-->-- '''[=ProgressiveBoink=].com'''

->''"That's a character that Creator/MarkWaid invented that was really just put to me, like, 'come up with [[StylisticSuck the most God awful, Rob Liefeld sort of design that you can]]' ...the scars, the thing going on with his eye, the arm, and what's with all the guns?"''
-->--'''Alex Ross''' on creating [[ComicBook/KingdomCome Magog]]

->''"Instead of serving as the deliciously targeted critique of fascist superheroics that it was, Rorschach got adopted as [[MisaimedFandom the iconic and default form]] of comic book vigilante for, basically, the next twenty years. The only major developments in the Rorschach concept were basically to add guns and robot arms."''
-->--'''[[http://projectnes.blogspot.com/2011/01/walter-pretending-dirty-harry.html Phil Sandifer]]''' on ''ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}''

->''"In roughly the span of a page or so, Kaine has dismantled the Kraven stand-in and kills him with his stupid '[[CallingCard Mark of Kaine]]' [[FinishingMove face-disfigurement move]] I canít even bother to want to explain. Yeah! Doesnít that make you want to go out and read a ''million'' Kaine comics right now? I mean what could be more interesting than scowling on a rooftop and then [[CreatorsPet slapping around all of the interesting characters]] before [[NighInvulnerability offhandedly killing the bad guy]]? Iím sure at the time Marvel wrote the issues they were dreaming of [[MerchandiseDriven a Kaine ongoing series and Kaine underoos and Kaine video games]]."''
-->--'''''Topless Robot''''', [[http://www.toplessrobot.com/2008/11/the_13_dumbest_spiderman_storiesjust_from_the_clon.php "The 13 Dumbest Spider-Man Stories.. Just From The Clone Saga"]]

->''"It seems that {{Creator/Ubisoft}} decided that {{emo}} culture was "in," so they went around the office one morning and fired everyone who was smiling. The Prince was suddenly staring out from under a black [[Music/TheCure Robert Smith]] fringe and [[GutturalGrowler growling angry threats]] at supercilious badass action girls showing off [[ChainmailBikini more flesh than a surgeon's convention]]."''
-->--'''''WebAnimation/ZeroPunctuation''''', ''Franchise/PrinceOfPersia Retrospective''

->'''Yahtzee:''' [=3D=] Realms of ''DukeNukemForever'' "fame" released a new trailer for a new game they're making called ''{{VideoGame/Bombshell}}''... It looked like a character by someone with a game design degree to show that they're doing some work; their first piece of concept art.\\
'''Gabriel:''' A fifteen year-old who just watched ''Film/TankGirl''.\\
'''Yahtzee:''' A lady in a bikini top with a punk hairstyle, and ''a cyborg arm''. We have gone nowhere, 3D Realms, have we?\\
'''Gabriel''': We've ''regressed!'' It was so uniquely terrible in every terrible way, just--and the execution was [[TheNineties 1990s]]-ish...\\
'''Yahtzee:''' I think that's [[InsultToRocks not giving the nineties any credit]] at all.\\
'''Gabriel:''' Yeah, y'know, I fuckin' take that back.
-->--'''''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivhzc371tzQ Let's Drown Out]]''''' ''Alien≥'' (SNES)

->'''Teenage reaction''': Once I got him, [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVII Vincent]] never left my party. Ever. "He's like [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI Shadow]], [[VideoGame/ChronoTrigger Magus]], and [[Music/TheMisfits Trent Reznor]] all rolled up into one! So cool!"\\
'''Twentysomething reaction''': "Oh my god would you please just put a ''sock'' in it already."
-->--'''Pat R.''', [[http://socksmakepeoplesexy.net/index.php?a=ff07 "This Game Are Sick"]]

->''"The acting blows. This is yet another example of people interpreting stoic and tortured with bored to tears. The normally fired up [[Creator/AntonioBanderas (Antonio) Bandaras]] is hunched over with a sleepy glaze over his eyes and he droooooonnnnnes out his lines like he drank [=NyQuil=] and stuffed his mouth with cotton balls before his shots. [[Creator/LucyLiu (Lucy) Liu]] similarly just walks around [[DeathGlare with a deadpan stare]] and gives a rare three word response to someone like '[[IllKillYou Iíll kill you]]' or '[[Film/RoadHouse Pain donít hurt]]'."''
-->-- '''[[TheSpoonyExperiment Miles Antwiler]]''' [[http://moviemoses.wordpress.com/2010/01/27/ballistic-exks-vs-sever-2002-kaos/ on]] ''Film/BallisticEcksVsSever''