insert WMD]. The world is at stake!"
->"Well, as the nation's leader, I have access to the army, navy, marines, and air force. If none of them do it, I can hire mercenaries. All of them highly trained and willing to die for the country. But I think I'll just use this list of randomly selected high school freshman who have no formal training at all."
-->-- Swap president for king and military names for other stuff for fantasy settings.

->''"You'd think Zordon would be a lot smarter to say something like 'Alpha, Rita's escaped. Bring me the five greatest martial artists on the planet,' or 'Alpha, get me ChuckNorris, JetLi, StevenSeagal, TripleH, and Creator/BruceCampbell.'"''
-->-[[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Spoony One]]