->'''Adam Savage''': Okay, so I was off on my percentages. I gave what happened here a 30% chance of happening.\\
'''Camerawoman''': 20%. \\
'''Adam''': No, ''thirty''.\\
''([[TheTapeKnewYouWouldSayThat Cut to flashback]] of Adam predicting odds of 70%, 20% and 10%.)'' \\
'''Adam''': [[BlatantLies No, that wasn't me]], [[ImplausibleDeniability that was somebody else]]...I said 50, 40, 10. \\
''(Replay flashback)''\\
--> -- '''''Series/{{Mythbusters}}'''''

->'''Jarvis''': "Sir, at 15% power the odds of reaching that altitude are-"
->'''Tony Stark''': "I know the math! Do it!"
-->-- ''ComicBook/IronMan'', [[Film/IronMan the film]]

->'''Mikoto''': Without the Program Drive, the probability of success is only 32.5%!\\
'''Entouji''': If we support it from here, the probability could rise to 60%...\\
'''Hyuuma''': That means that if each of us pilots adds 10% from our ''guts'', it'll be 100%!
-->-- ''[[Anime/GaoGaiGar Yuusha-Oh GaoGaiGar]]''

->'''Nia:''' The possibility is extremely close to zero...\\
'''Simon:''' But it's not zero percent. In my case that's as good as 100 percent!
-->-- ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann''

->"The chance of success for this mission was 0%, [[LampshadeHanging but I can see theoretical calculations don't mean anything to you people.]]"
-->[[spoiler:Lordgenome's [[BrainInAJar Head]]]], also ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann''

->'''Nogg:''' Ugh. Martina, please don't tell me that was your plan.\\
'''Martina:''' I wouldn't advise thinking about the odds.\\
'''Nogg:''' There ''are'' no odds to ''think'' about! If you do this, the probability of our deaths is inevitable.\\
'''Martina:''' Then it might be best not to think about inevitability.
-->-- ''{{Spacetrawler}}''

->''"This had better be some defense," Luke commented as they left the bridge and headed back down the portside corridor. "Especially when we're talking maybe forty-to-one odds."\\
Han shook his head. "[[CallBack Never tell me the odds]]," he admonished the other, glancing at his chrono. It could be any time now. "Besides, you never know when the odds are going to change."''
-->--Chapter 27 of ''Literature/DarkForceRising''

->''"If you enjoyed laughing in the face of death, you might like to have a crack at High Saffron. One hundred merits, and all you have to do is take a look."\\
"I understand there's a one hundred percent fatality rate?"\\
"True. But up until the moment of death there was a one hundred percent ''survival'' rate. Really, I shouldn't let anything as meaningless as statistics put you off."''
-->-- ''Literature/ShadesOfGrey''

->'''Bunty:''' The chances of us getting out of here are about a [[MillionToOneChance million to one]]!
->'''Ginger:''' Then there's still a chance.
-->-- ''WesternAnimation/ChickenRun''

->"Damn the odds, we've got to try... wait a second. Where, exactly, did you get that number from?"\\
"''I hardly think this is the time for-''"\\
"No. No, '''fuck you''', this is '''exactly''' the time. The fate of the galaxy is at stake. Trillions of lives are hanging in the balance. [[LudicrousPrecision You just pulled four significant digits out of your ass]], '''I want to see you show your goddamn work'''."
-->-- ''WebComic/LeftoverSoup'', [[TheRant author's note]] on [[http://www.leftoversoup.com/archive.php?num=201 comic 201]]

->'''Lieutenant Ekalu:''' There's no margin for error or accident. There are so many ways things could go horribly wrong.
->'''Fleet Captain Breq:''' When you're doing something like this, the odds are irrelevant. You don't need to know the odds. You need to know how to do the thing you're trying to do. [[{{Determinator}} And then you need to do it.]] What comes next isn't something you have any control over.
-->-- ''[[Literature/AncillaryJustice Ancillary Mercy]]''