-->[71] '''Erika''': Did you sleep with the producer?\\
'''Kimiko''': No. I did not.\\
'''Erika''': Do you need me to?\\
'''Kimiko''': No.\\
'''Erika''': Well, that's a shame.

-->[202] '''Kimiko''': Besides, I figure if I make the dress real hard to get out of, it'll keep you out of trouble.

-->[380] '''Masamichi''': Your actions constitute severe violations of many local ordinances and national laws... Not to mention several international treaties and the Android Rights Act of 1978. Ever consider a career in cataclysm management? Lemme buy you a beer.\\
'''Largo''': A beer? Can I get more than one?

-->[392] '''Miho''': I wasn't aware the Tokyo Police employed uneducated, paranoid, delusional foreign delinquents.\\
'''Largo''': In my case, they made an exception.

-->[428] '''Piro''': You're that... you're... a girl??\\
'''Miho''': Last time I checked, yes.

-->[454] '''Piro''': 'Culture shock'. Now that's an explanation for Largo's behavior I haven't heard before.\\
'''Erika''': It's almost like a cry for help.

-->[584] '''Erika''': This is my life. My game. My rules. If you want to be a part of it, you will respect that.

-->[592] '''Junko''': I'm sorry, my English isn't creative enough to translate that.

-->[599] '''Miho''': You can't tell people what choices to make, Ping. Life is kinda sad that way.

-->[639] '''Head Ninja''': No dishonor, but this "L33t Master" is total nutjob.\\
'''Junpei''': Path to enlightenment can make enlightened ones complex and misunderstood, Head Ninja.

-->[674] '''Junpei''': Ninja live by code of honor. Magical girl live by code of love. This lead to many disaster and much destruction of urban area. Honor much safer.

-->[819] '''Ed''': The real thing! I... I think I feel it... Yes! I can!! I'm feeling... ph34r!! This is ph34r! Yes!! That must be what this is!! I need bigger guns!! Don't move!! I'll be back!!

-->[834] '''Largo''': There are many kinds of wounds. But to take damage from someone you trust... Betrayal is the deepest wound of all.

->"''Oh dear. If you think this is the front of the book, you have been reading an unhealthy amount of {{manga}}. MEGATOKYO was [[ForeignersWriteBackwards originally done in English]], so be a good dear and turn the book over and start from the other side.''"
-->--The rightmost page of Megatokyo Manga Volume 5