[[folder:Anime and Manga]]

->'''Kojiro:''' When was the longest time that she stayed away? \\
'''Kirino:''' That's got to be that one time! That one time! \\
'''Kojiro:''' Oh, ''that'' time!
-->-- ''Manga/BambooBlade''

->'''Sakaki:''' This could be just the thing I need to test my skills! I've never fought a zombie before.\\
'''Elder:''' ''I'' have.
-->-- ''Manga/KenichiTheMightiestDisciple''

->'''Kirikou''': Well, you know! We came from "talking" to that giant with our fists.\\
'''Ox Ford''': In the end, everybody was completely nude around the campfire.
-->-- ''Manga/SoulEater''


[[folder:Comic Books]]

->'''ComicBook/LanaLang:''' I don't want to ''pry'', Linda, but... Where did you go?\\
'''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}:''' What?\\
'''Lana:''' Well, you were gone for ''six weeks''. I was worried when we didn't ''hear'' from you after all... of everything, so I just was wondering--\\
'''Supergirl:''' Lana, it... it doesn't ''matter''. Can we change the subject, please?
-->-- ''ComicBook/{{Bizarrogirl}}''

->'''Hellboy:''' Remember the secret room at Castle Glamis?\\
'''Pauline Raskin:''' That's why ''you'' go first.\\
'''Hellboy:''' Every dirty job...
-->-- ''{{Comicbook/Hellboy}}: Dr. Carp's Experiment''


[[folder: Fan Works]]

->Rupert Giles said, “[[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Buffy]], I believe that’s enough. I would really rather you didn’t get into further details, if you please.”\\
Buffy shot him a look. “Should I tell her about Jenny Calendar?”\\
“No, absolutely not.”\\
ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} looked from Buffy to Rupert and back again. She had a feeling that, even though she’d seen more than either of these two would in a lifetime, there was something she’d missed. Like lifting up a board in an empty lot and seeing the beetles, grubs, and worms burrowing about. Something from which she’d possibly been shielded before. She had better sense than to ask about Jenny Calendar.
-->-- ''Fanfic/TheVampireOfSteel''

->'''Warren:''' Funny, it almost sounded like he doesn't trust us.\\
'''Hank:''' Indeed. It did sound that way.\\
'''Scott:''' I wonder why? Could it be the Hong Kong drug lord we managed to get on the wrong side of the last time he took us out of the country?\\
'''Warren:''' Spend one night treed by a tiger, and you never forgive us. You could have just blasted it.\\
'''Scott:''' I could have saved myself a lot of trouble and just blasted you and Hank.\\
'''Jean:''' Now, I'm sure I don't want to know.
-->-- ''Fanfic/XMenTheEarlyYears''


[[folder:Film - Live-Action]]

->'''[[ComicBook/BlackWidow Natasha Romanoff]]:''' (''shooting aliens'') This is just like Budapest all over again.\\
'''[[ComicBook/{{Hawkeye}} Clint Barton]]:''' You and I remember Budapest very differently.
-->-- ''Film/{{The Avengers|2012}}''

->Let's face it, this isn't the worst thing you've caught me doing.
-->-- '''Tony Stark''' to Pepper Potts when she first sees him half out of his armor, ''Film/IronMan''

->(''Jack has just pulled a drowning Elizabeth out of the water, and Murtogg and Mullroy are trying to revive her'')\\
'''Mullroy''': She's not breathing!\\
(''Jack pulls off her corset, and she takes a deep breath'')\\
'''Murtogg''': Never would've thought of that...\\
'''Jack''': Clearly you've never been to Singapore.
-->-- ''Film/PiratesOfTheCaribbeanTheCurseOfTheBlackPearl''



->There was also a Beaver, that paced on the deck,\\
Or would sit making lace in the bow:\\
And had often (the Bellman said) saved them from wreck,\\
Though none of the sailors knew how.
-->-- ''Literature/TheHuntingOfTheSnark''

->A few years ago during the floods, there had been an "incident" in which I might have been involved. I was not the ''cause'' of said incident, but I was there clearing up a few things and, well, some people got a bit singed, books were damaged and the teacup collection on the Queensland Terrace was irreparably diminished. I was also grateful that old-style librarians - [[ScaryLibrarian the sort who could turn evildoers to ash with a single glare]] - were few and far between.
-->-- ''Vigil,'' by Angela Slatter

->''...it wasn' a bad journey. Ran inter a couple o' mad trolls on the Polish border an' I had a sligh' disagreement with a vampire in a pub in Minsk, bu' apart from tha' couldn’t’a bin smoother.''
-->-- '''Hagrid''', ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheOrderOfThePhoenix''


[[folder:Live-Action TV]]

->The capital of the United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. I know that 'cause if I ever go back there I'll be executed.
-->-- '''Tracy Jordan''', ''Series/ThirtyRock''

->[[AmbiguousDisorder I'm not crazy]], [[RunningGag my mother had me tested]].
-->-- '''Sheldon Cooper''', ''Series/TheBigBangTheory''

->'''Agent Pickering''': When you were in Cuba, did you meet with a man named Juan Guzman?\\
'''Dr. Temperance Brennan''': ''(Waits a {{Beat}}, picks up her phone and dials a number)'' Hello. It's Dr. Brennan from the Jeffersonian. You told me to call you if anyone asked about... you know... him... Someone from the State Department named Samantha Pickering. ''(hands the phone to Pickering)''\\
'''Agent Pickering''': Pickering. Yes, sir! Yes... I'll wait... I'll wait here. ''(hands the phone back to Brennan, who hangs up the receiver)''\\
'''Dr. Temperance Brennan''': Any more questions?\\
'''Agent Pickering''': Uh, no. In fact, the entire review process is suspended. And I'm to wait here until someone comes to destroy my notes.
-->-- ''Series/{{Bones}}'', "The Woman in the Car"

->'''The Doctor:''' Getting a bit too close to the 1980s!\\
'''Donna:''' ''[flying the TARDIS]'' What am I gonna do, put a dent in 'em?\\
'''The Doctor:''' Well, someone did...
-->-- ''Series/DoctorWho'', "The Sontaran Stratagem"

->'''The Doctor:''' Yeah, I've been to Belgium. I was in the Ardennes, looking for Charlemagne. He'd been kidnapped by an insane computer.\\
'''Creator/AgathaChristie:''' Doctor, Charlemagne lived ''centuries'' ago.\\
'''The Doctor:''' I've got a very good memory.
-->--''Series/DoctorWho'', [[Recap/DoctorWhoS30E7TheUnicornAndTheWasp "The Unicorn and the Wasp"]]

->'''Airplane Pilot:''' Have you ever been in a cockpit before, Father?\\
'''Father Dougal:''' Ah, no. But this one time I was on the bridge of a Sealink ferry, and it was funny, I was looking at the controls and-\\
'''Father Noel:''' (''coughcoughcough'')\\
'''Father Dougal:''' ...Oh, um, nothing happened at all.
-->-- ''Series/FatherTed''

->I once brought a jackass and a honeycomb into a brothel...
-->-- '''Tyrion''', ''Series/GameOfThrones''

->(''Hal runs into the kids' room'')\\
'''Hal:''' Who wants to make five bucks?\\
'''Malcolm:''' What?\\
'''Hal:''' I need someone to take the fall.\\
'''Lois:''' (''offscreen'') Oh my God.\\
'''Malcolm:''' What did you do?\\
'''Lois:''' (''offscreen'') OH MY ''GOD''.\\
'''Hal:''' No questions, just yes or no.\\
'''Malcolm:''' Make it ten.\\
'''Hal:''' You are a good son. (''starts dragging Malcolm outside'') I GOT HIM, LOIS!
-->-- ''Series/MalcolmInTheMiddle''


[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]

->'''Calvin:''' Lies! Everything Miss Wormwood said about me was a lie! She just doesn't like me! She hates little boys! It's not my fault! I'm not to blame! [[TropeNamer She told you about the noodles, right?]] It wasn't me! Nobody saw me! I was framed! I wouldn't do anything like that! I'm innocent, I tell you!\\
'''Calvin's Mom:''' What noodles?\\
'''Calvin:''' Oh... uh... Ha ha! [[SayingTooMuch Did I say noodles?]] [[ImplausibleDeniability You must have heard wrong. I didn't say noodles.]]
-->-- ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes''

->''Hamster Huey and the Gooey Kablooey'' (like the [[TropeNamer Noodle Incident]] I've referred to in several strips) is left to the reader's imagination, where it's sure to be more outrageous.
-->-- '''Bill Watterson''', creator of ''Calvin and Hobbes''


[[folder:Tabletop Game]]

->Do you really want to spend the rest of the week fending off a ZombieApocalypse as the Earth vomits up her dead? AGAIN?
-->-- A '''[[OnlySaneMan Klagen]]''' trying to reason one of his peers, ''TabletopGame/GeniusTheTransgression''


[[folder:Video Games]]

->'''Varric:''' (''on how his crossbow got [[ICallItVera her name]]'') There was a girl, and I made a promise. Bianca is the only story I can never tell.\\
'''Merrill:''' You can't say that! Now I want to know even more!\\
'''Varric:''' (''chuckles'') That was the idea, Daisy.

->'''Barney''': You mean [the teleporter's] working? For real this time? [[TeleporterAccident Because I still have nightmares about that cat.]]\\
'''Alyx''': What cat?\\
'''Dr. Kleiner''': Ah, now, we've made major strides since then... ''major'' strides.\\
'''Alyx''': ''What cat?''
-->-- ''VideoGame/HalfLife2''

->Brains come out, swamp water doesn't. Don't ask me how I know that.\\
Legally, I'm not allowed to own a firearm. I hope you guys are okay with that.
-->-- '''Nick''', ''VideoGame/Left4Dead2''

->I have been apprehensive of the gentler gender since that run-in with the Four Whores of the Apocalypse in Timbuktu... eh, no, it's not a topic fit for discussion, believe me, heh. I'd rather forget all about it...
-->-- '''Iain Tibet Gladstone,''' ''VideoGame/TheSecretWorld''

->In the name and by the power of Her Enduring Majesty, a trade embargo and quarantine in ''absolute perpetuity'' has hereby been declared on the Empire of Hands.\\
1. No ship of London is to permit aboard a [[UpliftedAnimal Pentecost ape]] without express and prior permission of the Admiralty.\\
2. Any and all acts of [[YourSoulIsMine spirifrage]] are prohibited.\\
3. ''[[YouKnowWhatYouDid They know what they did]].''
-->-- Excerpt from ''Standard Naval Regulations, Vol IV.'', ''Videogame/SunlessSea''

->I had that dream again. The one about the rabbits and their [[NoodleImplements Molotov cocktails]].
-->-- '''Rick Ajax''', ''Unbound Saga''

->Events always seem to unfold wherever I go. Like Chicago a few years ago. ...It's a bother to explain.
-->-- '''Beckett''', ''VideoGame/VampireTheMasqueradeBloodlines''

-> We have conducted an in-depth report on Tundra the Sea Angel. However, we canceled the interview due to a grotesque sight. For further information, look up "buccal cones".
--> --'''Nether News report''', ''VideoGame/Disgaea5AllianceOfVengeance''

-> I don't know what you did to piss her off, but whatever it was... ''nice.''
--> --'''Bayonetta''', ''VideoGame/{{Bayonetta 2}}''



->I always enjoy unspeakable horrors that are left up to the viewer's imagination.
-->-- '''Matthew Taranto''', author of ''Webcomic/BrawlInTheFamily''

->The only search my old site (notmydesk.com) ever pwned was "nude women with hiccups", the reasons for which I neither can nor wish to recall.
-->-- '''Chris Livingston''', creator of ''Webcomic/{{Concerned}}'', on becoming the number one Google result for the word "concerned"

->[[color:blue:EB: how'd you get it then?]]\\
[[color:orange:TG: shenanigans]]\\
[[color:blue:EB: ok.]]
-->-- ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}''

-> My Soul powers aren't doing us any good, then that's my fault for wasting it on making [[BuffySpeak that one thing awhile back]]...–★☾'
-->-- '''Seleen Quilla''', ''Webcomic/{{Hackbent}}''

->'''Dora:''' Geez, [[NeatFreak you]] musta freaked out the first time you got your period, huh.\\
'''Hannelore:''' We don't... we don't talk about that day.
-->-- ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent''


[[folder:Web Original]]

->And I made ''no'' friends buying the spork!
-->-- '''Peter Parker''', ''Music/BadLipReading''

->'''Louie''': But he's too strong! Not even Unca Scrooge can beat him!\\
'''Dewey''': We can use the Fusion technique!\\
'''Louie''': Not Fusion! I promised not to use it after last time!\\
'''Dewey''': What happened to Webby was an accident! Believe in yourself, stupid!
-->-- ''WebAnimation/{{Ducktalez}} 3''

->There are dozens and dozens of engravings of dwarves being struck down by an seemingly-endless herd of legendary named elephants. The slaughter must have been unimaginable. I cannot conceive of what they must have done to engender this much hatred from the elephants.
-->-- ''LetsPlay VideoGame/DwarfFortress: LetsPlay/{{Boatmurdered}}''

->26. [DATA REDACTED ON O5 REQUEST]. Not even for recreational use
-->-- ''Wiki/SCPFoundation'', [[http://scp-wiki.wikidot.com/the-things-dr-bright-is-not-allowed-to-do-at-the-foundation "Things Dr. Bright is not allowed to do at the foundation"]]

->That's nothing. I once lost my genetics, rocketry, and stripping licenses in a single incident.
-->-- The AltText to [[http://xkcd.com/410 this]] ''Webcomic/{{xkcd}}'' comic

->291. Limericks are strictly forbidden after the incident at the Cathedral of the Silver Flame. [[LetUsNeverSpeakOfThisAgain Let us never speak of it again]].
-->-- "1001 and More Things the Worst Party in TabletopGame/{{Eberron}} is Forbidden from Doing"


[[folder:Western Animation]]

->'''Johnny''': Music/{{Mandy|Moore}} has made a knife out of her lollipop!\\
'''Nick''': Y'know, that kind of thing is exactly what kept me alive in Alaska. That, and the fact that I was a very good dancer.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/CelebrityDeathmatch''

->I'd...rather not talk about it.
-->-- '''Jim Morales''', Kadik phys ed teacher, ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko''

->'''Pleakley''': Well, I just hope that this won't end up like the incident with the giant chicken.\\
'''Jumba''': I thought we were agreeing never to talk about that again.\\
'''Pleakley''': All I remember are the feathers. Oh, the feathers...
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/LiloAndStitchTheSeries''

->They won't let me in the big people library downtown. There was some... unpleasantness. I can never go back.
-->-- '''Homer''', ''WeaternAnimation/TheSimpsons''

->That's the second biggest tongue I have ever seen!
-->-- '''Clay''', ''WesternAnimation/XiaolinShowdown''