Quotes to and from VideoGame/LunaGame

''Beware of spoilers!''


[[folder:Quotes from the Game]]
->''"Thank you, everypony, for throwing such a great party. I really appreciate all of this.\\
I will never forget any of you... Not even now.\\
[[TheAloner ...I miss you all.]]"''
-->--'''Princess Luna'''

[[folder:Quotes ''about'' the game]]
->''"Remember everybody, giggle at the ghostie."''
-->--'''[=VegitoBlitz24=]'''[[note]](a Website/YouTube user)[[/note]]

->''[[OverlyLongGag "Scroll back up, you pussy."]]''
-->--Comment commonly seen on the videos

->''"This isn't over, Luna. The guilt will haunt you forever... You will burn in hell, and when you get there, I will torture you for eternity... The past cannot be changed."''
-->--'''[=AndersonRamirez7=]'''[[note]](another Website/YouTube user)[[/note]]

->''"The way Pinkie's head slid off at the end just freaked me shitless..."''
-->--'''[=konatawolf123=]'''[[note]](guess [[Website/YouTube which site]] this person also uses)[[/note]], in reference to ''[=LG0=]''