->''[N]ow I had identifications for all five: Emmett the bear, Jasper the lion, Rosalie the Aphrodite, Alice the pixie, and Edward, [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers the one who expected something to happen with or to or near me that wasn't[.]]]''
-->--'''Bella''' in narration

->''You don't have to make a hundred mistakes for everything to disintegrate around you.\\
One will do.\\
[[ForWantOfANail One wrong risk, one misplaced trust, one careless guess is enough to destroy the one thing you can least afford to lose.]]\\
But I'd never had any reason to imagine that my disaster would befall me at the time when I was most unexpectedly safe.''
-->--'''Bella''', narrating

->''There is one rule that [[spoiler:Mama]] has that's very, very strict, but which I never actually had to follow before.\\
When she says ''run'', I have to leave her and escape by myself if I can.''
-->--[[spoiler:'''Elspeth''', narrating]]

->''You know, it really seems like there should be a way to portmanteau "Renée" and "Esme". The vowels are so similar. But there's just no way to put them together in a way that sounds like a name and [[TakeThat not a Pokémon]].''