->'''Zsinj''': "Surely you're joking about that name." [...]\\
'''Zsinj''': "You're sure he didn't destroy it because of that name."[...]\\
'''Zsinj''': "Don't ever say that name again. It annoys me."
-->-- ''[[XWingSeries X-Wing: Iron Fist]]''

->'''Voiceover''': Its name: New Fluffytown. Its goal: to be a newer, fluffier town than Fluffytown.

->'''Starchild''': Right now, you're in [[WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}} New New York]].\\
'''Booker''': ...? There's another one here?\\
'''Kimba''': Guess one wasn't enough.\\
'''Booker''': Guess so.\\
(Booker shakes his head)\\
'''Kimba''': There were plans for a New New New York, but they thought "damn, that sounds redundant" and the project was scrapped.\\
'''Starchild''': Yeah. There's also an Old New York near this city.\\
'''Booker''': That...that's just... Odd.