! Quotes by Napoleon

-> ''"A revolution can be neither made nor stopped. The only thing that can be done is for one of several of its children to give it a direction by dint of victories."''

-> ''"[[DemocracyIsBad A Republic of thirty million men!...With our manners, our vices! How is it possible?]] [[SillyRabbitIdealismIsForKids That is a fancy of which the French are at present full]], but [[ItWillNeverCatchOn it will pass away like all]] the others. [[BreadAndCircuses What they want is Glory and gratified Vanity]]; but as [[HobbesWasRight for Liberty, they do not understand what it means]]."''

->''"Soldats, songez que du haut de ces monuments, quarante siècles vous contemplent".''[[note]]From the height of these pyramids, 40 centuries are watching you"[[/note]]
-->-- Before the Battle of the Pyramids.

-> ''"Soldats, je suis content de vous ! Vous avez à la journée d'Austerlitz justifié tout ce que j'attendais de votre intrépidité...Soldats, lorsque tout ce qui est nécessaire pour assurer le bonheur et la prospérité de votre Patrie sera accompli, je vous ramènerai en France. Là, vous serez l'objet de mes plus tendres sollicitudes. Mon peuple vous recevra avec joie et il vous suffira de dire "J'étais à la bataille d'Austerlitz" pour qu'on vous réponde "Voilà un brave !"''[[note]]''Soldiers, I am satisfied. You have, on this day at Austerlitz, fulfilled all my expectations of your boldness...When everything necessary to assure the happiness and prosperity of our nation has been accomplished, I will lead you back to France. There, you will be the object of tender gratitude. My people wil behold you and it will suffice for one of you to say "I was at the Battle of Austerlitz" for them to respond, "There's a hero"''[[/note]]
-->-- '''Proclamation after the Battle of Austerlitz: December 3, 1805'''

-> ''"Iíve seen one of your orders of the day to the soldiers that will make you the laughing stock of Germany, Austria and France. Have you no friend to tell you a few home truths? ... [[DeadlyDecadentCourt Forget your ministers, your ambassadors and your finery]]. You have to sleep out in [[AFatherToHisMen the vanguard with your men, sit on your horse, day and night]]. March in the vanguard, so you know whatís going on ... And for Godís sake have the wit [[GrammarNazi to write and speak correctly!]]"''
-->-- '''Letter to his brother Jérôme Bonaparte, who he appointed King of Westphalia'''

->''Wherever wood can swim, there I am sure to find this flag of England.''
-->-- On boarding the Bellerophon, after his defeat at Waterloo.

-> ''There is but a step from the sublime to the ridiculous.''

->''Go, sir, gallop; ask me for anything but time.''

-> ''You would make a ship sail against the winds and currents by lighting a '''bonfire''' under her deck? [[ItWillNeverCatchOn I have no time for such nonsense]].''
-->-- To Robert Fulton, who was trying to convince him to buy his steamship.

-> ''"After me, the Revolution -- or, rather the ideas which formed it -- will resume their course. It will be like a book from which the marker is removed, and one starts to read again at the page where one left off."''
-->-- '''After the Battle of Leipzig''', 1813.[[note]] [[CassandraTruth He was right]], as his Bourbon, Orleanist and Republican successors as well as his own nephew would find out to their peril over the next six decades[[/note]]

-> ''"I may have been called 'a modern Attila' and 'a Robespierre on horseback' by the other sovereigns; but if they would search their hearts, they would know better. Had I really been that, I would perhaps be reigning still. But one thing is certain: had I been such, [[KillEmAll they all would long since have ceased to reign]]."''
-->-- At Saint-Helena.

-> ''[[StayInTheKitchen Élevez-nous des croyantes et non des raisonneuses]] (Bring up for us believers and no thinkers)''
-->-- His instructions for a school for girls.

-> ''"[[YourCheatingHeart I truly loved my Josephine, but I did not respect her]]."''

! Quotes about Napoleon

-> ''What a pity that the man wasn't lazy.''
-->-- '''Talleyrand'''

-> ''"[[EvilOverlord There is only one man in France...One sees a fog that is called a nation, but one canít distinguish anything. He alone is front and center]]."''
-->-- '''Madame Germaine de Staël'''

-> ''"I saw the Emperor - this world-spirit - go out from the city to survey his realm."''
-->-- '''G. W. F. Hegel'''

-> ''"[Napoleon] was amongst the worthiest of individuals."''
-->-- '''UsefulNotes/FriedrichNietzsche'''

-> ''"He[Napoleon] had destroyed only one thing: the Jacobin Revolution, the dream of equality, liberty and fraternity, and of the people rising in its majesty to shake off oppression. It was a more powerful myth than his, for after his fall it was this, and not his memory, which inspired the revolutions of the nineteenth century, even in his own country."''
-->-- '''Eric Hobsbawm'''.

-> ''"To begin with, he fascinates me. His life has been described as an epic poem of action. His sex life was worthy of Arthur Schnitzler. He was one of those rare men who move history and mold the destiny of their own times and of generations to come -- in a very concrete sense, our own world is the result of Napoleon, just as the political and geographic map of postwar Europe is the result of World War Two. And, of course, there has never been a good or accurate movie about him. Also, I find that all the issues with which it concerns itself are oddly contemporary -- the responsibilities and abuses of power, the dynamics of social revolution, the relationship of the individual to the state, war, militarism, etc., so this will not be just a dusty historic pageant but a film about the basic questions of our own times, as well as Napoleon's. But even apart from those aspects of the story, the sheer drama and force of Napoleon's life is a fantastic subject for a film biography. Forgetting everything else and just taking Napoleon's romantic involvement with Josephine, for example, here you have one of the great obsessional passions of all time."''
-->-- '''Creator/StanleyKubrick''', on his fascination with Napoleon[[note]]He had planned a {{Biopic}} on his life but never quite managed to make it since the scale he envisioned it was bigger than any studio could allow[[/note]]

! Others

-> ''My enemies are many. My equals are none...''
-->-- '''Napoleon''', '''''[[VideoGame/NapoleonTotalWar Napoleon: Total War]]'''''

->''Oh, Napoleon was the fightin'-est man you ever knew,''\\
''And everyone he fought with, he subduedó''\\
''But the King-a and the Queen-a''\\
''Sent him off to St. Helena,''\\
''Just because they didn't like his Attitude!''
-->--'''Katnip Kollege (1939) '''

->''Who pulls the strings, who makes the deals?\\
Stands 5'3" in Cuban heels?\\
Who gets all the girls,\\
Then wakes up again?\\
Who would rule the world\\
If it only knew his name?''
-->--Music/TheDivineComedy, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwzhrdzI8V0 Napoleon Complex]]